Real-Based? Turn-Time? – Ex-Pixeljunkers’ Nova-111

The first thing I noticed about Nova-111 is that it has a full-blown, always on-screen Science Meter. That is a bonfide part of the game. “Alright,” I thought to myself and probably said to some modern mutant wizard who is cursed with the blessing of hearing all human thoughts at once, “we’re off to a solid start, but is this game good or just cute?” So I dug deeper. Nova, I discovered, is a real-time/turn-based explorer mash-up that a) allows you to break the rules of both real-time and turn-based existence with all manner of abilities and b) integrates that conceit into its plot. I’m so delighted that I don’t care if all the mind crime mutants in the world know. Trailer in the beneathplaces.

Here’s the adorably meta premise, which has charmed my pants off and into a state of turn-based motion. In practice, the whole situation looks a bit like a stop-motion film. But anyway:

“Once upon a spacetime, there existed a team of intelligent scientists, who were living in a turn-based world. They were interested in expediting their scientific research, and thus began developing the ‘Chronova Device’ that will unlock the universal ‘real-time’. All was fine and dandy, that is, until one day a science experiment went horribly wrong, and as a result created a cosmic real-time/turn-based time-vortex which mashed the two unlikely worlds together. You pilot the ‘Nova-111’ starship, a harmless research vessel which was improvised for rescue and survival in hostile environments.”

And also look at this. LOOK AT THIS.

Playable parrot for president 2016.

Nova-111 will include both combat and puzzles, and combat already looks distinctly puzzle-like in nature. You’ll slowly upgrade your ship over time, and all the while reality will gradually shift from turn-based to a brave new world of real-time possibility. Former Pixeljunk devs at Funktronic Labs, you have my attention.

Nova-111 will be out sometime this year. I am prepared to science. Are you?


  1. Jurple says:

    Playable parrot for president 2016.

    You play as the pet if you like; I’ll be the Karl Marx clone.

    • DrollRemark says:

      It’s nice that Lord Smingleigh has finally been put into a game.

  2. tasteful says:

    this looks so terrific

  3. Luciferous says:

    I don’t fully comprehend what i just saw… but I like it!

  4. Capt. Raven says:

    Okay, I’m gonna be *that* guy.

    This game looks like its build around one single, gimmicky game-play mechanic and I don’t like that at all. So you are playing a turn-based game but sometimes there are events that will happen in 5 secs regardless of whose turn it is. It’s a very nice idea, but is this really enough to make a game out of it? I feel like so, so many indie-games take one single gimmick and craft their game around this, stretching it out over several hours of gameplay and then we call this innovative and artful. However, if this gimmick is the one and only thing that sets this game apart from others, then that is not enough in my book.

    • DatonKallandor says:

      Exactly that.
      Also that Parrot looks exactly like the Parrot from Flotilla.

    • Deadly Sinner says:

      What exactly are you expecting here? Pretty much every puzzle game is based around a “gimmick,” which is explored by presenting different permutations of that “gimmick.” All you do in Portal is place Portals in a certain order to get from one part of a room to another.

  5. TeeJay says:

    NO Womens??!!!111