Survival Friends: Project Zomboid Multiplayer Enters Beta

So many games to die miserably inside.

What are you doing this weekend? I’ll be doing what I always do: travelling to Wales to watch a roller derby match, and playing a multiplayer survival game in a world populated by zombies. No, for once the latter doesn’t mean DayZ, but Project Zomboid. The long-in-alpha isometric RPG recently released a new beta-for-the-alpha, which adds multiplayer and is downloadable via Steam.

Zomboid has been providing systemic anecdotes about grim survival for years, from the time I accidentally smothered my wife with a pillow, to all the other times I died under the onslaught of a zombie swarm after failing to check a back garden for undeads. It’s always been a lonely experience, though. That fits with the atmosphere, but it often makes it a grim game to play. Other players, even if they’re competing for resources as much as working together, immediately makes any game a little more pleasant to keep returning to.

It’s early days for that multiplayer in Zomboid, which is why it’s not yet part of the main release of the game, but it seems to be plenty playable. As per Dean “Rocket” “creator of DayZ” Hall below.

If you want to try it out for yourself, you need to follow the instructions in the Project Zomboid forum post. It’s a touch fiddly, but only slightly.


  1. SooSiaal says:

    Meh, I wish they’d put the focus on singleplayer instead, you know, as they said they would from the start. But nope, people crying multiplayer got their wish granted again.

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      Harlander says:

      Pretty sure they said they were going to put multiplayer in from the start as well.

      Also, in a sandbox game like this, there’s not necessarily much difference between single and multiplayer, aside from the infrastructure needed to support it.

      • SooSiaal says:

        Multiplayer would be added once the single player was fleshed out, with still no sight of npcs it is not really fleshed out.

        • Beanchilla says:

          They already said that’s what they’re working on next. Why don’t you relax and just enjoy the game? If you are so anxious for those features then step away and wait until it’s released. Multiplayer is a lot of fun and I am glad it was implemented. Good on them for giving their playerbase a fun, new feature.

    • Shadow says:

      I for one am glad they’re implementing multiplayer at this stage. Zombie survival stories are all about groups of people trying to endure the undead menace. It should only temporarily delay the implementation of game mechanics, if much at all.

    • Talksintext says:

      Actually, it happened by accident. They didn’t expect the coding for it to mature for many more months, but then it just sort of worked way, way, way easier than expected, and so now they’ve gone ahead and focused on it for one cycle to push it out the door ahead of schedule.

  2. Loyal_Viggo says:

    Zombie games… more zombie games… “There’s…too many of them!”

  3. Casimir's Blake says:

    Have they reached a release with the new “3D” engine yet? I’m waiting on that to bring performance improvements before I dive into PZ again.

  4. Boosh says:

    I’ve enjoyed this, I also have dayz. This isn’t that far removed from dayz obviously, I just think of it of a top down version with slightly more mature survival features and the complete absence of other people running around in military gear. A thinking mans DayZ, if you will.

    I am very glad multiplayer is optional.

  5. alw says:

    Loved the video – Rocket gets out-DayZ’d :D

    • frightlever says:

      It was a funny video, but anyone else think the devs are kinda dicks? We all get these urges, but you need to rise above them to establish professional integrity. I mean, if you’re a bikini fitter you don’t start perving over bikini models, right? If you sell fast cars you don’t start racing your clients during the test drive, right? If you invest rich people’s money you don’t… oh.

  6. Arglebargle says:

    I found their UI to be…unintuitive.

  7. bangalores says:

    Been waiting for this ever since I first bought into the PZ alpha what seems like years ago (maybe it was)….

    Looking forward to giving this a go this weekend. Hat’s off to the devs.