Remember The Titans? B4’s Naval Assault’s DLC Does


I haven’t played one second of Battlefield 4 (is it still all kinds of broken?), because I was taking a personal stand against Dice and EA’s refusal to acknowledge how awesome Battlefield 2142 was. Specifically Titan Mode, where each side had a hovering carrier that could be boarded by launching yourself at it in your own personal missile. It was all fashooomgrawwwwwgnargle *headshot*, and it was the best thing Battlefield ever did do. Well, there’s some good news if you’ve been part of my protest: the upcoming Naval Strike map pack (ugh!) will be paying homage to Titan Mode with Carrier Assault mode, though there’s no mention of the personal missiles that made that mode so much fun.

I’m trying to rationalise BF4’s technology level and the watery suggestion of Carrier Assault, which has to mean a huge aircraft carrier that you’ll be breaking in to bust up. They’d be fools to ignore the joy of people launching themselves at the carrier, so how could it work? All I can come up with is the Jetlev. Look!

And if I owned the base game and that sort of thing was on offer, I’m not sure I’d be able to resist.

The rest of the DLC is the usual community-splitting maps set in various bits of the South China Sea: there’s a fight on tropical islands, a submarine assault on a naval base, the largest open-water map the series has ever had that I bet has the carrier to assault, and a battle on a cliff-side holiday resort. I’d tell you more, but when I clicked on the site to find out about it, it turned out it was a cheeky link to the the Premium site. Bad EA!


  1. Stupoider says:

    I wonder if BF2142 still has servers active. Nobody I’ve spoken to has had good words to say about BF4, so I might just root out 2142, just to have a look back.

    • Orija says:

      Exactly how big of success has BF4 been for EA? How much did it sell as compared to BF3 or the latest CoD?

    • TheIronSky says:

      Not sure about 2142, but I know Bad Company 2 still has a few active servers (especially during primetimes).

      Unfortunately neither BFBC2: Vietnam nor Battlefield: Vietnam have any remaining servers, which is a real shame. I might actually be tempted to buy another Battlefield game if there was some good Vietnam content, but for now I guess I’m sticking to BF2’s Project Reality mod.

      • ArthurBarnhouse says:

        BC2: Vietnam always felt so underdeveloped, I’m not surprised no one plays it.

        BC2 had my favorite kind of maps in it, which were those small 3 capture point maps with 16-16 teams and infantry vehicles. Do those exist in BF4 or is it all huge maps, with tanks and endless snipers?

      • Tams80 says:

        There are usually one or two servers with people on on BC2: Vietnam. They’re never full though and the people playing seem to be quite good (though I’m terrible at it so they may just be average).

      • Lumpy says:

        BFBC2 still has servers, just played today. What are you talking about ?
        2142 IS dead however. Still some servers but no ones ever there.

    • Rampant AI says:

      It does. Last I checked there’s at least two. One running 24/7 Camp Gibraltar, the other running a rotation of all Titan mode maps.

    • rockman29 says:

      There are servers active for 2142, but not very many I think. Though I have the Origin version of BF2142, so it may split the server pool between the non-Origin and Origin versions.

      I think BF2 is the most active. People also still play even the demo version (has the map Gulfs of Oman, and modified to support 64 players, demo was only supposed to allow 32 I think).

    • mhcastrillon says:

      As an old BF hand, here’s my 2 cents:

      – The game still has bugs but the majority of the most glaring issues have been patched

      – Sadly it’s still BF3.1. It’s the same game with “levolution” added, which is mostly bollocks. Fancy bollocks though. The maps are okay, but there is no clear blockbuster, ohmygodicantbelivethis maps

      HOWEVER! Despite hating it because of the bugs and the lack of new stuff, I’m playing it quite a bit lately since I swapped to Hardcore mode. This reduces all the GI clutter, provides no map info, ramps the difficulty up weeding out spawn campers and other obnoxious CoD pests and basically, turns a disaster of a game into a very spectacular, lush, sadly not groundbreaking fluffy BF entertainment.

