Respawn On Titanfall’s PC Version, Modding, DLC

Titanfall is great. There is no getting around that, much like there is no getting around a giant robot’s titanic rhino-SUV foot cuff when it is stomping on you. But Respawn’s largely treated Titanfall like an Xbox game, preferring to let the PC version live in its all-too-proprietary shadow. So far, we know that our titans will unfortunately be tethered to Origin and… yep, that’s pretty much it. So I sat down with game director Steve Fukuda to find all about PC bonuses, configurations, balance issues that might arise from different control schemes, modding possibilities (probably don’t get your hopes up early on), and Respawn’s dislike of EA/Activision-style DLC cycles. It’s all below.

RPS: We know all about your plans for Xbox One, but how are you catering Titanfall to PC as a platform? What sorts of tweaks and upgrades are you making, if any?

Fukuda: We’ve got the FOV slider. We’ve got mouse acceleration in there. Those sorts of things. But in terms of gameplay, the game is going to play exactly the same on PC.

RPS: Hm, that’s a bit of an odd choice given that I could see guns like, say, the lock-on-powered Smart Pistol being vastly less significant when everyone can aim really quickly with a mouse. You’re not rebalancing any weapons or items for PC in the slightest?

Fukuda: I think the weapon itself works quite well even in the PC context. We’ve played with it and tested it in the office. It does well with both new players and experienced ones.

RPS: Are you going to allow for private servers or anything like that?

Fukuda: We haven’t made any promises to that extent. We’re taking into account a lot of feedback from the community and our intention is to evolve the game and develop it further. We definitely have plans. On Xbox, we have the servers of Xbox Live compute, which don’t force any one player to take on the responsibility of the host at any one time. Having that operate on a very large scale is key to the game.

RPS: What about modding? Is that on the table? Are there even tables in the Titanfall universe? I don’t suppose eternally warring pilots and their mechanoid battlebros would have much use for them.

Fukuda: Technically, nothing is off the table. It’s just a question of priorities and time and whether or not we can get to it while working on the game as a whole.

RPS: But you’re not barring people from modding the game or anything like that, right? I mean, even if you never get around to releasing a toolset, will you still allow people to reshape Titanfall as they see fit? And what about custom levels?

Fukuda: On launch there’s not gonna be any way to mod the game. But it’s something we’ll definitely look into. Not for launch, though. Not for launch.

I understand there’s a lot of desire to adjust a game to be how you want it to be. But something that’s very important to me is that we make the game very consistent. It’s very carefully tuned. It’s very tweaked and dialed in. We don’t want someone to get the wrong impression of the game if somebody, say, changes a lot of the properties. Perhaps if we come up with a form and a structure by which we can let people know, “Hey, this is the no-holds-barred Wild West area,” perhaps we can look into something like that.

RPS: Are you looking into Oculus Rift support for the PC version?

Fukuda: I can’t really speak that much for it, but I know one of the guys in the office is messing with it. But I don’t know what we’re doing with it long term.

RPS: While I was playing, I noticed that game balance tended to favor teams who got off to a good early start – got their Titans out as soon as possible, etc. It was tough to turn the tide after that. Are you tuning the game such that comebacks will be more feasible?

Fukuda: So we call that the Voltron effect. People assemble – “form Voltron” – and sort of roll the other team. That whole element of it. To a large extent, that tends to go away in practice with matchmaking and putting similarly skilled players together. As players also learn how the game works, there’s an initial aspect of [lopsided wins and losses]. But the good thing is that everybody ultimately gets Titans no matter what. There are also Burn Cards to confer various advantages. There’s that bit of randomness that allows even new players an opportunity to have an advantage.

But at the same time it still remains a very skill-based thing where you need to remain situationally aware and understand the different nuances of the abilities. You can combine them to form new techniques and adapt to different environments. So it’s not like the competitive nature goes away.

RPS: The tutorial in the version I played took place in a sci-fi space pod, and it seemed to suggest some pretty far-ranging story/setting possibilities. How varied will Titanfall’s locations be? Will any be particularly exotic or outlandish? So far, we’ve only seen fairly standard – though very nicely structured – city/nature levels.

Fukuda: There’s gonna be a variety of environments. One of the things that was tricky about this game was figuring out where people would focus their attention. What would they take at face value or for granted? We don’t want people going, “Why are there Titans? Why do people have wall-running? I don’t get that.” We want people to sit down and have it all click. “Of course they have wall-running! How else are you supposed to stay away from a Titan?” At that point you’ve already got them. They’re not thinking, “Why, why, why?” So one of the last things we want to do is add more potentials for distracting players like that.

So that meant a lot of discussions with artists, a lot of heated debates about how far to push the look of the levels. Should we make things look like an alien exotic world? No, that’s too crazy. People are gonna be totally distracted by that. So we’ve got coffee shops and cars with four wheels. Trees look like trees. There are stairs. It’s not super fancy high-tech. It’s a very relatable, grounded, used kind of future. It’s not futurism. We’re not predicting the future in any analytic, scientific way. It’s about making people say, “I get it.” Having that kind of gut reaction.

RPS: What about in the future? Do you think you’ll release more exotic levels as DLC or something?

Fukuda: I think there’s definitely a possibility we could do something like that. As players become more accustomed to what Titanfall is, that gives us more room to try and expand on its world. Take more risks, basically.

RPS: How will DLC function in general? Is it going to be a regular flow of map packs ala what you did back at Infinity Ward on Call of Duty? Or are you going bigger and more ambitious?

Fukuda: We haven’t announced any of the exact details yet. We definitely have a really long list of things we’d like to do. Right now, though, we’re focused on shipping Titanfall and getting to that point. But we have a long list of ambitions we’d like to pursue.

RPS: How will you treat it as a whole, though? Are you looking at Titanfall as a platform, a game you can evolve for years to come? Or are you going to do a DLC “cycle” and then put it out to pasture?

Fukuda: I think the notion of a traditional DLC cycle is kind of a knee-jerk thing. It’s a thing publishers insist upon. They want it at a certain time. There’s a pattern to it. Personally speaking, I’m not too thrilled about how rote it is. I’d definitely like to do some new things with respect to Titanfall. I’m not sure how soon we can break out of that pattern, but our intent is to do something different. Perhaps not right away, but eventually.

RPS: What are some of the craziest ideas you scrapped for the game’s initial version?

Fukuda: Hmmm. Well, I can’t say too much because we might still use some of them, but for a while we were very into the idea of getting people who don’t like shooters to be involved in our game. We tried some pretty wild experiments involving players who weren’t even shooting things. We got somewhere with those experiments, but it wasn’t quite far enough. It was little too far off-axis.

RPS: Would they have controlled movement or something? Multiplayer mech QWOP? 

