You Scream, I Scream, RPS Streams: Titanfall

I am hoping to kick off a more regular streaming schedule (with RPS staffers who are not me sometimes, no less!) soon, but for now, BOOM CRASH WHAM: random Titanfall stream while many of you are, in all likelihood, asleep. It’s still Valentine’s Day here in the good ol’ US of That One Place I Claim To Be From, and both I and Hayden Dingman of PCWorld are painfully alone. Thus, what better way to spend an otherwise existentially uncomfortable evening than by drowning our sorrows in some sensual mechanized massacre? Don’t answer that. Anyway, on with the show. We’ll be kicking off at 10 PM PT/6 AM GMT. We would’ve started far sooner, but Titanfall’s servers have been down pretty much all day. Better in beta than after, I suppose.

And we’re done! You can watch a recording of the full thing below.

Watch live video from NathanGrayson on TwitchTV

And here are some YouTube highlights with the bits where we just waited for finicky servers to connect handily chopped out.


Top comments

  1. HothMonster says:

    Good morning Nathan! Your hair amuses me greatly. Put some shit on your walls.
  2. Velko says:

    Eww, please don't.
  3. dorn says:

    Forget the titans. Parkour is the star here. People probably won't notice that at first. Mirror's edge fans will soak it up immediately.
  1. JackMultiple says:

    I’m confused. Are we supposed to be able to watch the stream, or are you like, just rubbing it in?

  2. The Army of None says:

    Thanks fer listing the time in PST as well as GMT. A small thing but nice regardless :D

  3. DonkeyCity says:

    Oof – that looks way worse than I thought it was going to. I liked the sound of the premise, but that looks just miserable.

    • nimbulan says:

      I played a bit this morning. It’s pretty obvious due to the people making it, but it feels EXACTLY like CoD. Not a good thing from where I’m sitting, but it will probably make the game popular. From the gun handling to the game balance, it’s just CoD with mechs instead of killstreaks and some parkour elements that don’t really add as much to the game as you’d think.

      I will give them credit though, it felt like they may have actually fixed the Source engine’s hit detection problems that have eluded Valve for the past 10 years.

      • TheManko says:

        I disagree. The movement systems transforms the way you see the levels. A narrow alley isn’t a chokepoint in Titanfall, it’s an easy access to roof tops since you can quickly wall run and jump between the walls to gain altitude. At one point I was cornered by a titan, but because I was close to a wall I could wall run and jump on top of the mech and destroy it. If this was CoD I would’ve been a sitting duck. The weapons are also just sci-fi enough to make it unique, like the smart pistol which locks on to enemies like Panzer Dragoon.

        Before I played the beta I thought the game looked a bit dreary, as all the videos failed to generate any excitement in me. Having played the game now I’m surprised by how much I like it. All the elements together constantly create cool moments that put a smile on my face. It’s won me over.

        • derbefrier says:

          I just got done playing a few matches and I agree. and yes the mechs and mobility of players adds a lot to the game. In a few months once people master the parkour system and learn the levels the matches will only resemble CoD in the most basic way. CoD was the base the game was built on sure but its definitely not CoD any more.

      • apa says:

        Seems that I will continue prefering Battlefield.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      I had my suspicions that Titanfall is just “CoD with mechs”, and the playthroughs I’ve seen so far only confirm this. Pretty unimpressive.

      I’m more concerned about the fact that the game seems to be designed to cater to causal shooter fans. Not my cup of tea, but it obviously holds appeal for others if the comments here are anything to go by.

    • Leb says:

      I’ve had a lot of fun with it.. im not sure if its worth my 60 dollars though. For an an MP only shooter I’d feel like 25-30.. but this is EA we are talking about.

      That and I’m worried that if I do choke out the money I’m gonna get EAd and have map packs and premium and other shitty things thrown at me.

      TL:DR really fun but will probably wait til GOTY edition

  4. HothMonster says:

    Good morning Nathan! Your hair amuses me greatly. Put some shit on your walls.

  5. Mungrul says:

    Cup o’ tea and some early morning streaming, nice :)
    Cheers Nathan, now sleep well!

  6. Moraven says:

    Just got the beta before i headed to sleep. Good bye sleep.

  7. Lobotomist says:

    I was under impression there is just xbox beta ? Is this PC beta ?

    • Koozer says:

      I thought it was Xbox only too. I even got a key for it from Eurogamer for some reason. Anyone want it? EDIT: gone

  8. Spider Jerusalem says:

    rather unimpressive. i played to about lvl 6 (4 matches or so). typical fast paced, see-first-shoot-first. no real teamwork to speak of or concentrated objective control. it’s fine if you want a twitch shooter with hyper fast ttks. if you’re looking for anything resembling the great pc mp shooters of old, this ain’t it.

