A Throng Of Fire And Ice: Bound By Flame

I’ve watched the latest trailer for Bound By Flame six times already and I’m still not tired of it. It does everything that an RPG trailer should, describing the game’s features, and showing in-engine action to demonstrate how combat, inventory management and kissy-face interactions work. There’s even a brief overview of the plot, which involves a mercenary possessed by a fire demon waging war against (as elementary luck would have it) seven Icelords. Three more and they’d a-leaping.

Sensible as the trailer’s content is, that’s not the reason I’ve watched it so many times. It’s the voiceover. Performed by Stan S. Stanman’s less flappy-armed cousin, Dan D. Danman, it’s an absolute treat. Prepare for ‘heroric abilities’, ‘plenty of pieces of armour’ and ‘fantastical enemies [that] will try to slow you down’. I hate being postponed!

The trailer coincides with the announcement that the game is coming to the third and fourth Playstations, but it’ll be on PC as well when it arrives in the second quarter of the year. Developers Spiders have been talking about the difficulty of the combat recently:

In Bound by Flame, you better be prepared before you charge into a fight. Wait, no, scratch that. You’d better not charge into a fight at all. Sneak instead, booby trap the place, or fireball the hobblers to pieces. That’s what I’d recommend. Well, that’s how I would do it, anyway, but I guess that’s because I’m a chicken. Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t an infiltration game, it’s just that we’ve made the fights hard and demanding. It’s no walk in the park.

Although the trailer only shows one model for the player character, customisation will stretch to a choice of man/woman at the very least. Hopefully there will be plenty of heroric hairstyles as well.


  1. CaptainVolcanoes says:

    Is it me, or does the world look very bland and generic?

    • tomimt says:

      Pretty much. It looks like a concensus work made after a meeting people tried to figure out what elements need to be in a game that those pesky gamers like. Like hats.

    • Zenicetus says:

      Some of the monster designs looked interesting, but otherwise yeah… very generic medieval fantasy setting. Reminded me of Dragon Age, where the bland setting isn’t the worst of the series’ problems, but it’s one of them.

  2. Skeletor68 says:

    What is the most heroic hairstyle?

  3. aldo_14 says:

    Did voiceover-guy just call it ‘heroric’?

    EDIT; oh, he really did. I thought I was drunk again.

    EDIT2; is kissy lady wearing a thong over her trousers?

    • amateurviking says:

      Even heroes have to get dressed in the dark sometimes you know…

    • Zenicetus says:

      I thought I heard heroric too. There are a few other odd moments in that voiceover, like saying “keep tuned” at the end, instead of the usual “stay tuned” for more info. Maybe written by a non-native English speaker?

    • The Random One says:

      Sheesh, Superman wears his undies over his trousers all the time, but when a kissy lady does it…

    • JiminyJickers says:

      I think we need a heroric tag.

  4. Darko Drako says:

    Excellent voice-over! Looks slightly witcheresque

  5. SillyWizard says:

    I was sad when I realized that this wasn’t about a thong of ice and fire….

  6. Chizu says:

    The combat, or at least the animations for the sword play were very Witcher 2 looking.

  7. ulix says:

    Nice to see other developers and publishers taking a page out of Rockstar’s book on “How to make trailers”.

  8. DatonKallandor says:

    It looks like a less colourful Amalur, with better textures and worse effects. And inexplicable cleavage and “video game romance” aka bad CGI models humping in underwear.

    • Faxanadu says:

      I found the boots also quite inexplicable. And the gloves, too! Nobody explained the gloves!

  9. jack4cc says:

    What’s with the wooden faces?

  10. DanMan says:

    Can’t go wrong with that name.

  11. ScumBunny says:

    So, after failing to make a Mass Effect, Spiders are trying for a Witcher?

    • LTK says:

      I saw their game as a Witcher on Mars. Hopefully they’ll do better with a Witcher in a Dragon Age.

    • 2late2die says:

      Mars War Logs wasn’t great but you know what, I don’t mind more developers trying for this kinda RPG – so more power to them. Who knows, this could turn out to be a surprising hit.

    • Sharlie Shaplin says:

      Mars War Logs was certainly not the best game ever, but I kinda liked it for what it was. I thought the original dialogue was hilariously bad.

  12. Turkey says:

    This has all the makings of a cult-hit Euro-RPG. Garbage story, tits, and hopefully a combat system that redeems it all.

  13. Cooper says:

    Dress up!

    I love dress up. My favourite bit about RPGs. I get really sad when changing armour makes no visual difference to characters.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Yeah, what’s the point of changing your armour for something with fancier stats if it doesn’t look fancier. This is not the time to be humble, to make the enemies underestimate you because of your not-so-shiny-and-spectacular-looking armour. We want swag!

  14. SillyWizard says:

    That was fucking hysterical. It’s like the dialogue was written by a middle-schooler — formidable rogue, really? kinda defeats the purpose of being a rogue, don’t it? — which was made that much more ludicrous by Dan D. Danman’s narration.

    Yeah. Probably going to have to give this a few more watches.

    Also: does that dude have dredlocks?

    • Jackablade says:

      “It might help that you’re possessed by a flame demon” made me giggle a bit.

  15. plugav says:

    Well, that was informative. But it also left me uncertain about how I feel towards the game… There does seem to be some potential in there… buried beneath all the shameless fanservice and unsubtle references to established fantasy properties. Hope it turns out better than Mars: War Logs.

  16. knowitall011 says:

    there is always room for witcher style rpgs. I will wait for full video reviews.

  17. nimbulan says:

    I found the voiceover to be the worst part of the trailer. He sounds like the kind of guy who announces cheesy movies and does not fit the content of the trailer at all. What little gameplay they showed looks decent at least.

  18. Keyrock says:

    Wow, that voice over. Holy shit, it’s so amazingly terrible. I hope they get the same guy to do the narration for the game.

  19. Darth Grabass says:

    “Do you want to do a second take?”

    “Nope. Nailed it!” Strikes heroric pose.

  20. razzafazza says:

    the guy in the video wasnt constantly rolling around the floor during combat so i dunno where the witcher comparisions come from ;)

    i ll keep an eye on this – i got the suposedly oh-so-bad Game of Thrones RPG from cyanide in a bundle sale and was quite suprised it wasnt bad at all. better graphics than the terribly ugly dragon age games , better writing/story too and while the combat&character system was ultimativly flawed … it did have at least some good & fresh ideas and i didnt feel like it was much worse than the crap combat in those big AAA RPGs that for reasons that escape me usually get a free pass on their awful combat. (skyrim, dragon age, Witcher…)

  21. Keyrock says:

    I hope they do a follow up to Mars: War Logs. While that game had its share of shortcomings, I liked it. If nothing else, it had an interesting premise and setting (even if it was all reddish brown), rather than a generic fantasy setting.

  22. goatee21 says:

    2014 and people STILL can’t attach swords to us with scabbard or twine. We still use the magic force.

  23. The Random One says:

    That romance scene was less “lovingly bonding with your soulmate” and more “inspecting Real Doll for damage before usage”.

  24. strangeloup says:

    As it’s a Spiders RPG, it goes without saying that it’ll be at least a bit shonky from a technical perspective, but by the same token I’d give it at least a 50/50 chance of being quite enjoyable anyway. I’ve had a decent time with Of Orcas and Men, Mars: War Logs, and Game of Thrones RPG, and probably more, despite them all having technical and balance issues as well as lacking polish. They tend to have a fairly solid core that just about holds up the wonkier elements.

  25. Moose Malloy says:

    Will heroric abilities be enough to defeat a leevil undead army?