Fukuda: I don’t want to get too far into details. That’s an example.

RPS: But you are eschewing single-player entirely, which conventional gaming industry wisdom would tell you is a big risk. Granted, obligatory single-player campaigns are, in my opinion, a blight, but Top Industry Execs probably think you’re mad. But you still have a story. How does it work?

Fukuda: I’ve been making single-player a long time. We needed to do something different. We couldn’t just keep doing what we always did. I’m sure the audience would love to see the same thing from the same people – see the band play the same song – but we didn’t want to do that. We still want to bring back that cinematic experience, but we also wanted to challenge ourselves. We decided to go into multiplayer land and bring the cinematic experience with us.

We want players to accept our universe. That they’d take it for granted when they smoothly transition into the Titanfall universe. And one of the ways we made that possible is by taking a cinematic multiplayer approach where you have intros and stuff for levels that set the stage. They answer questions like, “Why are you fighting? Who are the characters? Who are the players?” And then having scripted sequences and special dialogue happen in those levels. It gives a sense of context that’s very important.

You also sometimes get story bits in the lobby. And we have these little cameras that pop up with characters during the levels. They give you info on how you’re doing. In campaign multiplayer, you also get some back-and-forth banter. There’s unique sequences in those levels that show what’s going on. There’s a lot of hit and miss in the experience, to be honest. You could be trying to kill something and occasionally you’ll see something happen behind the person you’re fighting. You’re picking up story info in a fairly serendipitous, emergent type of way.

RPS: Do we get to bond with a pet robot dog over the course of campaign multiplayer? 

Fukuda: Only in your imagination.

RPS: Out of curiosity, is there any interest at Respawn in making a single-player extension of the universe?

Fukuda: Nothing’s off the table. It’s possible, but we haven’t really thought about it. I think for now we’d say no, but nothing’s impossible.

RPS: Thank you for your time.


  1. LevelHeaded says:

    Nothing’s off the table. Everything is possible. You can’t pin down greatness.

    • LevelHeaded says:

      Like, don’t even try.

    • Low Life says:

      “You can’t pin down greatness.”
      Nothing’s off the table. We would like to try new things. But I don’t want to say more at this point.

      • Bull0 says:

        We haven’t announced anything re:tables yet. So I’m not sure why I’m continuing to flap my mouth-hole at you. I guess I must just have massively inflated self-regard

        • Nate says:

          Well, there is the guy in the office who’s been playing around with a table, exploring the possibilities. Tables might make it in. Not for lunch though.

    • AngelTear says:

      Also, the first part of the interview was:

      RPS:What about PC?
      Fukuda: On the Xbox…
      RPS: No, I mean, PC?
      Fukuda: Yes, Xbox, exactly.

      And finally, making new maps that don’t look exactly like every other map of every other FPS is a “risk”. A huge risk.

      • Moraven says:

        They have to have people already working on new maps to push them out in 4 months.

      • The Random One says:

        You don’t get it, man! If they had made levels that were actually interesting you wouldn’t be able to handle the combined awesomeness of that plus robots shooting each other. I mean, imagine you’re shooting robots on your robot, and you see a car with three wheels. You’d immediately be like “Huh what is that? Is it a dog?” and forget about the rest of the game. That’s why people can’t get anything done in Southwest Asia.

    • DanMan says:

      Anything goes – The swingers’ club mantra.

    • toxic avenger says:

      The more and more that comes out about this game, the more overrated and over hyped it appears its going to be…

      Who do we think we are, hoping for something different in a shooter!?

    • kaffis says:

      I got pretty angry when he said stuff like “Nothing’s off the table.”

      Isn’t it? Or is there actually a legit shot in hell of getting a version that isn’t shackled to Origin? Oh, I see. EA and I have different definitions of the term “nothing.”

  2. jezcentral says:

    Q: Are you going to allow for private servers or anything like that?
    A: We…don’t force any one player to take on the responsibility of the host at any one time.

    Ugh, why do people conflate giving an option to people with forcing them to do something? (Okay, it’s a spin-doctor way of saying “No”, but such a blatant strawman irritates me, and so he should be called on it.)

    • Emeraude says:

      That whole answer was a fine example of corporate newspeak.

      • alw says:

        The whole interview was. You could basically sum it up as:

        RPS: “So what about…”
        Fukuda: “Maybe”

        • Baines says:

          “Maybe” is too positive a word. It implies the possibility that something might actually happen.

        • Vin_Howard says:

          More like:

          RPS: “So what about…”
          Fukuda: “Well we aren’t putting it off the table, yet.”

    • Barberetti says:

      Yeah, I stopped reading at that point.

    • sneetch says:

      Yeah, rarely have I seen such masterful beating around the bush. They are to be commended for their fine line in completely failing to answer a direct question while still making noises.

      • rikvanoostende says:

        “Fukuda: Technically, nothing is off the table. It’s just a question of priorities and time and whether or not we can get to it while working on the game as a whole.”

        And the answer to that question is….?

        At least no bush was hurt or mistreated in the making of this interview.

    • Bent Wooden Spoon says:

      I’m fairly certain that was more of a reference to the way Xbox Live games tend to handle multiplayer, the game being hosted on individual Xboxes and not dedicated servers – this time the Xbox versions will be running on servers.

      The interview as a whole reeks of corporate nonsense though.

      • P.Funk says:

        This is why I refuse to throw my enthusiasm at Titanfall despite the constant reminder that I should from RPS writers whom I respect.

        The entire enterprise is designed around the concept of console matchmaking multiplayer. I absolutely DESPISE that model. I think its an artificial limitation to the potential of a multiplayer game.

        With respect to the 6v6 limitation and the concerns that people air over it you constantly hear people saying “Well there’s no reason it can’t be good if its balanced for it”, but for me I look at it this way: What if they built that 6v6 balance around the idea of console matchmaking and its limitations eh? TF2 is balanced for 24 players but competitively is played with a half dozen at most. You don’t need to have a lower hard limit to allow for better play at that level.

        Also, central server matchmaking makes online communities into literally your friends list plus random search engine. I made all my best FPS gaming friends through dedicated community servers where I saw the same people a dozen times then got to talking and chilling on Teamspeak and finally joining a group or making a clan or whatever. I don’t think console matchmaking makes this nearly as organic as it is on traditional dedi server PC games. In fact I think it downright nerfs community.

        Yet again I’m left with that sinking feeling that big triple A gaming is all about reducing the number of options available. I bet you we never see dedicated server support for Titanfall. I bet you the modding community never gets off its feet. I bet you this game is a big fucking wank on PC.

        • xao says:

          Titanfall is actually a pretty significant departure from the standard console matchmaking scheme.

    • SuicideKing says:

      But i thought M$ had all those Azure servers for our use on the PC side? Why not keep those as official dedicated servers and let players host local games as well?

