What’s Yours Is Charity’s: Humble Indie Bundle 11

Another Humble Indie Bundle? What a strange turn of events. I thought for sure that Humble was going to suddenly and inexplicably shut down their massively successful enterprise this time around. I mean, they’re on Humble Indie Bundle 11 now. What a gross number. Ten – nay, X – was so svelte, so confident. It plucked the olive from life’s martini glass just so, and we all just wanted its gaze to fall on us for a single precious second. So seriously, what’s even the point of having more Humble Bundles? Oh, right: amazing games and charity and stuff. This time around, the star-studded lineup includes Guacamelee, Monaco, Antichamber, and my personal favorite puzzler of 2013, The Swapper.

The full bundle is made up of Guacamelee, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, The Swapper, and – if you beat the average – Antichamber and Monaco. Soundtracks are also included and, as ever, probably expect more games to join before all is said and done.

Each game comes in Windows, Mac, and Linux flavors except Giana Sisters, which will be Windows-only until later this year. And of course, you can opt to allocate your money as you please, with charity mainstays Child’s Play and Electronic Frontier sitting in for this one.

Honestly, every game included ranges from good to downright incredible (Swapper, Antichamber, and Monaco are my top picks), so if you don’t have most of them, there’s really no reason for hesitation. For reference, here’s me on Swapper, Adam and Jim on Monaco, and me (again) on Antichamber. Oh, Guacamelee – which I still haven’t played, regrettably – also sounds mighty fine, so peruse John’s appraisal of that.


  1. Jams O'Donnell says:

    This is the best Humble Bundle for ages. Not only are they all good-to-great games, but I don’t own any of them already. I don’t much care about Monaco, but every other game is one I’ve been meaning to get round to playing.

    • AngoraFish says:

      Well, Antichamber, as a puzzler doesn’t appeal to me, and I already bought Monaco on the strength of RPS’s recommendation, so I feel kind of bad for having tossed in only the minimum.

      The kicker will be the as-yet unannounced games, at which point I may be forced to pledge again…

    • Moraven says:

      My thought also, this is a pretty damn good Bundle. The indie royale ones can be decent indie bundles but have a lot of hit or miss smaller titles.

      Already have Dust, but have been meaning to get Swapper and was going to wait for the PS4 version of Guacamelee.

  2. Awesumo says:

    There is always a little bitterness whenever I see games I bought being thrown away for $1… I can’t help but think that this will subconsciously make me reduce my spending on Indie titles in the long run.
    That said:
    Monaco is a must have
    Anti-chamber is a damn good game
    The Swapper is game of the Year Material.
    The others are all solid above average games.

    • Premium User Badge

      Lexx87 says:

      I don’t mind having spent money, like on Guacamelee, and playing it and loving it before it appears here.

      I get upset when I buy The Swapper, Anti-Chamber, Dust AND Monoco and not had chance to play any of them yet.

      • vivlo says:

        i’ve thought several times (like, twice) that that surabundance of games i own may me make chose to only buy few games at full price, which i will be more comitted to play, in an unforeseeable future
        in the meanwhile i habven’t bought games in ages except for that bundle and the weekly sale. So, yeah.

      • Urthman says:

        Oh no! You bought The Swapper at a Steam sale for $2 when you could have had it in the Indie Bundle for only $1. What a calamity.

    • DrollRemark says:

      Or, you know, you could be happy that you’ve actually enabled the developers of those games to continue doing what they love, instead of giving them a pittance/the money going to charity.

    • Frank says:

      Heh, I don’t mind having paid over $20 earlier and now going on to pay more. Indie games are routinely cheap these days.

      It’s funny to find that the games I got only in the bundle (like the Swapper and Antichamber) are more my style than those I bought earlier (Monaco, Guacamelee). Man, the Swapper is so much better than I thought it would be based on screenshots and the title. Besides the puzzles, everything in the UI just fits together so well (with no visible interruption between rooms, nary an “okay” button on a popup, etc.).

    • Deano2099 says:

      It’s not $1, it’s pay what you want. The $1 is just a minimum. I believe the default amount is $25. The $1 option is there for people for whom that’s all they can afford, or is what they think the games are worth to them.

  3. derbefrier says:

    This is a great bundle to badd I own most of those already. For those who don’t buy it

  4. Spoon Of Doom says:

    I owned all of those games already, except for Giana Sisters. But since I picked up each one at a ridiculously low sale price, I bought this bundle anyway to sooth my bad conscience.
    Also because I wanted the soundtracks, the inevitable bonus game(s) coming next week or so and a second Monaco key for my friend so I can finally force someone to play it with me.

  5. NailBombed says:

    Can you give away your own keys anymore, or are they bound to your account? Cos I already have Antichamber, and would like to, if I get this bundle, pass it on to a mate.

    • Spoon Of Doom says:

      You can also create gift links for a game instead of redeeming it yourself, which you send to your mate who can then redeem it.

      • Dezmiatu says:

        You click the gift boxes to the right of the empty containers to gift it.

  6. Keyrock says:

    This is, in my opinion, the best Humble Bundle in a really long time, possibly ever. The really crazy part is that it doesn’t include Bastion. I thought Humble Bundle had some weird policy where every bundle must include a copy of Bastion.

    The game I’m mainly picked this up for is Antichamber, since puzzle games are my jam. But every other game on there interests me too. I already own Giana Sisters (great platformer), but this was a no-brainer for all the other games.

  7. Galefury says:

    Which of the soundtracks are best?

    • cyrenic says:

      Guacamelee soundtrack is unique and excellent.

      Dust has a really good soundtrack, as well.

  8. strangeloup says:

    It is indeed a good bundle, but the only one I don’t already have is Giana Sisters; that was free on PS+ for a bit, and I found it fairly underwhelming.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I’d like Guacamelee a lot more if it wasn’t full of stupid internet memes, as it’s otherwise an excellent tex-mextroid type game.

    • Urthman says:

      It is? I’ve got about half-way through and haven’t seen anything like that I recognize. Is it in the posters or something?

      • strangeloup says:

        Yeah, there’s a whole bunch of posters and stuff that are pretty much halfheartedly disguised image macros, and a load of littler references in the dialogue as well. It just seems… irrelevant and dated. :/

    • therighttoarmbears says:

      I’d actually counter and say that I chuckled at several of them (meme jokes) – perhaps I’m a sucker for throw-away gags. And I think the game over-all oozes style and individuality, and I loved the soundtrack. This was a rare game that my wife played with me and enjoyed. And that, more than anything, made it worth it at full price when I bought it.

  9. The Random One says:

    Speaking of X, I have a friend who was a huge Final Fantasy fan. When FFX was coming out, he tried to talk to talk to his friends about it, but no one knew anything about it… because he pronounced it “ecks” and thought it was a Chronicles style spin-off.

  10. CookPassBabtridge says:

    You know you bought too much in the steam xmas sale when you need to check your steam account for whether or not you already own antichamber

  11. one2fwee says:

    Do any of these games have online co-op or multiplayer? (i’m guessing monaco).

    Also local co-op / multiplayer?

    Just wondering whether or not to recommend to a friend as something we can play together :)

    • Philotic Symmetrist says:

      Yes Monaco does have online and local multiplayer (up to 4 players), Guacamelee has local co-op (2 player).

      • one2fwee says:

        Thanks, that’s good to know.
        Is the monaco local coop/multiplayer the same as online? Or is it a different mode?

  12. shimeril says:

    I’m going to have to live to 150 to get play everything I buy just in Humble Bundles. My account has 58 games, apparently from 16 bundles, plus 2 store purchases. It’s bonkers.