    • derbefrier says:

      “great MP shooters of old”

      you mean like Unreal tournament and Quake 3 arena? I think it does a pretty good job of mixing the older arena FPS games with the modern shooter.

      If your comparing it to games that arent arena shooter like the old battlefield games you making the wrong comparison.

      • Noodlemonk says:

        I agree with this being a neat cocktail of old and new. At first, I had a hard time getting into it, because it felt very CoD-like, which is a tad too fast for my taste (my reflexes are getting old), but after getting especially used to the vertical movements it’s sometimes more reminiscent of the Quake and UT of yore.

        I’m still not that used to controlling the Titans, often feeling I’m just a big bullet magnet for a handful of minutes. I do enjoy being pilots, trying to grab onto enemy Titans.

        Also, the one-shot ninja kick is amazing! Especially so, as it does take quite some bullets from one’s rifle to take down a pilot. Videogame logic, I love you!

    • Morcane says:

      After seeing Call of Duty for the umpteenth time, any twitch shooter with a different setting is VERY welcome.

      It’s tons of fun this game.

      • Lemming says:

        But Tribes? Or the loads of competitive multiplayer shooters that aren’t CoD? What makes this one special other than it being just out?

        • Morcane says:

          Because Titanfall keeps my attention, and the others don’t.
          It just ‘feels’ right.

          Doesn’t have to be the same for everyone though.

    • ludde says:

      Couldn’t even watch ten minutes of the stream gameplay before getting bored. It looks great sure, there are some new mechanics in there yes, but much of it is same old same old.

      Hopefully some day the FPS industry diversifies a bit more or we at least get some good indie teams going. I mean I love competetive shooters but I haven’t been in the target audience for much of the last decade.

  9. dorn says:

    Forget the titans. Parkour is the star here. People probably won’t notice that at first. Mirror’s edge fans will soak it up immediately.

  10. Rytherix says:

    Man this game is a lot of fun! I have only got a couple of hours in, but I can see the potential of the different mechanics they have so perfectly implemented into the game. Love the attention to gameplay over ‘next’ gen graphics

  11. DanMan says:

    Does he live in the Stanley Parable? That room sure looks like it.

    Oh, and if you aligned the actual video to the lower right (if possible) there wouldn’t be as much space wasted by black background.

  12. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Has this been uploaded to youtube yet? I am getting less of a stream and more of a urine infection.

    • Gap Gen says:

      I’m having huge problems with the Twitch applet; my Firefox just grinds to a halt when I try to watch it. EDIT: Works fine on my Ubuntu laptop, not so much on my Windows desktop. Weird.

  13. Tei says:

    Another thing they seems to have copied from COD is a lot of downtime looking at connecting screens.

  14. EsotericReverie says:

    Seems a couple of us regular readers and community members are in the beta. If you want to team up some time (however that stuff works in the beta), check out this forum thread:
    link to

  15. FriendlyFire says:

    Having watched some footage I have gone from “completely uninterested” to “curious”, but I don’t think I’d want to play this on matchmaking. It’d be a lot of fun with friends on a private server, but alas, that doesn’t seem to be trendy anymore.

  16. Shadow says:

    Looks pretty cool, but unless it has a solid enough singleplayer-ish campaign (i.e. unlike CoD’s), I’m not about to shell out 60 dollars for it. I’ve never had a thing for competitive multiplayer-only games. Why do FPS’s have to be all about that as of recent years?

    My situation’s worse, actually, since according to Origin (another downside), Argentina is part of Europe, and therefore it insists on charging me euro. And since most digital distribution systems are completely oblivious to the notion of currency exchange rates, that means those 60 dollars automagically become 60 euro.

    • PopeRatzo says:

      Why do FPS’s have to be all about that as of recent years?

      Because for some reason game developers don’t want money from people like us.

      And because they have it in their heads that forcing everyone to attach to a server is the only way to make sure that not one person ever plays their game without paying for it. And, apparently, there is some embarrassment over having someone attach to a server without a multiplayer component, ignoring Steam’s success.

      • P.Funk says:

        Or it could just be that they don’t want to make a single player game?

        Here’s something I never understood. Why do all of these shrinking violets who don’t like multiplayer (which is fine btw) seem to think that making a single player experience out of a carefully balanced multiplayer game is somehow… automatic?

        Single player and multiplayer are very dissimilar. They appeal to radically different mindsets. They also involve very different development, artwork and models/animations aside.