      I mean heck, 6v6 isn’t a huge load that a Battlefield/Arma/etc. client-server couldn’t handle.

      • kaffis says:

        If you allow for hosting local games, then your game can be removed from Origin. We can’t have that.

      • Thrippy says:

        Why no private servers? Everyone with a (proprietary Microsoft) cloud farm at home, raise your hand.

        Why no mods? Essentially any substantial game play mod would be a server mod. This limitation might even extend to custom maps depending on how deeply the physics is rigged into maps. Physics is also run server side. I’m not sure we’ll see the (proprietary Microsoft) server software made available to end users for quite a while, being as it is a first generation XBox One/PC cloud thingie. Microsoft Research has been stingy with releasing free cloud and client toys (in one solution) where they’re usually very generous with all of Microsoft’s new toys. I think the blame for lack of modability probably lies server side, with Microsoft, and not necessarily a game developer who is using Microsoft technology.

        I’d like to see someone ask how long is Microsoft planning to run servers at no recurring extra cost for PC clients. It’s not like we’re paying XBox Live memberships to underwrite what will be a continuing expense. They claim the new servers are much more cost effective to run, making Titanfall feasible in the first place, but they gotta cost much more than simple handshake servers.

        Also: One vote for Mass Effect 4 to adopt a similar server side architecture. ME3 has always had P2P problems that are worse than ever with its current aged twilight population.

    • xao says:

      Yeah, that’s not what happened here. What Fukuda was saying is that Titanfall’s networking model isn’t currently compatible with allowing users to host their own servers because the model doesn’t rely on a single server to act as host, instead using a network of servers acting as hosts. It’s not amenable to being forced onto a single host.

      Personally, I’d prefer a synch algorithm favoring low pings along with a list of dedicated servers that allowed me to pick one with an acceptable ping, but this could be an interesting approach. It’s certainly leaps and bounds ahead of the console-standard peer-to-peer shitshow.

  3. Metalhead9806 says:

    I’m shocked Microsoft even let EA release this game on PC.
    You know if EA wasn’t hell bent on competing with Valve in the PC space that this game would be Xbox Only.
    Reading this interview all i get is that Microsoft and EA have their hooks in him, no modding, no private servers, DLC… everything needs to be controlled.

    Its a shame, a shame ill have to pass on this.

    • derbefrier says:

      yeah i got that feeling he really wanted to say o those questions “yes we would like all of those things but EA wont give us the time to implement them or just wont let us”

      I’ll still get it though most likely. I dont hate matchmaking and with the smaller game numbers it shouldn’t be much of an issue and modding while fun isnt something I cant live without. I like dedicated player ran servers as much as the next guy but really we all knew the answer to that question before it was even asked.

    • KDR_11k says:

      I’d assume the necessary bribe to keep a game away from a platform is pretty big to make up for lost sales, I guess that was getting too expensive. The PS4 doesn’t have much of a playerbase yet but neither does the xbone so they’d end up with a pretty small potential market if they went completely exclusive. That’d require some serious bribes to justify to EA’s shareholders.

    • joa says:

      To be quite honest I’m not surprised at these companies’ unwillingness to support the PC platform. Because supporting the platform, in some peoples’ minds, seems to mean that the developer of the game should give up artistic control over the product. PC players seem to want things done in a certain way, with modding and dedicated servers and all these things that have zero benefit to the developer or publisher.

      How does the publisher or developer benefit from expending resources on creating modding tools? How does the publisher or developer benefit from allowing users to host their own servers?

      • Geebs says:

        I dunno, why not ask Valve. If they can hear you from inside their huge pile of money, I’m sure they can give you some pointers.

        • soldant says:

          Modding only really makes sense for particular kinds of games, like Skyrim or Fallout. For many other games, it doesn’t have much of an impact these days, and isn’t really necessary. The impact modding had on Valve back with Half Life and the earlier days of HL2 came about because it was easy to do (well, HL2 and Sourceis a nightmare with its content pipeline, but that’s another story) and that was often the best way to get into game development.

          With the advent of authorware packages like Unity, there’s no real reason to make mods like we saw in the past anymore – you increase your audience by not requiring the base game, and often gain more freedom in the process. Again, the exception are plugins for things like Skyrim that aim to expand the base game. The days of total conversions have largely gone by.

          • P.Funk says:

            Read and rejected.

            The beauty of open modding is that any game community can build something better in that game with those people. Why doesn it make sense in shooters? Arma is nothing but mod city. Project Reality for Battlefield 2 is one of the most successful mods of the post Counterstrike era. Robust modding support for Warcraft 3 lead to an entirely new genre of game (MOBA).

            Artificially limiting the ability of communities to modify the game which bring them together is foul. There are always new and better ways to do this or that, but if I play Game X and I want to do thing Y with Game X I don’t want to have to get all my Game X friends together to do it in a whole new platform. Its so much easier to say “download this zip, extract to your folder, lets give it a try”. Thats how empires are born. Thats how communities expand.

            The latter day shrinking of robust game modification is not a result of better options, its a result of big publishers refusing to allow communities this option, monopolizing the vision of their product to ensure consumer behavior meets with their expectations, ie. buy the DLC packages, buy the new game in 2 years.

            I refuse your thesis.

  4. Jakkar says:

    What an utter fool.

  5. Renegade says:

    Still on the fence about this game, the gun mechanics so far have looked very bland and similar to the latest COD games (ie hitscan, no recoil and random cone of fire) hopefully this games movement will make up for it.

    • xao says:

      We don’t know a lot about the gunplay yet, but we do know that they’re not entirely hitscan.

      • toxic avenger says:

        I dunno, those hour long or so leaked multiplayer game footage were pretty revealing…Looked boring as hell. My reaction after watching it: Welp, can’t wait for Hawken on Steam!

        • xao says:

          Really? Because we still have a lot of people claiming that all the guns are hitscan, or that there’s traditional console auto-aim, or that there’s no recoil, all of which have been refuted by others with hands-on experience.

          You may have seen enough to believe that the gameplay isn’t your cup of tea, and that’s your call, but as far as the technical details about how the game’s gunplay work we either don’t have enough information, or that information hasn’t been widely distributed enough.

  6. Horg says:

    Did this guy honestly open his interview by selling mouse acceleration as a feature? This does not bode well : |

    • subedii says:

      I blieve he’s saying that mouse-acceleration is toggleable. Which whilst it ought to be a standard ‘duh’ kind of feature, in fairness to the interviewee it’s still a feature that far too many games DON’T allow you to set, especially console ports.

      • db1331 says:

        It sounded to me like he was touting it as a feature itself, akin to the FOV slider.

