Nod And Smile: C&C-Inspired FPS Renegade-X Released

Renegade-X, which we previously reported would be released on its release date, has now been released on its release date. The Command & Conquer-inspired multiplayer shooter is now in open beta and available to download for free, although it looks like the official site is getting a bit hammered.

Here’s the release date announcement trailer from late last year:

That its Command & Conquer “inspired” is important. Renegade-X began life as a project to re-launch Renegade, Westwood’s ugly, awful and ill-fated first-person shooter set within the Command & Conquer universe. After years of effort, its team took the wise decision to distance themselves slightly from the original source material, lest they run afoul of a certain publisher’s lawyers. As it is, it’s still a clear homage to its source material, but acknowledged and permitted by C&C’s owners.

Conceptually, the game sounds as exciting as Renegade was upon its own release: a hybrid of first-person, third-person and real-time strategy, where two teams do war under the leadership of a commander able to give orders and drop vehicles on the battlefield. Given the paucity of science-fiction multiplayer shooters – Battlefield 2142 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars were a long time ago, Titanfall isn’t yet here – it’s great to have something big, meaty and best of all totally free to play.

There are a bunch of download mirrors available from the official site, including a well-seeded torrent. This is like mod releases of old.


  1. Cloudiest Nights says:

    So this doesn’t involve any other files? Sweet! I’ll have to download to get my shooter fix.

  2. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Well done chaps :)

  3. caff says:

    Wait a minute, an open beta you don’t have to pay an early access fee for?

    Let’s give it a go.

    • SprintJack says:

      The whole game is 100% free.

      Offering option to pay for the beta would very much re-negate any good will that EA has ever shown for this project.

  4. amateurviking says:

    *You’re* well seeded. Ner.

  5. newguy2012 says:

    To bad EA is not doing anything decent with this franchise. Kudos to these guys, WW lives on!

  6. Warduke says:

    Been poking around on it a bit. Definitely brings back the feel from the old game. Nicely done Totem Arts!!

  7. Film11 says:

    Renegade was a good game though. How was it “ill-fated”?

    • Kushan says:

      It had a great multiplayer concept but was very flawed in a lot of ways. EA also pretty much abandoned it not long after it was released, leaving it to rot.

      • Phoibos Delphi says:

        But the few weeks it had active players online were a blast! I remember enjoying sneaking up on the opponents harvester and destroying it to stop their income….

        • Distec says:

          I remember only playing the demo for a long time and having a lot of fun. I remember being at the store and wondering if I should buy C&C Renegade or Global Operations.

          I purchased the latter and ended up wishing I had gotten the former. Probably didn’t matter much in the end since both of those games hit their dead-ends. But I kept wishing Renegade would come back in some shape or form. I’ll be downloading this the moment I’m off work.

      • CrazyPaladin says:

        Actually it has one of the longest lifespan for all the C&C titles out there. I remember play the game extensively 3 years after its release, there were still many servers up back then. Sure not like CoD or something, but you can always find a good game. Also I heard there’s still some people play this game as of now. I was going to give it a go after buying the 17th anniversary C&C pack, but I was just too lazy and too busy :(

    • pongsifu says:

      It was not a good game…it was “so bad it is good” in some respects (I still somewhat enjoyed it), but it wasn’t good. It doesn’t help the AI was dumb as rocks too. At one point I just stood in front of someone and they didn’t react to me at all.

  8. quijote3000 says:

    Is there a single player campaign?

    • Necroscope says:

      Skirmish and Multiplayer. Skirmish seemed like multiplayer with bots pure and simple. No indication of cut-scenes etc. The skirmish sessions I played earlier were a great deal of fun …

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Not sure why you’d want it. If it’s anything like Renegade’s awful SP experience, the devs are only going to be wasting their time and ours by working on it.

    • BoZo says:

      The singleplayer campaign has been out for two years: link to!

  9. MrThingy says:

    I’ve become used to being a skeptic as part of my RPS indoctrination… but roger me with a mercifully proportioned aubergine if this doesn’t look like jolly good fun!

  10. Lemming says:

    “Given the paucity of science-fiction multiplayer shooters – Battlefield 2142 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars were a long time ago, Titanfall isn’t yet here – it’s great to have something big, meaty and best of all totally free to play.”

