Space Team: Kingdom Come And Star Citizen Collaborating

I don't even know what I was thinking.

But not on a version of the delightful mobile game Space Team. Sometimes my headlines get away from me, take on lives of their own, and begin pulling nefarious pranks on innocent passersby. I apologize. I blame the public schooling system. But anyway, the two members of Kickstarter’s Might As Well Be Triple-A contingent, Star Citizen and Kingdom Come: Deliverance, are joining forces to sensually swap technology and probably tell each other all kinds of deeply personal secrets. I hope Star Citizen gets space horses. (Which, when couched in the previous metaphor, sounds like some kind of infectious disease. Clarification: I do not hope that Star Citizen gets the fictitious disease Space Horses.)

Star Citizen’s Chris Roberts explained the meeting of minds and (rather unlikely) settings in a blog post:

“Like Star Citizen, Kingdom Come is built on the CryEngine. They’re using the same technology to do for swords and armor what we are doing for spaceships and alien worlds. Kingdom Come doesn’t just look like a great game, though: it looks like something we on the Star Citizen team could learn from. The characters and outfits I saw working in-engine in the trailer impressed me so much that I contacted the team to talk about what was going on under the hood.”

“The good news is: the team at Warhorse isn’t just an incredible talented group of people… they’re also kindred spirits who are willing to share the work they’ve done! We will be sharing with them the tricks for working with CryEngine we’ve learned over the last 18 months and they will be letting us in on the secrets and the tech behind what they’re doing! I’ve always said that independent developers should stick together, and the potential good for both games that can come from this unofficial partnership is proof positive.”

So Star Citizen gets nicer looking characters and animations, and Kingdom Come becomes – I don’t know – shinier? Or maybe it gets cool automotive-industry-style horse commercials. “This baby’s engine whinnies like a champ and has two horsepower. It only four legs, but it runs like it has eight, and oh wait actually it does have eight this is awkward.”

But yes, this sounds like good news all around. Two great-looking games get even better, assuming both companies play nicely together. It’ll be interesting to see if more crowdfunded games with triple-A aspirations follow a similar pattern, seeing as it takes away a hefty chunk of change from the equation. Time will tell. Anyway, time to go start working on my space-age horse armor mod.

So, why not enjoy an hour of Kingdom Come:


  1. rikvanoostende says:

    Let’s hope they prove to be dependable independants!

  2. Maxheadroom says:

    y’know despite being into Star Citizen for about 50 quid, if this turns out to be the most elaborate scam in history i wont even be mad.

    It’d be genius really. We’ve had nothing tangible since the hanger module which came out nearly a year ago except concept art and ENDLESS talking yet people keep throwing money at it.

    So if one day the website goes down and Chris Roberts fooks off over the nearest hill with a wheelbarrow full of $40 million I’d just like to say I called it


    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      We have plenty of stuff and they also took the big community suggestion of releasing more WIP stuff.

      Livestream with plenty of MP dog fight footage ( still very much WIP ): link to

      Physical based rendering with Vanduul scythe ( drool ): link to

      Plus 10 questions for Chris each weak, Wingman’s hangar that’s more about “meat” than it used to, and a lot of other stuff. Even lore updates, and that’s where you really see the passion, when even an in-universe beer factory needs a backstory!

      Since i think you already have your mind set, i’ll leave it at that. Come PAX east, we’ll see the dawg fighting module released to the public, then in a couple of weeks on our PCs.

      Sadly, the reason why they slowed down ( until now ) some news is tied to the incredible amount of interest on seeing this game fail ( yes, gamers are strange people ). This and the fact that the development is extremely parallel, which means that there’ll be months in which you know nothing and then most of the stuff will come all at once.

      • Maxheadroom says:

        My comment was actually meant to be tongue in cheek, maybe that didnt come across too well :)

        I am looking forward to it, but there’s a small voice in the back of my head shouting “You have all the money in the world now! Show me more game!!”

        And I had to stop reading the forums as it was making my eyes itch. Some of the questions and discussions were beyond inane. Lots of “what do you think would win in a fight between ‘barely at concept stage Ship A’ & ‘barely at concept stage ship B’, or what colour the taps will be in the bathroom on the Idris

        • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

          Yes, a very large portion of the community is just plain moronic. Leaving the Chris Robert’s cultists aside, there are a lot of individuals who simply don’t get what can or cannot be done, warping any “promise” and transforming any snippet of info into confirmed features, even stuff that simply appears in lore pieces about the universe, which is just meant to give some flavour.

          Then there are those who pledged only because GRAPHIXXX and MASTER RACE.

        • Ergates_Antius says:

          So, who do you think would win a fight between barely at concept stage Ship A, and a horse.

        • derbefrier says:

          Lol star citizen forums”

          “My character doesn’t flush after he gets off the toilet in my constellation. This KILLS my immersion if this isn’t fixed the game will fail.”

          Not saying they are all like that but there are more than a handfull that obsess over every little detail like its the end of the world.

        • Maxheadroom says:

          I think there’ll be a little bit of a backlash once the dogfighting module comes out and people actually get to play it.
          Not because it’s bad, but because it could never live up to the Holodeck level of detail and immersion that some of these people have in their head that it will be.

        • Zenicetus says:

          The forums are one reason why some of us are standing back, and waiting to see how the singleplayer part of the game turns out.

          I’m not spending a dime on this project, until I know for sure that it’s not just an “intro” to the MP world, where most of the development will be. Because that world is going to be filled with idiots and asshats, like every other MMO game. I did my time in WoW, and that’s enough.

        • Bahlof says:

          Haha that’s like the reason i stopped watching the “10 for the chairman” episodes or wingmans hanger even gets dull when the community part comes on. People ask the stupidest questions about tiny details and then they answer it like its going to be in the game. The development is so early on before they can answer questions like “Will we be able to add different widgets to our in game spaceship hud!?”. I’m excited to see how the game turns out but they’re over hyping it to a ludicrous degree.