        • Stephen Roberts says:

          PC Features include
          * FOV Slider (65-90)
          * DRM Gauntlet
          * Shitty server management
          * Gameplay balanced around lower aiming competence
          * FOV Slider (we were so proud, did we say it goes all the way to 90)

        • Ninja Foodstuff says:

          It is a feature, at least for people with really old mice, you know, like all of the stuck-in-the-past losers that use PCs rather than buy new Xboxes.

    • The First Door says:

      Yeah… that was what worried me rather early on too…

    • WeeJocky says:

      Yeah, my first thought was “NO, mouse acceleration is not a good thing!”.

      Between that and his comment about “forcing players to take responsibility” for servers gave me the impression that this is someone who doesn’t understand the PC as a gaming platform and / or doesn’t take it seriously as a market.

  7. bar10dr says:

    I hope everyone has learned and does not pre-order or buy this game the instant it hits the market. Wait a week or so and look at reviews.
    It seems they have decided to treat PC players as the outcasts again, so show them how you feel about that with your money.

    • smg77 says:

      It’s really unfortunate that RPS is cheerleading so hard for this game when it is so obvious that the PC version is going to be the redheaded step-child yet again.

    • rcguitarist says:

      Unfortunately though, showing them how you feel with your money will only lead to them deciding not to make a PC version at all next time. I hope that the PC version outsells the console version so they will focus on our version next time. Once PC games sell just as much as Xbox games, then they will cater to us.

  8. qurao says:

    “We’ve got mouse acceleration in there.” Hopefully that means there’s an option to turn it off. If he’s actually just saying it’s got mouse acceleration, I definitely won’t buy it.

    • BobbleHat says:

      Nothing’s off the table. That’s an example. It’s something we’ll definitely look into.

    • db1331 says:

      I literally face palmed when I read that.

    • ZIGS says:

      lol, I was just gonna post the same thing, he better mean they have an option to turn it off (why does it keep getting implemented in the first place is beyond me. Is there anyone who actually prefers to play with acceleration on)?

  9. Maxheadroom says:

    You sure that was a real person you were talking to? or the Non-committal bot 3000?

    Virtually every answer was “we’re looking into it” or “no decision has been made yet”
    Of particular note was the one about private servers:

    “We’re taking into account a lot of feedback from the community”

    Didnt Call of Duty Something get slated for not having a private server option, and then the following year Call of Duty Something +1 released touting private servers as a huge selling point?
    If so then the data he appears to be waiting for already exists

    • sneetch says:

      Yeah, surely nearly all that feedback on this must have been “we want to be able to run private servers”, I cannot imagine anyone demanding no private servers.

      Are there servers on PC? Or is it some kind of player hosted CODMW2-style garbage?

      • DatonKallandor says:

        His answer – which completely missed the point by talking about how they’re doing it on consolebox – was that they’re NOT doing it P2P (the “server” is an actual server, not a player in the match) and that’s somehow revolutionary.

  10. Synesthesia says:

    So, it will be locked to origin, which is shit. There will be no private servers, so i won’t be able to play with less than 260 ms of latency. Great! I will also be forced to pay for it in euros, becausse, hey, i speak spanish. I MUST be in spain. Go origin! There wont be mods, and it will not likely have a community destroying dlc cycle. Maybe not later, but probably from the start.

    Thanks EA! Guess i’ll have to pass this one. Will evolve release for origin too?

    • silentdan says:

      In a way, I’m kind of perversely glad that it’s restricted to Origin. My backlog is getting almost as bad as my Steam backlog (well, no it isn’t; the Steam one is much worse.) Because I won’t use Origin, their exclusives can’t contribute to my backlog problem. I’ll simply never play Titanfall, and after that non-interview, I’m quite certain that I won’t be missing anything worthwhile. (Are they seriously saying that the single-player exposition gets yelled at you during multiplayer firefights? Because that’s how it sounded. Cut scenes are for refilling my beverage. They’re not for distracting me while I’m trying to play.)

  11. Bull0 says:

    Fucking hell, that was a depressing read. His answer to every question was essentially a long “We aren’t telling”. And “technically nothing’s off the table” was classic. Well of course technically nothing’s off the table, technically you can do anything, but we’re not asking if it’s technically feasible to do it – because other games have been doing these things we like for decades – we’re asking if you’re going to do it or not!

    It’s like Nathan’s speaking English and he’s replying very earnestly in Swahili. About something else.

    • Kagarinai says:

      Here is my Quick Edit of the interview to sum it up a bit better for him.

      • Fenix says:


        Ok, now that that is out of my system, I actually was thinking how awkward and depressing these kind of interviews must be for the developers. They probably hate doing it because they’re not allowed to answer anything in a clear fashion, yet the publishers force them to sit through them. Kinda feel sorry for this guy, sounds miserable.

        • Kagarinai says:

          Woops my bad, must have been a blip in the matrix, I will format the machine first chance I get :p But yeah, this interview really isn’t good for anyone involved i’m sure :/

  12. Blackcompany says:

    Every time I see the words ‘Cinematic Experience’ in an interview with a triple A developer/publisher I just stop reading. Immediately.

    When will this industry finally understand that they are not making movies? Movies do movies far better than games do movies. Both books and movies do story, narrative and character development better than games, on the whole. And yet, here’s the mainstream gaming industry, in a new console generation, still content with third place out of three.

    Build worlds, not stories. Provide tools, not rules. Let the players into your world, to use your tools. Let them create their own personalized, unique narratives, as opposed to your once and done, same for everyone ‘cinematic experiences.’

    I have read numerous articles recently stating that AAA game development is unsustainable. I certainly hope that’s true.

    • mandrill says:

      The tide is turning. See: link to

    • Uboa Noticed You says:

      I agree with you on the movie bit, but I disagree quite a bit on the bit about story. Perhaps story as in narrative isn’t as strong in most games, but one thing that games have the greatest ability to do is immersion and atmosphere. Actually interacting with the world feels so much stronger than simply watching it. And there are games that can implement this into the story in brilliant ways (Yume Nikki and Dark Souls come to mind).

      • Blackcompany says:

        Games do have a clear advantage over other media where atmosphere and world building are concerned. And some games use that fact to great advantage. Bastion did. To some degree, the Witcher games do as well. And Dark Souls – as much as I loathe it – absolutely nails atmosphere. I mean nails it. (I just wish I had the twitch skills to play the game).

        To be fair, some games even build atmosphere in such a way that it enhances the narrative. Including delivery. Again with Bastion. Also, CoJ: Gunslinger (which everyone should play). These games used world building and atmosphere to make their narrative experience better – something too few games manage.

        I just wish more games would stop with the world building. Skyrim would be improved by the removal of every shred of narrative exposition found therein. None of it is memorable; much of it is boring; some is even cringe-worthy (like everything that wizard in Whiterun says, ever). Just give me the world and the tools; let me explore, trade, slay monsters for a living; let me roam unto my heart’s content, without feeling like I am missing out on things because I don’t want to listen to sub-par dialogue all the time.

