Wants Some Greenlight Lovin’ reads like someone is attempting to talk after a visit to the dentist, though I’ve no idea what they’d be saying or what the context would be. “Brian, Drive!”, maybe? Now that Brian has the wheel, I can pay more attention to what actually is: a game about the joy of realistically crumpling cars. It’s been out for a while, though it still remains an alpha with some big plans rather than a fully-formed game. I think the devs need to sell more to realise that dream, so they’re taking to Greenlight in the hopes of grabbing that Steam bump. Trailer is below.

The current game has seven vehicles, with seven environments to scrape pieces of your car on, but there are hopes to expand that into a more detailed simulation.

The vehicle customization and detail will allow you to make your car or truck all your own – fix it up, upgrade it, or strip away body panels to reduce weight. There are a lot of different types of gameplay we want to implement beyond just racing and crashing, such as police chases, stunt challenges, and other specialized minigames. Eventually we would like to have some kind of single player open world career mode, with persistent vehicle ownership and procedurally generated used vehicles to buy and events to run them in.

But they need a community to build all that for, and to bring multiplayer to the world as well. And if the new trailer doesn’t convince you, there’s still a tech demo with some convincing crashing. I really enjoyed it.

*clicks the upthumb*

Thanks, PCG.


  1. hunsnotdead says:

    So is this better than Bugbear powered Next Car Game?

    • Henke says:

      Too early to tell. My guess is that NCG (which is made by experienced old timers) will end up being the more polished product, while Drive (which is crazy ambitious) will end up a half-finished flawed masterpiece. The build of Drive I played a few months ago certainly had impressive physics, but they were so CPU-intensive that most people’s computers slowed to a crawl if 2 or more cars were on-screen at once.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      I’ve tried both and, without going too much into complicated things, let’s say that NCG’s damage model is more “usable” and “safer”, you can clearly feel that stuff like your wheels have some extra protection, the game wants to keep flowing unless you really screw up.

      BeamNG has a “dry” simulative approach instead, damage is arguably more believable and i feel there’s more complexity in the whole physics department, especially when it comes to driving and the effects of damage. In a nutshell, we could say that what you see is what you get, it feels less like a “game” and more of a cohesive simulation in which nothing is filtered or custom tuned, it’s extremely easy to have your car completely useless in just a single step and that’s because the driving model reacts in a 1:1 fashion.

      There’s no added polish other than strictly what the simulation says, even the skidmarks on the ground are a direct reflection of the shape of your wheels. BeamNG will be loved by technuts and enterprising players who just want to fuck around in a sandbox, but NCG is most definitely more “game”.

      • Moogsi says:

        The physics calculations in BeamNG would seem to be *much* more expensive, whereas one of the stated aims of NCG is to allow it to run on a wide range of hardware and still have spectacular destruction.

        You may need a powerful machine to run a full game with such an elaborate physics model as BeamNG.

  2. FF56 says:

    So, versus Next Car Game. Both have silly names and great physics. Who will win?
    Personally I’m more interested in an open world rather than racing tracks so this looks more interesting. I was disappointed to not see a massive crash when the car was driving at 100+mph :(

    • Luringen says:

      I prefer the looks of a collision in NCG, the cars in Drive feels more like jelly then metal right now. Drive will probably be more realistic in terms of physics in the end though (which is fun to play around with), while NCG will have the better game mechanics.

      • jamesstaphon says:

        Here is a video comparing the 2:
        link to

        As you can see NCG doesn’t do any on the fly calculation. It has pre-defiend states that fire off when impact is detected.

        All physics and deformation in BeamNG is calculated on the fly.

  3. Lolsmurf says:

    First thing they need to fix is the gravity.
    A truck coliding in full speed and just bumping in the air ?

    Unless this game is set on planet Mars or the Moon, FIX THE GRAVITY IN THE NAME OF JESUS OUR SAVIOUR!

    If they add AI, this game might remind me of TDU1. Great concept so far!
    I like racegames, but just racing on a track, clicking next race, spawning on the track and starting again makes me feel bored very fast. I need some kind of relaxation and driving at 100+ mp/h on the highway on a beautiful island is ideally for me!

  4. kikito says:

    Reminds me of 4D Sports Driving.

    Get off my lawn.

    • Maxheadroom says:

      I do like it when people reference old stuff, makes me feel like im not the only codger on here

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Looks like lotus esprit turbo challenge.
        Ok it doesn’t at all but Old Guy solidarity :)

        • SouperMattie says:

          Let’s get a little “Ivan ‘Ironman’ Stewart’s Super Off Road” up in here!

  5. CookPassBabtridge says:

    “Single player open world career mode”

  6. Maxheadroom says:

    Given that the only criteria to get on Greenlight these days seems to be to say “Hello, I’d like to be on Greenlight” their chances look pretty good

  7. The Random One says:

    This game is to driving what Surgeon Simulator is to surgery. Or maybe I’m just awful at driving.

  8. DrManhatten says:

    Well looking how well it went for Next car game I don’t give them much chances of success

  9. Max1985 says:

    Good game, there are many mods for BeamNG DRIVE