Finally, A Game In Which You Play As The Monty Python Foot

Do you want a quick, dumb, one-note free game? Of course you do. Everybody does. Always. I have consulted with my friend, Representative P. Opulation, who is just one guy whose parents were really mean. But he swears that’s what you all want, so it’s what you’re getting. Monty Python holds a special place in many people’s hearts, often lodged right next to the thin mint that’s about to make them explode. And then of course, there is The Foot from Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Holy Stomping is a game in which you play as The Foot. It’s rather silly. Also, a landmark moment in interactive entertainment.

Other Monty Python PC games have come and gone (full disclosure, no joke: my father worked on them when I was, like, five), but none of them allowed you to play as The Foot, which is actually The Foot Of Cupid from Agnolo Bronzino’s “Venus, Cupid, and the Folly of Time.”

Holy Stomping is a quick, reference-laden realization of the power fantasy to end all power fantasies. You hold down a mouse button, the foot slowly descends from on-high, and everybody goes splat. But not actually everybody, because after a few waves your painterly prey start fighting back. Uncrushable statues waddle through, as do arrow-slinging archers and the like. The goal is to survive for as long as possible, as it is in many games and also life.

The Foot makes a certain sound when it lands, because otherwise it would be an utter disgrace.

Holy Stomping is quick, silly, and free. I kind of wish stomping people felt more satisfying, but what are you gonna do? This is the first and – to my knowledge – only game that allows you to play as the Monty Python Foot. Baby steps. Now then, favorite Monty Python sketch or feature: go!


  1. TheIronSky says:

    About time, really.
    Oh, and my favorite Monty Python sketch has to be the Kamikaze Scotsman.

    • Velko says:

      Can I just say “all of them are my favourites”? No?

      Okay then: Flying Lessons! Or Tinny and Woody Words. Or Cheese Shop. Or… all of them.

    • Low Life says:

      My favourite would be Argument Clinic. I have watched that sketch about 451 times and I’m still not bored of it.

    • ramirezfm says:

      The parrot sketch! That parrot has ceased to be!

    • Smegheid says:

      Mouse organ. I nearly pissed myself at it when I was a kid, and it still makes me smile years later…

  2. LionsPhil says:

    Wow, that’s terrible.

    From a gameplay point of view, it counts things as squished if they walk into the side of your foot, which is unbelievably lazy.

    But the real hate is that “clay” sign-up in-page popup that appears just as the game starts, so you have to dismiss it while the game carries on behind it. (And if you don’t let through NoScript, it just locks up on start.)

    • Kouboy says:

      Maker of the game here.
      Well, I hear your point and I understand your criticism about : I’m testing this service to host quickly leaderboards and stuff. If it’s so much of a pain, I will think about an other solution. If you have suggestions…
      About the foot hitbox, it’s not a lazy decision : I’m perfectly aware that when things rush into the foot, they are destroyed as if being stomped. I tested versions where this wasn’t the case and, honestly, it was boring. I prefer the fast pacing, messy destruction this solution brings. But it’s a story of taste.
      Thanks for playing nevertheless. :)

      • Grygus says:

        It’s been a while since I found myself just laughing while playing a game. Thanks for the moment of unalloyed joy.

  3. jnqvist says:

    I hear that your friend P.’s brother,C. is quite the ladykiller.

  4. SomeDuder says:

    Tough question, really. I’m very partial to “Hilter in England”, but “Animal shop” is a good contender to first place, if only because of Cleese’s amazing performance.

  5. amateurviking says:

    I like ‘How Not to be Seen’.

    Also the ‘People called Romanus they go the house?’ link to

    • Premium User Badge

      phuzz says:

      Someone made a mod for Operation Flashpoint, which just recreated the “How Not To Be Seen” sketch, it was great.
      I think the Deja vu sketch is still my favourite though.

      • Velko says:

        Oh I remember when that came, it’s awesome! It’s not a mod though, but a scenario. Someone should totally make it in Arma III.

  6. Niko says:


    • Kouboy says:

      Oh thank you, I always wondered how and why THIS foot ! (well…”why”, because Gilliam’s a mad genius it seems)

  7. grrrz says:

    well “funniest joke in the world” or “biggus dickus”

  8. oceanclub says:

    My favourite Monty Python game still remains Brian Bloodaxe for the Spectrum:

    link to


  9. Binky the Boojum says:

    The sketch that always made me laugh,I smile as I write, was the Mouse Organ, It was much funnier on the telly because it appeared that real mice were used, Unlike on stage, where sock-puppets were used.

  10. SkittleDiddler says:

    Meh, where’s my Young Ones game?

    • jorygriffis says:

      Here it is.

      To be honest it’s it a bit terrible, but it’s sort of in keeping with the anarchic spirit of the show.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        Thank you. My pop culture knowledge for the day has been received!

        That does indeed look terrible, but I wish I had a copy.

  11. Apocraphilia says:

    Can I recommend the original Monty Python’s Flying Circus game? I spent many happy, slightly frustrated hours playing as that foot in my youth. :)

  12. Shooop says:


    The internet is now a step closer to completion.

  13. Archangel says:

    Nathan, you’re George Grayson’s son?!? Holy crap — I worked for that company. 7th Level, Glendale, CA and Dallas, TX. We had some crazy all-nighters pushing those games out the door.

    True story: The original Monty Python game was to be called .. something else. One of the producers/suits/somebodys, when showed the demo, declared “that’s not a game — that’s just a complete waste of time!”. And thus was “Monty Python’s Complete Waste of Time” was (re)christened.