        The world and the tools. That’s all we need; let us make the narratives, each one unique.

  13. BrightCandle says:

    So is it hosted on one of the players on PC or is it servers they run and no custom ones? Its clearly no private servers with customisations like a PC game ideally should have but it isn’t clear what the PC solution actually is, he only said what it wasn’t.

    Mouse acceleration and FOV, an FOV slider that goes up to 90 incidentally (from reddit). So long as I can turn mouse acceleration off I don’t care, but honestly just do raw mouse input, why do companies insist on their own mouse input technique and acceleration, my drivers and Windows deal with that just fine.

    The noises about this game are not looking good. Its sounding more and more like a lazy console port.

  14. Shooop says:

    This game just gets worse and worse the more I hear about it.

  15. BarryK says:

    So that’s a no then for modding and private servers and therefore LAN play.

    Glad you cleared that up Respawn, I can now add Titanfall into the long list of console shooters ported to PC I don’t care about.

    • Emeraude says:

      Pffffffffffffff… don’t you know by now ONLY PIRATES play over LAN ?

      • mouton says:

        You are right, it is far from being the case. On the other hand, as a person who pirates some of the games he plays, LAN support is probably the best news I can get if I decide to hoist the black flag on that particular game.

        • Emeraude says:

          It’s also probably the best thing for the long time survival of the game, but who cares about that nowadays ?

    • Baines says:

      I really liked the section on modding. If you skim the article, it sounds like they are at least open to the idea, and you only notice how just how closed they are if you read more closely.

      Even the possible “ no-holds-barred Wild West area” is in reference to a carefully selected, structured, and controlled area. EA Maxis could have used that to promote Sim City modding.

  16. aldo_14 says:

    Should we make things look like an alien exotic world? No, that’s too crazy. People are gonna be totally distracted by that.

    That makes it sound like they focus-tested on goldfish.

    • Bull0 says:

      Should we make things look like an alien exotic world? No, that’s too crazy, underestimating our audience has been at the heart of our game design for ten years

    • jonahcutter says:

      Yeah that was a funny one. As if their players are going to be people who are experiencing a sci-fi video game (or a movie/tv show for that matter) for the very first time in their lives. Standing around slack-jawed and gaping as they are overwhelmed by the alien spectacle on their screens, completely forgetting to actually play the game.

      It was pure PR-speak throughout the interview: Anything and everything is possible, and if something is not being done it is for the benefit of the players.

      If there’s a real person under there and not just some corporate stooge, it has to be embarrassing for him to go back and read the interview in its entirety.

      I do take heart though, that our personal media filters have become so used to hearing PR-speak like this that it is now first nature to immediately recognize, and mock, it.

      • Baines says:

        Didn’t you know that Halo matches end in time limit draws when they take place on maps that use colors besides grey and brown? Why, I remember joining a match where everyone just stood around looking at an inhuman metal structure on an otherwise regular (if brightly colored) map. The ones without microphones learned to communicate by writing words with their gunfire, speaking about the insignificance of man when faced with such evidence of alien life.

        • Diatribe says:

          I think they just call it “teabagging.”

          • Baines says:

            That happens when human minds break under the strain.

            Call of Duty and Battlefield don’t have the same fascination with teabagging because they are limited to “safe” scenery.

    • Volcanu says:

      Bit of a shame really. It could have been fun with radically different level and environment design. Why not be bold and have people fight over something a little more interesting than versions of modern cities.

      A map where you fight across the inside and outside a giant spaceship or worlds with low-g or high-g, with all the knock on effects for movement, jumping and matter based weapons would be pretty cool. Or just have a map or two somewhere a little more off the wall. The original UT showed how you can keep a certain level of ‘grit’ in your sci fi shooter but at the same time have some real fun with the weapons and level design if you want to. I dont think I’ve had as much fun in an online FPS since the days of leaping between skyscrapers on DM Morpheus and blasting people off them with a shock rifle.

      Titanfall might end up being great, but personally I more or less went off multiplayer FPS when they all seemed to head off down the modern military and pseudo-realism route.

      • dan! says:

        Yes, but the problem with alien and exotic level design is that they would then have to use colours other than grey or brown.

        • Volcanu says:

          Completely off topic, but nice picture. Koopa was always my driver of choice in the original Super Mario Kart. What a guy.

    • P.Funk says:

      This interview really gives me the impression that they took a really cool concept and then whenever they came across anything radical or challenging they just punted the ball and played it safe.

      Who would want to fight on an exotic alien world with colours and weird looking shit when you can go Altaïr across the storefront of a burned out Starbucks?

      EA: Taking Grey to the next level.

    • MrUnimport says:

      How rude. I know RPS readers enjoy the traditional pastime of sneeringly mocking what is perceived to be unimaginative, corporatized, mainstream tastes, but a dirty, gritty, used sci-fi aesthetic is still a perfectly legitimate artistic goal. I’m sure the game’s artists would be pleased as punch to hear you think their giant robots and their futuristic run-down cities are the products of an oppressive corporate culture and not anything they could possibly have wanted to create. I bet they wanted to set the game inside a Salvador Dali painting, if only the SUITS had let them!

      • Volcanu says:

        A Titan with a Chupa Chups decal on it perhaps?

      • aldo_14 says:

        How rude. I know RPS readers enjoy the traditional pastime of sneeringly mocking what is perceived to be unimaginative, corporatized, mainstream tastes, but a dirty, gritty, used sci-fi aesthetic is still a perfectly legitimate artistic goal. I’m sure the game’s artists would be pleased as punch to hear you think their giant robots and their futuristic run-down cities are the products of an oppressive corporate culture and not anything they could possibly have wanted to create. I bet they wanted to set the game inside a Salvador Dali painting, if only the SUITS had let them!

        I remember when,er Thingy and Thingy left Infinity Ward, there was this suggestion it was at least partly to have some development freedom. Some choice to do something original.

        So I actually had some hope, even optimism, that this might represent an advance.

        And then I saw the video of it. And they’ve somehow managed to get a Source-engined game look virtually identical to Call of Duty, right down to the font. My literal, first thought when I saw it moving was ‘that looks like a mod’.

        Fair enough, maybe they wanted to do Bladerunner, or Firefly, rather than Avatar-on-LSD. But they didn’t even get that far. We got Quracistan with some added neon. It could be that they want to do District 9 -certainly the promotional Xbox1 stuff is ripping that off a bit – but they seem to have forgot that film wasn’t brilliant simply because it was only one step visually removed from the modern world.

        Maybe they’ll reveal something far more interesting looking later, but as of right now, it just screams the same old monotony.

