Snatcher Devs Launch Steampunk Adventure Kickstarter

The main reason to watch the pitch video for Blackmore – a steampunk adventure game – is for a rare glimpse of the unironic use of the phrase “You might know me from…” And that really is the main reason for watching the first half of the video before they finally remember to talk about the game. Fortunately they eventually do, and while it’s not stunningly original, an adventure game set in a steampunk Victorian London rarely sounds like a bad idea. The main character is Emma Blackmore, accompanied by a robot called Descartes, and they are, inevitably, investigating a serial killer.

Jeremy Blaustein may be a name you’re familiar with. He certainly seems to hope so, as we watch him vacantly stare at various parts of Japan for two and a half incomprehensible minutes, incorporating as a quick look through his childhood photo album. Seriously, I really need to start up my Kickstarter advisory business, because apparently barely anyone’s going to think of “TALK ABOUT THE GAME YOU WANT MONEY FOR AT THE VERY START” without my screaming it into their faces for £150 an hour.

He’s the man who did the localisation on Snatcher, which is the currency they hope will pay here. He’s picked a team of known Japanese artists and musicians, as well as David “Solid Snake” Hayter to do voice work. Clearly they don’t have even concept art yet to fill out their pitch video, which I imagine is going to hurt the fundraising.

Clearly there is going to be a strong contingent of Konami fans who will recognise the names, especially if they can surf the kudos Snatcher still enjoys. They’re after $200,000, which is a low sum for a big project, aiming to finish by March next year. A copy of the game, should they complete it, comes at $20 for the first 2000, then $25, which is higher than the norm. Which is all to say, I think this one could have been handled better, but I remain intrigued to see what they might create.


  1. Shadowcat says:

    “Snatcher Devs Launch Steampunk Adventure Kit”, is what I read.

    Damn it.

  2. orient says:

    Insta-backed. Hilarious pitch video aside, Jeremy Blaustein seems like a good guy from podcasts and such, and Snatcher is just a great, silly game with fantastic art and music. I hope they try to recreate the computer terminal from Snatcher — being able to search for anything and everything was pretty darn cool.

  3. Shadowcat says:

    Just to re-emphasise what John said: that pitch video contains no game content or concept art at all. It’s purely him talking about how people liked a game he was once involved with, and how Victorian England is a great setting for a game, and then about some people he has on board to make a new game like that one. One guy apparently “needs no introduction” and he will be providing a voice, but you won’t get to hear him talk (one presumes that was considered too much like “content”); so you’ll only get to see a photograph from his days as a model.

    And that more or less sums things up. Not only does he not talk about the game for the first half of the video; he barely talks about it in the second half. I think it’s safe to say this constitutes 5 of the least-revealing minutes you’ll ever spend attempting to learn about a game.

    • caff says:

      I want that 5 minutes of my life back, too. This is a dreadful kickstarter pitch.

      Personally I wanted more on the game mechanics, the depth of plot, how the adventure would play out, the personal experiences and the passion of the developers. Just something to latch on to – more ideas, more concrete stuff to look at.

      The video seemed poorly made too – pretty bland music, badly edited sound, a few shots of Tokyo… brilliant.

  4. StranaMente says:

    Speaking of kickstarter, there’s this lovely game being pitched over there named Darkest Dungeon which RPS covered some time ago.

    • Wedge says:

      Looks like it hit it’s base funding day 1 (though they’re clearly expecting more). Bit stupid they asking $50 for an exclusive class though, don’t care for anyone putting gameplay related rewards like that in a game.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Such a kick-ass trailer for that. Here’s hoping they sort out a DRM-free version (right now they’re only committing to Steam, but they do say they’re investigating other options).

    • spacedyemeerkat says:

      Aww… I thought it looked and sounded great until I read properly and realised it was a roguelike.

      • Frank says:

        I was interested until I came to believe it was (almost entirely) on (procedural) rails.

    • Mags says:

      -Things That Once Seen Can Never Be Unseen…”

      Now that is what I call a feature.

  5. Monkeh says:

    I’m guessing it’s not just me who doesn’t back Kickstarters that have nothing to show yet. So yeah, not backing this one.

  6. Vitamin Powered says:

    I really hope that clock tower in the concept art isn’t meant to be Big Ben.

  7. Don Reba says:

    I loved Snatcher! Awesome game for the Sega CD. Also, the man has excellent diction, and the pitch video is epic in a good way.

  8. Risingson says:

    So, from a dev that did localization in Snatcher – not even a game designer – and you throw all this hype, John? I am tempted to say the same thing that Danda mentioned in the first comment of the Sanitarium dev project

    Don’t complain later about what Kieran mentioned of people backing an unnecesarily big ammount of adventure games and nothing else.

    • Frank says:

      What? Hype? John is mocking the video.

    • Danda says:

      This is NOT the same situation. Those Sanitarium devs were tech guys, not creative members of the team. Blaustein heavily rewrote the scripts to make them more appropriate for Western audiences, and Snatcher is basically a visual novel, so he could be considered a co-writer or, stretching it a bit, even co-designer. So here we have:

      -The same co-writer.
      -The same artist.
      -The same composer.
      -The same voice actors.

      Therefore, saying that this game is going to be made by “the people who created Snatcher minus Kojima” is a totally appropriate description!

  9. Mindfreak4563 says:

    Another kickstarter? sigh.

  10. MrNash says:

    Well, this was unexpected. The idea is interesting, and they’ve got some good people working on it, but I’d like to learn more about the game / see it in action before getting my hopes up.

  11. DrManhatten says:

    This has one of the most boring pledge videos I’ve seen for a while I really don’t give a shit about his personal gaming history If I want to see that I watch a documentary or an interview.

  12. heldelance says:

    Uuurgh, looked at it, saw anime style stuff. Closed the link.

  13. Geen says:

    The only good thing I see in here is David Hayter. Also mention of Snatcher.