Tablets Goeth Before, But: Deus Ex: The Fall Coming To PC

Adam Yankee in... Deus 4x.

Before Eidos Montreal tore the internet asunder with their Thief reboot, they made Deus Ex: Human Revolution. It was well liked upon release, but I still feel like it doesn’t get enough attention. It did, however, get a recent, somewhat crappy tablet spin-off called The Fall.

That spin-off is now coming to PC on March 25th. If it was somewhat crappy, why does that matter? When The Fall is all there is of Deus Ex, it matters.

It’ll be released on Steam for £8, and comes with proper mouse/keyboard support (obviously) and a few other PC-essential features like graphics options and the like. Here’s an old trailer from before its original release:

The Fall’s story set before and alongside the events of Human Revolution. You control Ben Saxon, an SAS soldier, and over the course of the game you meet a number of characters that were a part of Adam Jensen’s story. Also, writers should take note: naming a British character Ben Saxon is a little like calling your character Jeff England. Although if his middle name is Anglo, I’m twice as excited by it coming to PC.

The similar setting and overlap obviously allows the game to make use of many of the models and textures from Human Revolution, but it also provided some of the same pleasures, as far as conversation systems and stealth and fist-chisels. It was mainly let down by its controls, which stopped me progressing very far with it, so the chance to play it as a proper, modestly priced PC game is appealing.

Eidos Montreal are now working on a new Deus Ex game – or rather, a set of new Deus Ex cross-media experiences, of which a next-gen and PC game is a part. I’m thrilled. John liked Thief while acknowledging its flaws and the anger its deviations from the previous games in the series would cause. Human Revolution, by comparison, stuck much closer to its source material, crafting a prequel to the earlier Deus Ex games that embraced and modernised their ideas without sacrificing complexity. It had shit boss fights, but it’s still a top five game for me, and it’s the Deus Ex game you should absolutely play today if you’re new to the series. It even has a recent Director’s Cut edition which marginally improves those boss fights and adds insightful developer commentary throughout.

The Fall might be a middling tie-in, but it’s more Deus Ex. Until the next proper game hits, that’ll have to do.


  1. neonordnance says:

    I really hope this is the cut-down expandalone it looks like. I don’t care if the graphics are a little rough around the edges, or if the main character has as stereotypical an English name as “John Smith” or “Ben Cromwell” or “John Walker.” As long as it maintains DE:HR’s sublime gameplay, I’m in.

    • Leonick says:

      It does. It’s a very familiar feeling compared to DX:HR, just streamlined, mostly the areas being smaller and simpler.

      It’s episodic though, this is just the first part and we have no idea when we’ll see the next…

  2. Gap Gen says:

    If the main character is Ben Saxon, does this mean that this is a Jute ‘Em Up?

    • RedViv says:

      Quite a few angles for puns in this one, I think.

    • maninahat says:

      Others would complain about the puns, but I’m one who always picts my battles.

    • RedWurm says:

      I’d like to contribute, but my Granni could do better than most of my attempts.

      • Gap Gen says:

        At least you’re frank about it.

      • ArmyMan says:

        I was going to say something nasty about your comment, but then I remembered that I should treat you well, because after all, alemanni are created equal, and should be treated as such.

    • sinister agent says:

      I’m having a hard time Picturing this.

    • Geebs says:

      There’s a confusing accounting mini game which sees you playing as Ben’s cousin, Norman Britten.

    • says:

      Hope it won’t make such a Vandal as was the Thief remake!

  3. DanMan says:

    They allegedly fixed the “stupid boss fights” in DE:HR with the Wii version, which they also ported back to PC. What a lovely bunch of people, aren’t they?

    • Leonick says:

      I’ve actually played a large part of the Directors Cut recently. I know they ‘advertised’ it that way but I would not call the boss fights fixed. Expanded is a better word.

      They basically extended the arena so to speak and gave you some more options on how to deal with the boss but still the same stupid boss battles. Heck, for the first two bosses I didn’t even notice the added areas until after the fight was over. Well, I think they’re new anyway, maybe I missed them the first time as well? In that case they didn’t change them at all :p

      • HadToLogin says:

        Yes, they made arenas bigger with “hack turrets so they will kill boss” option.

    • Werthead says:

      You can’t avoid the boss fights or render the bosses unconscious, so they haven’t been fully upgraded to the standards of the original game. But you can now use other skills like hacking (bringing turrets and robots into the fight), stealth or environmental factors (poison gas, etc) to help overcome the enemy instead of just blasting away at them. They are a lot more enjoyable, but if the objection to them is that they exist, they’re unavoidable and they involve killing, it doesn’t help very much.