        • mouton says:

          Titanfall is actually quite innovative despite its COD base. Not “original” as in “never done before”, but quite ground-breaking in the mainstream.

  17. presence says:

    If it isn’t in at launch, it won’t be in. This was nearly a non-interview. Might as well have interviewed a politician about this product.

    What I got out of it:

    Its an XBOX game, thats all we’re promising.
    We couldn’t work out the balance, but were positive matchmaking will fix it.
    We don’t like the DLC cycle, but were definitely doing it anyway.
    We couldn’t figure out how to make interesting environments, so we stuck to the basics.
    Single player games don’t seem to have the longevity of multiplayer games (especially with regard to DLC), so were not doing that.

    It really triggered memories of all of those horrible fricking startups during the nineties and early double oughts that brought major crisis to the economy.

    • Bull0 says:

      The way this is going, Titanfall will definitely be one of those games that contributes to the inevitable AAA crash.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        I hope so. I am absolutely desperate in my eagerness to see Titanfall crash because of the potential effect that kind of crash may have on the industry. This game has been so overhyped that its failure may finally signal a positive change in the way AAA publishers and devs maintain their business and make their games.

      • Diatribe says:

        Maybe it will be a fall, rather than a crash.

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      What he said about balance rung pretty true to me. You can’t really judge the balance based on peoples’ first hour with the game. I remember in Monday Night Combat that the Assassin completely wrecked new players, but was fairly trivial to deal with for more experienced players who knew how the game worked.

  18. Maxheadroom says:

    Here’s a fun game I like to play. Ask yourself if you’re going to buy Titanfall and then use his answers to form your reply

    “Nothing’s off the table. It’s possible, but we haven’t really thought about it.”
    “We haven’t made any promises to that extent. We’re taking into account a lot of feedback ”
    ” It’s just a question of priorities and time”

    and my personal favorite:

    ” Only in your imagination”

    • SuicideKing says:

      Fukuda: Only in your imagination

      I thought that was rather cold.

  19. PopeRatzo says:

    Nah. I’m done with being forced to play multiplayer games.

    If they can’t even throw me a little bone with some single player content, then they can screw off.

    • Uboa Noticed You says:

      Look at it this way: If it had a shoehorned single player you could have potentially wasted money on this game.
      I say that developers that specialize in one thing shouldn’t force themselves to add in another unless they’re aiming to improve in that area. Games like Spec Ops shouldn’t have multiplayer and games like Battlefield shouldn’t have single player.

    • crazyd says:

      Who’s forcing anyone to play multiplayer games? They are just making a multiplayer game, which you can play or not. I’m glad they didn’t force in some shit CoD style single player campaign, and are instead just focusing on making a multiplayer experience. If only some of that focus went into the PC version…

      • Volcanu says:

        Urban street gangs. Them or ‘immergants’.

        I saw it in the Daily Mail.

      • Ziffy says:

        It doesn’t seem like much of an experience beyond shooting some hitscan weapons at dudes and stompy robits sometimes.

        Fine for a F2P or just a cheap indie shooter, but a full-priced AAA title?

        • crazyd says:

          Shooting people in multiplayer has been fine for AAA games for decades now. I’d rather avoid the shit F2P trappings, and am fine paying for a polished multiplayer shootout experience. That’s not to say I’m happy with how this game in particular is being handled, but I’d rather pay for a AAA shooter where all the focus is on multiplayer than one that has a half assed CoD or BF-esque shit campaign hacked on.

          • Ziffy says:

            I’m saying there’s very little variety in this game to warrant the $60 price tag, not to mention the extremely limited server options and no modding capability.

          • crazyd says:

            And I’m saying variety isn’t necessarily a requirement or mark of quality in a well polished AAA manshoot.

    • Max.I.Candy says:

      Nah. I’m done with being forced to play multiplayer games.

      If they can’t even throw me a little bone with some single player content, then they can screw off.

      LOL, It amazes me how anyone can exhibit so much righteous indignation and be completely unaware. Has to be trolling.

  20. mandrill says:

    Any association with EA is a dealbreaker I’m afraid. Unless they fix that then I’m not going to be playing this, I don’t care how good it turns out to be.

    (And yes, he did come across as an automated EA corporate drone, way to sell your game dude)

  21. Lazyjim says:

    “We’ve got mouse acceleration in there”…
    acceleration …


    Why would you even put mouse acceleration in? It is one of the worst consolitis symptoms. Ooh look floaty mouse syndrome, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

    Just what PC gamers want, an option that makes our controls worse.

    Unless of course you just mean the ability to change the mouse sensitivity. In that case;

    Dear console dev mongs.


    • SuicideKing says:

      Mouse acceleration? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

      Ain’t nobody got time for that.
      Ain’t nobody got time for that.
      Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  22. skyturnedred says:

    I once thought about getting this game around the release date. Now, I feel like waiting six months before even considering to buy it. Technically, they might put some of those features they have considered on the table by then. Maybe even in the game.

    Besides, it’s always much cheaper to get the GOTY edition with all the DLC they inevitably will shove down our throats.

  23. 2late2die says:

    I’m still looking forward to the game (I guess I’m an optimist to a fault) but that was a seriously depressing interview. First of, it’s a great example of how to use a lot of words but not to actually say anything, and secondly, reading between the lines it’s clear they have no interest in actually addressing any of the concerns or the typical pitfalls of such games. Let’s see here…

    Regarding PC – they’re pretty much doing the absolute minimum of work to get it going on the platform.
    Private servers – no
    Modding – no
    Oculus Rift – no (I suspect MS is pressuring EA not to allow anything that would make this a superior product on the PC)
    Interesting and unique environments – seems unlikely. I’d be honestly surprised if we get anything past your typical desert and snow levels.

  24. HisDivineOrder says:

    The easiest way to avoid criticism is to say, “Yeah, maybe. Or not. Nothing’s off the table!”

    So yeah. This interview was a whole bag of nothing. Just him shrugging with words.

  25. Greg M says:

    All those interviews just seem to point to EA having more and more control over this and how corporate like the whole thing is gonna be with money always on their minds.

    I pre ordered it long ago, dont regret it as it still looks like a great game overall. Really hope they dont fuck up the IP in the long term.

    • Maxheadroom says:

      Unless you got some sort of special pre-order deal for like £20 or something I’d seriously cancel that.

      I’m not ranting against it as such (honestly think it looks pretty good myself too), but give it week or even a few days for the first reviews to come out.

      You never can tell if it’ll turn out to be a turkey of X-Rebirth proportions (how many do you think are still glad they pre-ordered that?), but that ‘interview’ was definitely cause for concern (insofar as their attitude towards the PC port at least)

      • Greg M says:

        Payed £23 for it a few month ago… I payed a lot more for game I never played so even if it was the worse game in the world, which I very likely doubt it will be’ it wouldn’t be my worst purchase! lol :D

        Boycotting a publisher isn’t my cup of tea, but voicing my opinion definitely is!

