Outerlands, Six-Part Documentary Hits Kickstarter Target

Let's hope they get out of San Fran as much as possible.

There are 32 hours to go on the Outerlands: Season One videogame documentary Kickstarter, but it’s already surpassed its $210,000 target. Produced by the makers of The 1UP Show, it’s a six-part documentary series on the culture of videogames.

There’s a pitch video through on the Kickstarter page which explains more, and a representative short which I’ve embedded below.

This is just a short designed to give you some sense of the team’s ability, in terms of being able to deliver stories and presumably in terms of being able to make everything appear sentimental. Full episodes will range from 42 to 60 minutes, will travel the world and so hopefully be a little less US-centric, and will cover diverse topics. The Kickstarter suggests they’ll turn their penetrating soft-focus cameras to the worlds of videogame streaming, e-sports, disabled gamers, gamers in the military, the fighting game community and more. They namecheck This American Life, which sounds like a good reference point: multiple stories each episode shaped around a single theme, and the kinds of stories you can use to warm yourself on a cold night.

To get the documentary series, you need to back the project at the $25 level. $10 is the lowest backer level, and gives you access to backers-only livestreams charting the creation and development of the series.

There have been a lot of Kickstarted documentary projects since Indie Game: The Movie was a success, but Outerlands is in the rare position of being produced by experienced video makers and already having hit its target. Back it, don’t back it; this is a thing to keep an eye on.


  1. Thurgret says:

    Well, that’s certainly got appeal on a par with paying a chunk of money for a documentary series on modern Irish culture. That is to say, none at all. If I take a sudden interest in it, I stop and look around myself for a moment. I might listen to their opinions if they weren’t charging, but handing over money for it?

    I don’t get it, really.

    • The Random One says:

      I’d watch this, and I’d watch a documentary on modern Irish culture. Everything is interesting!!!!

    • Premium User Badge

      Phasma Felis says:

      You don’t get why someone might, hypothetically, be interested in paying for a well-made documentary on a subject they’re interested in? That’s kind of weird, honestly.

    • InnerPartisan says:

      I don’t get it, really.

      Really? Because what you’re saying is that you don’t get Documentaries, period. Every subject can be made interesting, regardless of your familiarity with it. I have absolutely zero interest in Formula One, but Senna was one of the most gripping moviegoing experiences of my life.
      Or what about The King of Kong? That’s a pretty good Documentary about 80’s arcade games, and the weird people obsessed with their high scores.

  2. staberas says:

    Is this one of the titles that will end up in steam early access ?

  3. Godwhacker says:

    Sounds a bit toothless. I’d love to see them interviewing some of the hateful, misogynist pricks on 4chan, but I somehow doubt that will happen.

    • LTK says:

      Why would anyone ever want to give an audience to hateful, misogynist 4chan pricks?

    • Bury The Hammer says:

      Why bother? 4chan already has a reputation for being exactly what it is, both in the ‘internet community’ and outside it (look at any media coverage about it).

  4. P.Funk says:

    I’d be much more interested if Ken Burns did one.

    Which famous actor would best do Lord British I wonder?

  5. RagingLion says:

    I really respect the quality of stuff that these guys put out in terms of the 1UP Show and Co-Op. I was a little bit torn since I don’t know how inspired I’ll be by all of the themes, whatever they are but I decided to make the leap. It’s the first thing I’ve backed since Double Fine Adventure (and if it’s anywhere as good as that documentary I’ll be completely satisfied).

  6. kwyjibo says:

    I’d be more inclined to back it had they given a clearer indication of what they would like to cover. There’s just a load of words in a word cloud. I’d be massively disappointed if it turned out to be a 6 part look at the fighting game community, or another pandering 2 Player Productions vehicle.

  7. draglikepull says:

    I like the work these guys have done in the past and I have faith that they can deliver on this project, but the timeline here is just so long. A year and a half to produce just the first episode? I’ve read their explanation and I see what they’re saying, but I’m starting to feel some fatigue from the increasingly lengthy lead times for Kickstarter projects. It’ll probably be worth paying for once it’s done, though.

  8. Premium User Badge

    Phasma Felis says:

    Apparently that giant hardbound collection of Computer Entertainer/Video Game Update either has been or will be scanned. (source, another source) I’m tremendously excited about that.