      So it is improving. If you are a first BF player it will prob blow your socks off. For old hands, it’s a bit sad, and definitely not worth the investment. For the BF-heads, well, it’s okay I guess. Shoot me now. Directly on vain.

      Anyways, I?m still hoping BF will be WWII again. I miss jetpack and Flying Fortress hijinks

      • borkbork says:

        Perhaps you’ve just found some decent servers were people are above camping spawns for easy kills. Hardcore servers I’ve been on, I’ve actually seen significantly more spawn camping… Just my luck, I know, but I don’t believe the difficulty setting makes playing that way any more challenging.

  2. Bull0 says:

    Sounds quite good. Am I being “that guy” if I say that I think this ought to be free, as a conciliatory gesture for how buggy this fucking game is?

    • Stupoider says:

      I’m sure there will be someone ready to call you entitled. To be honest this kind of new game mode might have helped differentiate BF4 from BF3. I guess DICE considered opening and closing doors on some maps a big enough feature to release a sequel.

      • dotslash says:

        lol, whilst they included opening doors, they left out the FoV adjustment in the single player.

        Granted, the single player is probably crap, but I’d at least like to find out for myself without spewing up all over my screen.

        • Bull0 says:

          Yeah, it really is crap, as bad if not worse than Cod Doge, but I understand your curiosity. I was the same.

    • derbefrier says:

      it would probably get me to re-install it if they did, maybe.

    • DatonKallandor says:

      I’m think they’re giving away the second DLC (Second Assault) for free to everyone because of the issues BF4 had at launch. Naval Strike is the 3rd DLC.

      • Bull0 says:

        Oh. Cool if true.

      • SIDD says:

        If that’s the case then I guess EA have truly found a way of giving a big, giant “f*ck you” to people buying the Premium pack …
        “Yeah we know you paid for this, but we’re giving it away free to everyone so thank you for the money … Now if you’d just bend over, we have one more surprise for you”

  3. brgillespie says:

    As if they’d make their DLC free. I’ve completely passed on this horseshit.

  4. CaptainVolcanoes says:

    So they FINALLY listened to the community on something?

    Albeit it was rather late, I seem to remember suggestions in the BF3 alpha forums for carrier assault . But y’know, hooray anyways! I loved Titan mode.

  5. tomek says:

    As off yesterday 13.02.2014 when DICE deployed a new BF4 patch for PC the game is no longer playable for a large part off the community. They either crash/freeze with sound looping or do not even get to load into a server.

    I really hope the press stays on the ball when it comes to this trainwreck off game developement:

    link to

    • SIDD says:

      You mean after the previous patch which (re)introduced the sound bug on TDM and the crash bug when going to secondary driver/gunner position in vehicles, they now managed to fuck it up even more?!

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      The Battlefield series hasn’t been a FPS war simulator for a long time now. It’s more of a CTD simulator, or a blue screen simulator.

  6. Walsh says:

    I only ever really had bad problems the first month of launch even then I was still able to get a lot of games in. I’ve been playing on and off since then with 110 hours with several other people, so based upon my anecdotal evidence I don’t think it’s as bad as folks make it out to be but I don’t doubt there are those having issues.

    • Leonick says:

      Indeed. I think people overstate the issues quite a bit. I got the game for Christmas and I’ve had not had issues with it. I would without a doubt say that BF4 is superior to BF3 (which didn’t get this amount of hate as far as I remember).

      Of course, having got it at Christmas I have no idea what kind of issues there might have been the first two months but people make it sound like it’s currently completely broken and that simply not true.

      • tomek says:

        Well it is completely broken for me and hundreds off people since yesterday.

        The infuriating part is that it looks like the exact same issue i had with the game for weeks after it launched. Now reintroduced with yesterdays patch.

        • SIDD says:

          It’s been completely broken for me since the previous patch which introduced a crash bug when you go to the secondary driver/gunner position in vehicles on certain (all?) maps plus no sound on the first round of any TDM maps.
          Add the 0hp bug, the still rather shoddy netcode and now a whole new host of crash bugs, and I’d dare venture that for at £60+ AAA title that’s been out for .. what? … 4 months … it’s pretty f**king broken!

