Tearin’ Up My: Heart&Slash Now On Kickstarter


It’s been only slightly over a week since we first laid eyes on DmC/Bayonetta-meets-roguelike brawler Heart&Slash, and it’s already grown from bright spot on an overcrowded Internet to shiny new Kickstarter hopeful. It looks as spiffy as ever (i.e. one week ago), but now it hearts both you and your wallet. And like most robots, it expresses its nascent emotions through really big weapons, so you should probably fork over a dime or two lest you end up getting hugged a littleĀ too hard, if you know what I mean. Video and new info below.

So it’s got the relentless wham, bam, thank-you-ma’am-ing of Bayonetta/DmC, but the pacing and structure of a roguelike. Also, for better or worse the plan is to eschew having a handful of extremely complex weapons in favor of close to 100 markedly different ones with simple-ish control schemes. Personally, I think that’s fine and dandy for a roguelike-like (or a Like-Like-like, which I’m tremendously sad isn’t a thing yet), but it’s a precarious line to walk. Dull each and every blade too much, and all that’s left is a plodding button masher. Spreading depth thin is a risky proposition.

Heart&Slash is already decently far along, with systems nearly fully developed and content the main order of the day. Developer aheartfulofgames is asking for $20,000 on Kickstarter, which really isn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things. The hope is to hire on a few new team members, doggedly pursue a beta by September, and then release the full game in December. It’s already more than halfway to its goal, so things are looking up. Do you lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrve it?


  1. golem09 says:


    Roguelite. It’s not a hard word.

  2. Frank says:

    So, are these combos keyboard and mouse and mere human-doable?

    I like the sound and look of this, but don’t (currently) roll with consoles or their trappings.

    • Juan Raigada says:

      Well it’s a PC game, yes.

      Right now we are focusing on Gamepad controls, but K&M is already working, but not fine tuned. There are only two attack buttons mapped to the mouse buttons (the mouse also controls the camera) and I have fun playing this way. But then again, I’m making the game so I might have grown used to it. Also, controls are fully configurable, so you could, for example, assign the camera to the keyboard.

      Combos are also simple (there are several, but they mostly are a sequence of 2 buttons), so execution is not a issue (the game is hard, but I am a firm believer input should not be an obstacle between a combat system and a player -I’m looking at you, fighting games, even if I love you-).

      But anyways, before we launch I want M&K to be exactly as viable as Gamepads. Can you please refer me to the brawler that in your opinion had the best M&K controls??

      • Frank says:

        Okay, cool. If it’s possible to have fun playing that way, that’s more than enough for me!

        I remember being able to think about my opponents’ moves instead of the controls when attempting to shiv prisoners in Riddick, but the fighting system there may be too simple to qualify as a brawler. Maybe someone else knows a good example…? Usually brawlers either don’t look like they’re my style or scream “gamepad only”. I asked here because your video mentioned that variety would come from equipment, not skill in executing fancy combos, which sounds great.

        Personally, “I like what I hear” and you’ll probably find me at that pledge level sooner or later. Good luck with the Kickstarter!

  3. The Random One says:

    Just read the Kickstarter page. It actually is a love story. Two thumbs up, man.