    Tribes:Ascend? It’s like everyone’s forgotten this was doing sci-fi and jetpacks for ages, and it’s still free (but worth the £20 for the fully-unlocked GOTY version) and its still awesome.

    • hotmaildidntwork says:

      It’s also pretty much deserted, last I checked. That’s why I stopped playing it.

      • Noburu says:

        Yes its pretty much deserted last I checked as well. Also that $20 to unlock everything fucked all of us that more than that on the game before full purchase was an option. We were still required to pay $20 to unlock everything.

        The game was already dying when the full purchase became an option and fuck if im paying that kind of money to a dying game. Tons of us clamored on the forums pre-release for a full purchase option.

        Im bitter at that point yes, but not over all. I got more than my ~ $60 worth I spent on the game.

  11. KwisatzHaderach says:

    There is a lot of misinformation in that post.

    1. The team never distanced themselves from Renegade, not because of lawyers and not at all actually. The game is a faithfull modern reproduction of Renegade with a few changes and add-ons. It is very much the same Renegade as the (btw brilliant if played in MP) from 2002.

    2. “…where two teams do war under the leadership of a commander able to give orders and drop vehicles on the battlefield.” This is just nonsense! There is no commander and vehicles aren’t dropped but purchased with credits that you have to earn through either protecting your Refinery and Harvester or doing damage to enemy soldiers/vehicles/buildings.

    Just where RPS gets all this wrong info from I do not know.

  12. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Gah, I hate it when a passing reference sets off my extremely sensitive all-seeing 2142 sequel detector. It’s no mean feat to quieten the mighty ear-shattering klaxon once the atomic turbines have reached optimum blasting power, and putting out the fires caused by the ten trillion Watt bulb in the revolving signal takes Smiggs time and considerable lost skin!

  13. BobbyFizz says:

    What engine is this? I seem to remember something about it being frostbite, but that can’t be the case surely?!
    edit: It’s Unreal, that makes more sense.

  14. LionsPhil says:

    Oh, excellent, I somehow thought this was the 28th instead, probably because weekends.

    …it will probably not be until then that I can really sink my teeth into it, either, but still: woo!

    • LionsPhil says:

      Well, it’s about an hour later than it should be. Whoops.

      It’s pretty Renegade-y! By which I mean it has bugs and stalemates and losing even though you destroyed more of their stuff than they did yours because the point-scoring is a bit odd. But also driving around pleasingly springy vehicles and engaging in WAR!

  15. HumpX says:

    still pretty buggy but its playable. Glad to see they stuck with this project. Renegade deserves a new life

  16. PopeRatzo says:

    it’s great to have something big, meaty and best of all totally free to play

    I’d like to know why you believe being F2P is “best of all”? Normally, it indicates a substandard game, with creepy microtransactions and people buying the best weapons.

    Free to Play games are not worth their price. Plus, they are the reason, along with Kickstarter and “Early Access” that all AAA PC games will suck from now on.

    I’m dying to spend my money on a really good game that’s worth its price. Why do none of the best game studios seem to want my money?

    • nopol10 says:

      The industry has twisted the meaning of the phrase “free to play”. In this case what he meant by “free to play” with regards to Renegade-X is that it is COMPLETELY free (and hence also free to play). No microtransactions, no payment, nothing that involves money apart from the electricity bill you have to pay for keeping your computer on.
      In fact they are not allowed to make money out of this since C&C is owned by EA.

    • SirBubbles says:

      I can only hope that you’re old enough to remember the wonderful days when people made mods for games. From little changes to complete total conversions, all for free, and all because they loved the game. *sniff* brings a tear to my eye to see these people keeping the spirit alive. “Free2Play”, indeed.

    • Rindan says:

      I believe that this is a true free 2 play, not the horrible and perverse fee 2 pay model.

  17. Engonge says:

    Well this is exciting! Downloading right now..

  18. Jackablade says:

    How have EA not stopped this one yet? It looks like it’d be well within their rights to throw out a C&D based on how very similar the assets are to a franchise they they still release games on from time to time.

    • nopol10 says:

      They have an agreement with EA. Plus it’s probably helping EA to keep C&C visible in some way to the gaming community while they screw up the franchise behind the scenes.

      • L3TUC3 says:

        They’re pretty good at doing it front and center.

        RIP Westwood.