        • Arglebargle says:

          They’re pulling in roughly a million a month with their Hollywood huckstering. Delivering anything will burst someone’s bubble. Putting up with ongoing silly questions is probably worth it for the money and the adulation of the Cult.

  3. Stimpack says:

    This is the kind of news that really makes me smile. I hope they have a fruitful relationship towards the betterment of gaming as a whole.

  4. brgillespie says:

    Each time I see a buxom lass in a medieval-era videogame, I remember that after the Black Death, hygiene was essentially became non-existent. Even royalty passed on bathing. THe medical elite threw out some theories that bathing opened pores making the body susceptible to disease-carrying humours of the air. King Louis XIV of France was described by a Russian ambassador as “stinking like a wild animal”. Queen Isabel I of Spain confessed to bathing just twice in her entire lifetime: when she was first born and when she got married. The living conditions were abominable, and the peasants – and probably some of the royalty, too – were infested with vermin of all sorts. Lice, fleas, you name it. Archbishop Thomas Becket’s body – after being murdered: “The vermin boiled over like water in a simmering cauldron” as the body grew cold.

    • staberas says:

      eww thanks for the horrible mental image u gave me D:

    • Noodlemonk says:

      That’s crazy!.. In a horrible way, of course, but still. Very interesting. Cheers!

    • rikvanoostende says:

      When I try to imagine medieval times, I always think of Monty Python’s “bring out your dead” scene.

    • CaidKean says:

      I believe the Sun King’s horrid smell was partly due to his ‘dentist’ removing all of his teeth and accidentally a part of his upper jaw as well, all done without any form of anesthetic naturally. It rendered him unable to chew the food properly and gave him various digestive issues (and along with it a lot of flatulency problems), it also made old food residue deposit itself where his teeth had used to be which gave him a horrid breath. Makes modern dental practices seem like heaven.

      Mind you, this was just something I read in school long ago so I might not have all the details right.

    • demicanadian says:

      Devs of games set pre-20th century should all play Gun. Main character was ugly, and had some gold teeth. Game was great.

    • jarowdowsky says:

      To be fair Becket had been wearing a hairshirt under his gowns as penance for his life previously hadn’t he?

      I always thought people miss the point of why a hair shirt was such an appalling thing to wear, it wasn’t just uncomfortable it was filled, literally filled, with lice and insects living in the goat hair.

      But yeah, it’s pretty fair to see any media approach medieval history with anything like an authentic approach. I always thought Jabberwocky or Lancelot du Lac at least capture the muddy misery of it all but no one really touches on the horrific living experience for most people.

      I mean, even in Elizabethan England if you went to see a Shakespeare play you’d be walking through streams of excrement, over the blood and entrails of the bear and cock fighting pits, past diseased prostitutes and their Johns before arriving at a wet, rotting theatre beside a river used as a sewer….

      • Tekrunner says:

        Actually in my experience the media tends to exaggerate misery during the Middle Ages and present Renaissance as a big step forward for mankind. While that may be true in some areas, Renaissance had a lot more people starving than in most periods of the Middle Ages.

    • Didden says:

      No wonder the Muslims invented soap then.

      • The Random One says:

        You made me imagine Muslim merchants traveling to Europe and desperately giving away their soap stocks. “Take a free sample! Take ten! Wait, take the whole lot, please!” Eventually Arabs get the game of cunning salesmen when they only wanted to be able to breathe.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Wow. Medieval times were a lot like modern primary schools.

    • SanguineAngel says:

      I think this is my Comment of the Week! Thanks!

    • Zenicetus says:

      Living aboard a small boat with other people, at sea or at a mooring with limited water supply, has much the same effect. Minus the lice and other vermin, I guess, but the stink is there.

  5. Teovald says:

    Very good news. An enormous amount of time is spent recreating existing tech, it makes a lot of sense for indies to stick together and share the goodies.

  6. DragonOfTime says:

    Sins of a Solar Empire had space ponies, which wasn’t a disease!

  7. azrd79 says:

    Heh, nice editing job on the banner image. Took me a while to even figure out that’s a SC spaceship.

  8. guygodbois00 says:

    Medieval tech in space, ftw! Great looking game and not a shabby plot seems to be in there thickening. I would be very surprised if Kingdom Come: De Liveries turns out to be rubbish at release date.

  9. nimbulan says:

    I can’t say I expected that. Hopefully they can find ways to improve both games.

  10. kael13 says:

    The current VA is certainly a bit sketchy in places, but I really do like the writing and cinematic feel. That said, it seems like the long cutscene in the keep has little in the way of player interaction.

  11. Didden says:

    Does this mean that Kingdom Come will now also start to sell exclusive $100 horses you can buy in advance, and release a stable that you can roam around and also pay to upgrade, to climb on your horse and admire it years before actually being able to take it out for a ride?

  12. Loque says:

    Richard Garriott and his Shroud of the Avatar project are going to have a hard time…

  13. SanguineAngel says:

    This is a lovely little story of normal human decency.

  14. 00000 says:

    Dog fighting confirmed.

  15. Frank says:

    I never knew what Kingdom Come was about, but now I see it’s a game of cutscenes. I thought only (big publishers’) AAAs did that sort of thing.

  16. araczynski says:

    lol, roberts just found another excuse to ask for another 10 million and an extra year.

  17. waltC says:

    You could have done a much better photochop…;)

  18. clairsat says:

    There were ufo sightseeings in medieval times.

    On a more serious note. Star citizen will outsource its planet surface from kingdom cometh.

    In the best case scenario the kingdom come team will develop sc game beyond fancy cockpit simulator.