Pillows Plumped: Back To Bed Receives Backing

Survival sims might be unnerving conflict machines in this brutal modern era, but I remember a more affable time. Games like Lemmings and Brat placed the player in charge of vulnerable and mindless creatures (lemmings and babies, respectively), unable to control them directly but responsible for their continued existence. Back To Bed is a return to that gentler age, asking the player to protect a hapless sleepwalker in a strange world. Since we last looked, outside investment has allowed the student team to form a studio and they will now complete the game and begin work on its spiritual successor.

The Unity-driven prototype is still available to play online but the final release will be significantly improved. The storyline will be improved and the art will be hand-drawn, which may actually detract from the Little Big Adventure vibe.

Back To Bed was successfully Kickstarted but the funds raised were only sufficient to allow for continued part time development. Now, with the support of Limbo and Space Hulk backers Capnova, the team of six are working full-time on the project and have sufficient cash to begin work on a follow-up once the game is released.

Last time we posted this, several people took to the comments to point out similarities to Sleepwalker, one of the Amiga’s most frustrating games. I just watched a playthrough of the worst sections to remind myself how tedious it was. There was a time when I only owned three or four games, and Sleepwalker was one of them, so I endured it to the bitter end. Between the repetitive brick background layers, the BOING sound effect and the stupid kid’s inability to turn around even if a dog is punching him in the face, it drove me to madness.

Watch if you dare.

Via Polygon.


  1. smeghamr says:

    Maybe a more appropriate comparison would have been the actual fucking Amiga game, “Sleepwalker”. Although, I suppose in that, you do control a helpful dogman.

    Edit:Blind spot, sorry.

  2. hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

    I found this game absolutely delightful the last time it was posted, and indeed played through it again just now. I certainly wish the development team the very best of luck, and hope the development goes well. The entire game just oozes personality, and I love the Magritte and Dali references.

  3. BiPolar says:

    There’s a great game dev out of Montreal (Sarbakan) who made a very similar game, Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg.

  4. Paul B says:

    The Brat reference takes me back. One of the many games I bought and enjoyed on my Amiga. And by bought I meant got it for a £1 off a dodgy bloke called Dave who ran a local computer shop/pirate den on a local industrial estate. I suspect most kids back then who owned an Amiga knew someone like Dave. Anyway, takes me back and if I recall correctly Brat was rather good too.

  5. The_Hunter says:

    I really like the art style of the web version…