Rain World Pup Trailer Is DEVASTATINGLY Adorable

I’ve been a bit under the weather lately (which is good, because I was expecting to return from Las Vegas dead), so I’m only just now getting around to posting about this videogame trailer from two whole days ago. Oh, the shame. This is the Internet, where time moves at a blinding (and arguably blind) pace, and the phrase “out with the old, in with the new” is already out because we found something new to replace it. While I haven’t checked, I imagine I entirely missed Rain World‘s hype period, Early Access beta, launch, avalanche of glowing reviews, and jumble of “overrated” grumbles in the following e-weeks. Now we’re probably on Rain World VII or perhaps even the massively multiplayer MOBA Surgeon Sim spin-off. But here I am with this ancient video of the original Rain World’s pups and NEVER MIND ALL THAT OTHER STUFF I JUST SAID OH GOODNESS SO CUTE.

Slugcat pups. This isn’t even fair. My heartstrings feel like someone just played “Devil Went Down To Georgia” on them while showing me pictures of kittens in maddeningly precarious positions, just milliseconds away from certain doom. These pups are not, however, entirely helpless. Just, um, mostly.

“The introduction of the pups makes an already difficult game even more challenging. Not only do you have to worry about your own hide, but now you must feed, shelter and protect one or more mischievous little young slugcats. And as you have no doubt seen, Rain World is not a forgiving environment!”

“But they can be an asset to you as well. While not as smart or fast as adult Slugcats, pups can hunt for themselves in a limited fashion, they can hold objects such as rocks or spears and they have even been known to defend themselves against predators. However, you must first win their trust. Pups will watch your actions, and if they feel threatened by you, they will abandon you… or worse!”

So, at least on paper, it sounds like a nice balance between self-sufficient friendly NPCs and parenting – not so much the perpetual escort mission I feared when I first watched the video. That said, if they flee forever because I, say, accidentally bop them in the heat of a combat scenario, that could get pretty infuriating. We’ll see.

Rain World’s Kickstarter drive is just hours away from completion. Has it squeezed every last drop from your wallet, or are you cautiously waiting to see if all these enticingly ambitious concepts can snuggle up together without slug-slapping each others’ eyes out?


  1. Terragot says:

    “Jooohhhhnnnn, Nathan’s posting .gifs on the front page again.”

  2. The Dark One says:

    These slugcats are WAY cuter than the snakecats from Larry Niven’s A World Out of Time.

  3. LionsPhil says:

    I vacillated over it, but ultimately I suspect it’d be another mildly frustrating platformer for me. It’s made double its goal, so I can wait for Opinions and sales while I try to clear the rest of my gaming backlog.

  4. mauzed says:

    Always loved this game, since the first time I’ve seen it on tigsource devlogs.

  5. Acosta says:

    Soooo cute. Backed, I still wonder if I will enjoy the game, but the animation and enviroment are fantastic.

  6. dskzero says:

    So, adorable and all that but isn’t this a scort mission?

  7. The Random One says:

    Wouldn’t a slugcat pup be more accurately called a slugkitten? Or also replacing “slug” which whatever you call a newborn slug (“disgusting”).

    Also now I want a Surgeon Simulator MOBA. Or a game like that The Second Amendment game that was posted on Porpentine’s column some two weeks ago except that instead of a text adventure you’re trying to use your m4d keyboard shortcut macro powers to win a MOBA/RTS/whatever.

  8. Tei says:

    When I was watching the video I was thinking “Oh god, protect them and make that nobody bad hurts them”. I am not sure I could play a videogame with such cuteness, except with some cheats to make the slugs impossible to hurt.

  9. lowprices says:

    Well, the addition of Slugcat pups means I will never ever play this, in the same way that it would be too traumatic for me to play Shelter again.

    Seriously, I actually held my breath when Slugmum (or Slugdad) was hurling them over gaps. I’m too much of a sap for this game. It would destroy me.

    • grimdanfango says:

      I have yet to witness it, but I suspect there could be the very real risk of Slugpups getting mauled and eaten by nasty-predator-things, which I imagine is going to be one of the more horrific things to witness in a game this year. It was brutal enough seeing the gif of Slugcat getting dragged off.
      I cannot wait. Cuteness employed for real emotional impact. I’m really going to enjoy playing a game where I’m genuinely terrified of the enemies for once. Even The Last of Us didn’t really get to me with its clickers, but the the things in this game give me the chills without even playing it.

    • MadTinkerer says:

      You need to play Offspring Fling. Any trepidation you have for hurling newborns across a room will be cured by throwing adorable squeaking chicks (who apparently are made of marshmallow or some other soft substance and love being hurled at solid surfaces) to solve puzzles.

      • grimdanfango says:

        Except Offspring Fling has a japanese art style, and as we all know, japanese animated characters live in a dimension where they aren’t significantly affected by conventional physics or impact damage, so there’s really no great sense of peril there.

  10. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Every time I see the word slugcat I end up reading it in the voice of Boris from Goldeneye. Especially when things all go wrong (“Better luck next time…”).

    Game looks nice, I just hope it’s not too unforgiving as my general level of coordination with platformers isn’t great.

  11. fylth says:

    “That said, if they flee forever because I, say, accidentally bop them in the heat of a combat scenario, that could get pretty infuriating. We’ll see.” You’re in luck, the developer said in the devlog while designing the pups that he was taking into consideration how the pups would act if you attack them based on the situation, such as if there’s a lizard near by. Definitely recommend giving it a read, lots of good stuff on there.