      • Shadow says:

        Personally, I never implied crafting a singleplayer experience was automatic. I’m not particularly multiplayer-shy, but when that’s all there is to an FPS, I get bored rather fast. There’s only so much enjoyment I can draw from shooting up random internet people in the same 10-15 maps over and over. These games are seldom very deep at all, and like MMOs, multiplayer-focused shooters all end up feeling rather samey. Once the novelty of their unique nuances wears off, you’re left grinding through the same system of levels, unlocks and crap.

        It’s always a major plus when you actually know people who can play the same game with you, but that’s very rarely my case when it comes to expensive AAA shooters. Maybe these games are just for a younger audience: I’m no longer the 16-year-old who got easily obsessed with the first Counter-Strike and later Battlefield 1942. But then again playing at an internet cafe with all your mates was leaps and bounds better than playing alone on your home computer with random interneteers (or even known interneteers/friends).

        • P.Funk says:

          “I’m not particularly multiplayer-shy, but when that’s all there is to an FPS, I get bored rather fast.”

          See that to me is exactly backwards. A standard single player campaign in a modern shooter is what, 8-12 hours, 15 if you’re lucky? The vast majority of these games are rarely replayable.

          To me an extremely well balanced multiplayer shooter is infinitely deep and satisfying. I might add that you seem to define multiplayer shooter by the standard which I detest, and which has perverted the genre.

          There was a time when most online shooters weren’t about leveling up, getting gear, achieving whatever, and there was simultaneously also a time when DLC map packs weren’t the norm. There was a time when shooters had depth to them that far surpassed Call of Duty.

          As mainstream shooters moved away from that towards the CoD model I’ve become more of a recluse, playing niche titles, becoming more invested in community mods. Project Reality is a perfect example. With constant development there’s been a constant stream of new maps. Constant evolution of the game, a game which is rich and complex and centrally about teamwork, not twitch murder.

          I also prefer shooters that are not about matchmaking, about that soulless console malaise of randoms on temporary matched servers. Community built from dedicated servers, paid for my donations, administered by those same players – thats where its really at.

          I dont’ blame you for not liking modern mainstream shooters, but to me even a good single player campaign these days is just as lame as CoD multiplayer. Generic multiplayer – Generic Singleplayer, all the same, at least if they only make one there’s a chance it’ll be better than generic. TF2 for me is the gold standard of the modern balanced multiplayer shooter that focuses only on multiplay, at least… before the hat sales and the F2P model.

        • Shadow says:

          Yes, I defined the genre by what the mainstream has become. And yeah, you’re of course right about the length of singleplayer campaigns, which is why I prefer the nowadays rare type of shooter which has solid SP as well as MP. Regardless of the difference in development requirements, the modes aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive, and I’ll invariably draw more hours of enjoyment from a game with both properly realized.

          But I can’t expect even a SP+MP shooter to hold me for more than 25-30 hours unless it’s particularly revolutionary, which is something I haven’t seen in FPS games in a loooong while. And it’ll naturally hold me much less if it focuses on a single mode.

          I understand your niche preference and your emphasis on teamwork, since a proper social aspect adds a lot to the multiplayer, which paradoxically tends to be almost as solitary an experience as singleplayer. Teamwork seldom is the faintest thing when you fill two teams from a pool of completely random players. But unless I already have friends who are into the same multiplayer FPS, I rarely ever go out of my way to get in touch with clans and get involved in communities, all for a game which will most likely hold my attention for two weeks or a month at best. Or like Red Orchestra 2, one which I’ll play sporadically enough to preclude any kind of stable activity in its community.

          Ultimately, I’m a strategy person, and favour long, deep and/or highly replayable games, which means FPS’s rarely fit the bill in any case. I suppose the ArmA games are like that. I like to feel like I’m controlling an actual human being when it comes to FPS games, as opposed to what is for all intents and purposes a disembodied gun zipping about, ‘killing’ other floating guns which happen to look like (and have the hitbox of) people.

          Going down a bit of tangent here, Titanfall seems to be notoriously arcadey on that last topic, in true CoD fashion. As part of what I consider a baffling mystery, CoD-likes (and most shooters really) only haphazardly acknowledge the presence of the player’s own body, only in ‘cinematic’ moments. Never do you see your own legs and maybe chest when you look down, nor the rest of your frame when you happen to die in such a way you’d see it. Nor bits of it for a moment, when you turn quickly enough. It’s not super easy to do, but the technology is there, the assets are there. Hell, even Trespasser did it more than most modern shooters do, and that was 412 years ago.

  17. Cik says:

    Another FPS….yay! Not that I haven’t seen 1000 over the last 10-years.

  18. geldonyetich says:

    I’m not sure how people can even endure Battlefield 2+ style gameplay. It’s a constant gankfest of being gunned down by people you never even saw and are powerless to prevent. Playing one feels less like I’m playing a game and more like I’m trying to claw my way out from the bottom of a Rugby pile.