      • USER47 says:

        In the original game, you can’t avoid/render unconcious certain bosses either. At least not without using exploits and bugs.

  4. HadToLogin says:

    Is it true THE FALL ends in HL Episode 2 style, with big ugly “should be continued, but probably never will”?

    • Leonick says:

      Yup. Something along the lines of “More content on the way… Stay tuned.”

      Six months has passed since it launched on iOS and there hasn’t been a single word uttered about the next part of the story.

  5. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Someone please help. In that top picture, he looks like a French / Italian / OK Maybe eastern european actor, who ages ago was in a movie with much shooting. The name of the movie was just a man’s name, the character in the movie. It was something like Milo, or Nero, or Mino and I cannot remember and IT BURNS.

    Any film enthusiasts help a man out with the name of the bloody movie?

    • PoLLeNSKi says:

      I think you mean Leon?

      Absolute cracker of a movie with Gary Oldman being suitably insane and a young Natalie Portman as well as Jean Reno in the lead role

    • neonordnance says:

      I’m going to hazard a guess that the actor you’re thinking of is Jean Reno, maybe the most famous French action-movie actor of the last few decades. I’m not sure which movie you’re thinking of though.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      You are both correct :) Thanks!

    • SIDD says:

      For some reason I’m thinking of Olivier Gruner in Nemesis but maybe that’s just the cyberpunkish setting that’s doing it ;)

  6. lautalocos says:

    im surpised there are no “i never asked for this” comments

  7. kament says:

    So it’s come full circle. Well, almost. James Swallow novelizes Deus Ex, then Eidos erm gamify? the novel. Hmm.

    • Premium User Badge

      Serrit says:

      I kinda liked “Deus Ex Icarus Effect”. The writing wasn’t brilliant, but the story was enjoyable enough – especially some back story to one of the characters from the original Deus Ex.
      Saxon in this trailer though looks nothing like the book cover art – I think I prefer the book’s more “grizzled” look Saxon’s solider character.

      • Premium User Badge

        particlese says:

        I also mostly-liked the book, and I’m looking forward to this game in part because of that. My main beef with the former was that the author seemed to have a fascination with dropping names of in-universe manufacturers and such, but maybe that’s normal for ~realistic military novels — I’m more used to Asimov and stuff.

        Also, yeah, book-cover Saxon does look cooler. I think it’s the pose (chilling in an invisible hammock, checking out his sweet gun), since the more I compare physical features to the top image here, the more simliar they look.

  8. Leonick says:

    If you considering buying this, just be aware of the fact that this is an episodic game and in the six+ months since it launched on iOS we haven’t heard a single word about the next part of the story.

    It’s pretty good. If you enjoyed Deus Ex: Human Revolution you’d probably enjoy this as well, even if it has been streamlined a bit (simpler environments mostly). I’d recommend it if it wasn’t for the complete lack of communication about the continuation of the story.

  9. Stellar Duck says:

    Is that Jean Reno?

    I certainly didn’t ask for that.

  10. Zekiel says:

    Listening to Anglo Saxon there makes me remember I really liked Adam Jensen’s voice. This guy… not so much.

    I really wish Adam had had a better character arc. There were clear signs that he should have had one, but it didn’t really work out. And in the end you were just left with button A, B or C.

  11. dan! says:

    This game would be 1000x more awesome if the main character was John Saxon.

  12. cmc5788 says:

    Deus Ex’s audience would probably be one of the most forgiving of dated graphics, if they would just make something that wasn’t shit. A shame to see the company that seemed on such a positive trajectory doing awful cross-platform mobile releases and, uh, Thief.

  13. obvioustroll says:

    I hope there is tits in this game like in their last one, I can’t play a game these days without tits because I am a grown up now.

  14. MeestaNob says:

    I’d play a Deus 4X game.

  15. Stevostin says:

    Deus Ex HR would have been good with good writing. The “lore” content was a chore to read, even for someone like me who typically enjoy it. The main story forced the main character into stupid action the user would never do, which is totally wrong. It seems that this exact flaws are hammering Thief 4 all the same. Fire the wrong guy(s), hire the good one(s).

  16. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:


  17. SuicideKing says:

    Well, first it was them console ports, now we’re getting tablet ports. Hoorah!?

  18. Damien Stark says:

    Points for “the fall is all there is” reference, and bonus points for the tag.

    I was expecting the comments to be filled with Lion in Winter jokes. Philistines!

  19. Gvaz says:

    It doesn’t look worth $10 and it should have been on pc in the first place if they wanted to charge $10