Avuncular Return: A Story About My Uncle, Soon For A Buck

It's a bit prettier now.

I’ve a few uncles, but if I was to tell a story about one of them, I’d probably pick the one who worked with Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean. Though I can understand why, if given the choice, you might go for the one capable of inter-dimensional travel and grappling hook tomfoolery.

A Story About My Uncle was a fun, free, first-person platformer released in 2012. Now it’s getting a full release due out this summer, and the first trailer is below.

It has the same core concepts as the original free game: a strange, beautiful world of floating islands for you to bound across using a grappling, electric magi-hand. The student project paired your leaps and sprints with narration, telling the tale of your pursuit of your uncle, and the new trailer – and, you know, the name of the game – suggests the full release will do the same.

Alec dug the original for its puzzling and sense of momentum, and hopefully the (grapple-powered) leap to a full release will have allowed the team to sort out some of the issues with the script and voice acting. It’s being published by Coffee Stain Studios, the developers of Sanctum and, as of last week, Goat Simulator. Which I hope simulates this.

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  1. kwyjibo says:

    You can’t use the word “avuncular” in a story that does not involve Charles Cecil.

    Someone needs to have a word with Graham.

  2. Niko says:

    Good to know, it was a really nice game. Reminded me of Magic Carpet for some reason.

  3. caff says:

    Looks interesting, well presented, and fairly pretty.