  26. fdisk says:

    What’s the point of even giving an interview if you are not going to answer any question?!

    I’m still getting this game because I played it at PAX and it was a lot of fun, but I can’t possibly hate EA and Origin more than I already do. I feel dirty playing this, same deal with Dragon Age Inquisition.

    Kudos to RPS as always for asking no bullshit questions.

    • crazyd says:

      I’m pretty sure that if you are still buying their games, there’s at least a little more room for hatred in there.

      • fdisk says:

        You are right; I guess there is. It’s a hard position to take or be in; I hate EA and Origin, but I would also be robbing myself from a pretty awesome experience in Titanfall.

        I guess what they get is that game I’m just lukewarm about I’ll never buy. Sim City, BF4, I skipped those because of Origin and EA’s bullshit, not for complete lack of interest. Titanfall is so much fun however that I just can’t let it pass.

  27. killmachine says:

    another corporate cow to milk. and it will get milked greatly. guess that comes with beeing published by EA.

    origin will be mandatory (already is for the beta). regular dlc, no modding. i would be surprised if there are dedicated server software.

    yea, no thanks. there are other games that are games for games sake not for money grabbing corporate bullshit.

  28. Werthead says:

    Translated from the corporatespeak:

    RPS: How are you catering Titanfall to PC as a platform? What sorts of tweaks and upgrades are you making?

    Fukuda: We’ve got the FOV slider. We’ve got mouse acceleration in there. I mean, it’ll work on a PC. You can use the mouse. Erm. You launch it from Windows…and stuff.

    RPS: You’re not rebalancing any weapons or items for PC in the slightest?

    Fukuda: No.

    RPS: Are you going to allow for private servers or anything like that?

    Fukuda: No.

    RPS: What about modding? Is that on the table?

    Fukuda: No.

    RPS: Will you still allow people to reshape Titanfall as they see fit? And what about custom levels?

    Fukuda: Not for launch, though. Not for launch. Or indeed ever.

    RPS: Are you looking into Oculus Rift support for the PC version?

    Fukuda: Probably not, but I’ll say maybe so we might get some goodwill going.

    RPS: How will DLC function in general?

    Fukuda: Whatever is most profitable and we can get away with.

    RPS: What are some of the craziest ideas you scrapped for the game’s initial version?

    Fukuda: A singleplayer campaign, private servers and modding. Totally mental, huh?

    RPS: Out of curiosity, is there any interest at Respawn in making a single-player extension of the universe?

    Fukuda: No. Unless we decide it will make us money, then maybe.

    RPS: Thank you for your time.

    Fukuda: No.

    • Bostec says:

      I want you to surmise all of the big publisher interviews from now on.

    • SuicideKing says:

      RPS: So basically you’re saying FUK U, ДA*?

      Fukuda: Да.

      *yes (in Russian).

    • Xiyng says:

      That pretty much sums it up.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      “RPS: Thank you for your time.

      Fukuda: No”

      I lol’d

  29. Arithon says:

    I was interested in this game. Either this guy knows NOTHING about the PC version of the game, or he is trying very hard to hide what a disaster it will be. Smoke and mirrors double-speak. No confirmation or commitment to anything. Anything!
    Pre-order cancelled.

    • Baines says:

      He confirmed their commitment to no mod support at launch. And an FOV slider.

  30. Turkey says:

    Man, if any of these PR guys actually read any of the interviews they were in, or the comments sections, they’d know that the best strategy would be to decline any interview with the PC gaming press. All they do is highlight stuff people don’t want to hear. They’d be much better off just shutting up until the game was out.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      I have a friend at work who is a keen XBox gamer, and recently got a PC from her more tech savvy sister. My friend never reads gaming sites – her purchases come mainly from whatever she sees advertised or fancies the look of in a shop. Doesn’t do digital download. In fact she has mostly ignored the PC and just stuck with what she knows.

      What if 70% of gamers were like her, and didn’t read sites – ANY sites, not even the ones most of us scowl at? That would mean guys like Fukuda have little to worry about gaming press outlets and their reader’s opinions, because they know that ads, box art and prominence in a shop do all their selling for them.

      I have no idea if this is the case, but it would explain why these guys seem to give so little of a crap about how they interview. Despite having tons of readers, maybe us scanners of gaming news outlets are actually only a blip on this gentleman’s radar? Defeatist I know, but there has to be some explanation for this kind of apparent lack of audience understanding.

  31. Monkey says:

    “We’ve got the FOV slider. We’ve got mouse acceleration in there.”

    I honestly thought that was the beginning of a sarcastic joke.

    Any chance of pre-ordering has been well and truly stomped on.

    • Ziffy says:

      “We’ve got resolution settings, and we even have a switch between windowed and full-screen. You PC guys like that, right? Anyway, Xbox!”

  32. Sheng-ji says:

    “We’ve got mouse acceleration in there.”

    Well don’t have.

  33. elmo.dudd says:

    So what he basically means is Titanfall isn’t “balanced for lean”. This is Modern Warfare 2 all over again, which makes sense I guess. Still, what happened to the Fukuda who ran the Quake Labs? link to Apparently 18 years is a long time to remember. Can’t have other people getting their start by modding their favorite games.
    *edited for a forgotten “is”

  34. Maxheadroom says:

    Whats the betting Battlefield 5 or Call of Duty Whatever will now feature big stompy robots?

    I’m in for a tenner if someone will take my money :)

    • Lazyjim says:

      Well IMO the next Battlefield should have big stompy robots, becasue then it would be 2143, and thus what we fucking wanted instead of BF4.

      Unless of course it has big stompy robots and is not 2143, or it is 2143 and the still fuck it up.
      In that case fuck EA?

  35. P.Funk says:

    The only thing that will make the launch of this game exciting for me is if some enterprising hacker compromizes the game servers and allows PC players to be matchmade against console players. That would make it all worth my time.

  36. NotToBeLiked says:

    So, we now have 3 interviews in a row (MS about PC gaming, EA about BF4 & SC, now this) in which nothing even resembling an answer has been given by the interviewee. It’s like they’re interviewing politicians or some other type of scumbags.

    Anyone can predict what’s going to happen to this game: of course there will be no modding because they want to sell you overpriced DLC, there won’t be private servers because that might just make modding possible, and this guy probably doesn’t even know WHY there is a PC version.

    Thank god they will be having a beta though, that will definitely help improve the overall quality of the final release!

    • Meusli says:

      There are no private servers because EA sees them as another revenue stream and can charge you top dollar for 10hz tick rate servers.