  7. Gap Gen says:

    I remember the griefing tactic in BF2142 where people would laden the control room of a titan with explosives, switch sides and then detonate, or something similar. EDIT: OK, if you took someone else’s backpack you could take control of any mines they’d laid.

  8. Sorbicol says:

    Quite suddenly my interest in getting BF4 has gone from 0% to about 95%. BF2142 and the titans are still the best thing any online shooter has come up with. I’ll just wait to make sure that it plays ok first though I think

    • Vin_Howard says:

      I don’t see how 4 maps could be worth $60 + $15.

      But then again, I guess I’ve been spoiled by indie games that actually provide quality games at reasonable prices :/

      • Chorltonwheelie says:

        Absolutely marvellous if you like an endless procession of side scrolling platformers.
        Meanwhile in the less smug real world…..

        Edit: though you are absolutely right about the prices. Ridiculous by any measure I got my copy for about 30 quid of

  9. Leonick says:

    Interesting. Might even give that a go whenever that map pack comes out. Might…

    How about we do this properly instead though? Have the next Battlefield be a sequel to 2142? Or maybe just a re-release of 2142 with all graphic assets updone and a couple of new maps? In that case they wouldn’t make any stupid changes to the gameplay :p

    • tomek says:

      Wont happen. EA has another 2 IPs with focus on futuristic (Titanfall) and scifi (Battlefront) combat

  10. Maxheadroom says:

    Loathsome community aside, I quite enjoyed BF3 & CoD in small doses

    I’d say I’d pick it up when it’s on cheap but by then BF5 will be out and no one will be playing this cos it’s soooo 2013

  11. Lazyjim says:

    They really missed the point of titan mode. Yes assaulting a large flying ship was part of it, but the meat of the mode was the mechanics..

    Mechanics that could have been easily and cheaply replicated in BF3 and 4.

    All thye needed to do was put five MCOMs in each team base on all the conquest large maps. When a team’s ticket count dropped below 50%, then part of their base would be enter-able as a mini-rush zone.

    This would have two stages of two MCOMs, and then a final MCOM that would end the game. And Just like the original Titan mode, maintaining map control would also allow you to win by reducing the ticket count to zero.

    Maybe even mix it up further so for the last MCOM a bomb spawns in the attacking team’s base, and they have to get all the way across the map and detonate it there for victory.

    Unfortunately I think that without the flying ship of the original this new titan mode will end up being gimmicky.

  12. HumpX says:

    2142 was the last good BF game, i agree with the author. The pile of shit called BF4 doesn’t even FEEL like a true BF game.

  13. Misnomer says:

    Good grief RPS community is whiny about this game. I feel for people who have issues running it (I myself had a horrible memory leak forcing complete machine restarts for over a month), but it is still a very solid game for anyone who likes these types of shooters.

    There is nothing new about this DLC strategy, DICE has been doing it since 1942… so get over it already. It is more than just a map pack (new game modes, weapons, vehicles…)

    Never saw this amount of moaning about Brink, which is still almost too buggy to be played today. Nor did we see a much of this about ArmA 2 or 3. Planetside got a little bit of attention on its issues at least.

    Give it a break. This unplayable game has more tens of thousands of people playing it right now who are able to enjoy it and will likely be looking forward to more content.

  14. Banjo-Tuesday says:

    Kudos to RPS for mentioning the community-splitting map aspect of this and other Battlefield DLC. It’s also a tragedy to me that in my part of the world (Australia), none of the DLC content for BF3 has any active servers, less than one year after release in the case of the last DLC: End Game.

    Considering the BF 3 DLC has two thirds of total content in terms of maps, and some of the most interesting, I find that very unfortunate. It also irks me that EA have the gall to charge for maps in Second Assault DLC for BF4, when they are imports from the base game of BF3. Not long ago, Dice used to give re-released maps from earlier Battlefield games away for free in patches.

    Anyway, Battlefield is my favourite franchise, and I hate how these map pack DLCs divide the community and bring early obsolescence to a lot of the content.