Side Splitting: Fractured Soul Coming To PC

Originally released as a 3DS game in 2012, Fractured Soul took heavy advantage of the two screens by having you platform one character in two places at the same time. Brain ows. Tomorrow, as if from nowhere, it appears on the PC, employing the magic of splitscreen to achieve the same effect.

To get an idea of how the retro-styled dual-brained platformer/vertical shoter works, have a look at this:

You play the Entity, a chap who can “shift between realities at will”, as is so often the case. The idea is to flip between which version you’re controlling as you play and I honestly can’t get my head around it before I play it.

The game scored pretty well when released for DS, hitting 7s and 8s (although I am entertained by a site called Hardcore Gamer getting very stroppy about the difficulty). Perhaps a little too difficult on release for the handheld, the decision’s been made to create a more sensible difficulty level for this release. The original mode of course remains as the “Hardcore” setting. Abd there’s a co-op version added in, which introduces the peculiar irony of a single-player-co-op design forcing two people to work together very closely.

It’ll be available tomorrow on GOG and Desura, or via the game’s own Humble Store. And naturally there’s a Greenlight page.


  1. ucfalumknight says:

    Unfortunately Spam Bots are not yet advanced enough to simply respond: “First!”

  2. syllopsium says:

    I’ve played the 3DS demo. It quickly become difficult and boring – innovation doesn’t happen quickly enough after a while. Decided there were better games out there, frankly..

    • waaaaaaaals says:

      I also found it to be rather unenjoyable, the gameplay as a whole felt rather lacking, the gimmick mechanic was alright but it didn’t seem to use it very well.

  3. Moraven says:

    So many solid digital only 3DS titles that get overlooked. I wish there store was more in your face like Steam is whenever you turn on your 3DS, so that you catch good titles.

    I am more excited at the prospect of someone porting a 3DS title to PC intact with the split screens. If successful, maybe Sega might catch whiff and start to port Atlus 3DS games. I have the system and most of their games anyway, but I know many who do not and would fancy their games if on PC.

  4. Aaarrrggghhh says:

    Played it on the 3DS and enjoyed it. But dear lord the difficulty… really infuriating at times. But a solid game none the less. The mechanics are a bit bare-bone and I would have wished they would have incorporate the music into the gameplay as some of the jumps would have been a bit easier if the background music would help you timing the “dimension switch”.
    But overall a solid platformer.

  5. SillyWizard says:

    Ow. No way. This old brain has enough trouble being in even one place at a time.

  6. LogicalDash says:

    You can BUY second screens for PC though. If they don’t support this mode of play I will have to show my DISAPPOINTBEARD.