  37. SuicideKing says:

    I think the only point of these high-ish profile interviews is RPS getting to annoy these TIEs (Top Industry Execs, as Nathan calls them) and make them realise that people care that they’re only after money.

  38. Premium User Badge

    MrPin says:

    It’s very carefully tuned. It’s very tweaked and dialed in. We don’t want someone to get the wrong impression of the game if somebody, say, changes a lot of the properties.

    I totally get this (wait, hear me out). Imagine you’re trying to establish a multi-sequel triple-A franchise – you don’t want people messing up your game’s image, confounding those poor players about your game’s style, right? Like, I can’t see a big-budget RPG (call it “The Ancient Papers” or something) giving players the freedom to effortlessly change the whole map, climate, whole quests and even the models so as to include the ability to show pornographic scenes! That would really shock and push your costumers away! Um, right.

    So while I get this style of thinking, it really is just fucking stupid. The players who want their hands held or who want to be protected from the evils of the modding community are already playing on their consoles. PC-gamers are more, shall we say “emancipated”. Good luck getting a suit to understand the difference, though.

  39. Diatribe says:

    I didn’t realize AAA games were still all doing hit-scan. Do people even find that fun?

    The cons are: hitscan, drab, console port, Origin exclusive, no private servers, arcade style shooter, killstreak reward one sided fights, locked 6v6, forced matchmaking, no mods, DLC community splitting, forced bot players.

    The pros are: FOV slider, giant stompy robots.

    This game is an easy pass. Red Orchestra 2 and PS2 do this better, just without mechs. I guess if I need mechs I can always hit up Mechwarrior Online for a game or two.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Alien Rage was the last reasonably big title to use hitscan IIRC

      • DatonKallandor says:

        All of the CoDs use Hitscan weaponry almost entirely (the various RPG/missile weapons are the exception).
        Also seriously, Private Servers aren’t that great. Peer 2 Peer is a cancer on gaming, but as long as it’s a well made server-host system you’ve got a good experience.

        Private Servers just means admins enforcing their own little pocket rules that make sense (only crouch move! no grenades! no weapon X Y and Z! no melee! no cursing! no “vaguely defined thing we’ll kick you for”!). A good unified ruleset is a good thing to have.

        • Diatribe says:

          The last COD I played was BLOPS1. I remember a friend set up a server so we wouldn’t have to play with random wankers. The stated rules were “prone only, knife only.” We had some fun chastising people for not following the rules before we kicked them so we could play the private 3v3 game that we were trying to play.

          Life would have been much easier if we could have just turned on XP and a password at the same time. Because sometimes you just want to play with your friends.

  40. Wauffles says:

    RPS: The tutorial….seemed to suggest some pretty far-ranging story/setting possibilities. How varied will Titanfall’s locations be? Will any be particularly exotic or outlandish?

    Fukuda: One of the last things we want to do is add more potentials for distracting players like that….. So we’ve got coffee shops and cars with four wheels…..It’s a very relatable, grounded, used kind of future.

    hahaha this is going to be so bad

    More brown and bloom for everybody!

  41. vader says:

    It’s like reading a transcript from cleverbot.

  42. kael13 says:

    Terrible interview, but your accompanying video was quite informative and well put-together!

  43. rocketman71 says:

    “Fukuda: We’ve got the FOV slider. We’ve got mouse acceleration in there. Those sorts of things. But in terms of gameplay, the game is going to play exactly the same on PC.”

    You are locked to Origin, and of course you will not have LAN mode or public server files.

    Out of my lawn!. Go, run to your EA overlords.

  44. Citizen Graves says:

    You know, if TITANFALL is even barely succesful and starts attracting copycats within the industry, then I’m much more interested to see if WB Interactive starts to wake the f**k up and realize they actually have a developer with an already existing Stompy-Robots-Shooter license on their hands.
    God forbid a good developer like Monolith got the chance to work on one of their own IP’s again for a change.

    But knowing marketing people they would probably only say: “Oh, Stompy-Transforming-Robots in a Manga-Like enviroment doing shooty things…….yeah, we knoweth not how to market that. Is too hard, please kill us.”

    • Werthead says:

      I wonder if Monolith will ever be able to get the licence back for themselves. They could go to Kickstarter and just start saying, “SHO–” before being buried under money.

      • Citizen Graves says:

        They probably wouldn’t even need the actual license. They could just try to kickstart “Stompy-Manga-Robot-Game” and watch the money pour in.

        Or does anyone remember the actual story of that game? Was there even one? All I remember is something along the lines of: ‘You pilot fighty-robot – survive betrayal and weird physics engine – battle for love and freedom (and stuff)!”

        …but maybe that’s just due to the long-term drug abuse…….

  45. zaprowsdower says:

    EA needs to hire some PR people because that was the dumbest interview I’ve ever read. Call of Duty: Robot Jocks; whoopty-fucking-doo.

  46. Devan says:

    Thanks for doing this interview. If I can put in a request, though, perhaps you could more carefully consider whether to use slang when quoting interviewees. You wrote the word “gonna” three times in Fukuda’s text above and it looks out of place to me. Was he really pronouncing it that way?

  47. TwwIX says:

    Vague and scripted shit as usual. EA recycles those scripts quite regularly. They won’t even reveal what content you can expect to see in the full release even though the game is about to come out in a couple of weeks. Modding and LAN support? Shit ain’t gonna happen even though game’s engine is associated with such features. EA has always despised their modding communities and done everything in their power to discourage modding of those games in the recent years. Look at what they have done to franchises such as the Battlefield series. They’ve turned those game from products to services. Good luck launching all those games once their glorified stats/Facebook clone aka. Battlelog finally shuts down. Fucking lazy pricks could have at least build that shit into their useless client of theirs. Instead, i have visit their cluttered piece of shit social site to access a server browser.

    $60 for a multiplayer only game with limited content, features and a questionable future? Why don’t you just bend your customers over already and quite literally fuck them in their assholes? That’s bound to be far more pleasurable and rewarding for them than your current endeavours.

  48. MonkeyPunch says:

    I really hope it uses dedicated servers for PC. P2P is usually terrible and doubly so for a game like this.
    Looking forward to this.

  49. Zekiel says:

    Funnily enough I actually came away from this interview feeling more positive about this game (unlike everyone else). But that’s because I just watched Nathan’s blather over video in which he was largely positive about the game.

    Of course I still won’t get it cos its multiplayer only and I don’t do that so… yeah.

  50. Statix says:

    Lol at RPS inferring that the auto-locking Smart Pistol would be much less used or useful with a mouse. Yet another example of ignorant PC elitists and their flawed preconceptions.

    I haven’t played the game on Xbox One or 360, but the PC is absolutely rife with Smart Pistol users. Noobs will still be noobs; players with bad aim will still have bad aim. Regardless of platform.