Zoom Zoom Splat: Trials Fusion Out In April

Finally, a game in which bikes ride men - not the other way around

Aw, Redlynx and Ubisoft, you really shouldn’t have. I know we’ve had our ups and downs (and loopty loops and explosions) in the past, but now you’re releasing Trials Fusion the day before my birthday? You really didn’t have to do that. One small quibble, though: you failed to include any mention of Nathan Grayson’s Rad Birthday or the accompanying Impossibly Sexy Karaoke Partython anywhere in your trailer. No, no, calm down. I’m not angry with you. Everyone makes mistakes.

OK, but seriously Trials Fusion looks pretty ding dang dern magnificent. This one’s all shiny and futuristic, and apparently it packs a level editor robust enough to spawn entire new genres. Now there’s a calmly purring creation engine with some legs. Er, wheels, I suppose. A bike with legs sounds like it would run exclusively on nightmare fuel and/or be a Metal Gear boss. Anyway:

“Coming with visual breakthroughs, the arrival of FMX tricks, and taking place in a high-tech and futuristic world, Trials Fusion goes even beyond what you knew about Trials and its crazy gameplay! Ride on and join the party from April 16th!”

So it’s Trials, but more over-the-top than ever and bolstered by the option to flail your biker around like some kind of boneless worm alien. Also, this one has arbitrarily been declared “next-gen,” so expect, I don’t know, realistically threaded biker socks or something.

April 16th. My birthday party. Who’s going to be there? Oh and also something something Trials I guess.


  1. iainl says:

    Let’s just hope “next gen” doesn’t mean it struggles even more than Evo does to keep up 60fps on my 4670k + GTX 770 box, eh? I love you Trials, but your PC port was bloody awful.

    • Jekhar says:

      So, this has never been fixed? I wanted the steam version to go along with my 360 one, but then i heard of the less than stellar port.

      • Premium User Badge

        Lexx87 says:

        Like I said below it’s no-where near as bad as it seems to be made out, at least not anytime recently since I grabbed it in the sale.

        • prumpa says:

          It really depends on your setup, I think. A lot of people were complaining about performance so bad it made completing some levels impossible, whereas others could play the whole thing no problem.

          Personally, I wasn’t able to even *start* the game for a while, it just black-screened then crashed to desktop. I got zero support from either Steam, RedLynx or Ubisoft. When I looked into trying to get a refund, I discovered Steam’s hideous, and probably illegal in my country of residence, refunds policy.

          I’m going to be holding off and looking for reports of shittiness before buying this one I think. It’s a shame, because I really love the game.

          • trjp says:

            Yeah – Steam said I couldn’t have a refund because I’d played it for 5 hours – 5 hours of changing settings, taking videos, sending Tech Support Emails to UBI/Redlynx/Steam and getting nothing in-return,

            Oh – and 4 hours of that was BETA – during which is ran every bit as badly (nothing changed between BETA and live – it wasn’t really BETA, it was “tenderize them and get money from them”)

        • trjp says:

          It’s really VERY hardware dependant – on some systems it simply runs-like-crap – and because the FPS is locked to the clock you will struggle to beat some objectives.

          It has very few graphics options – and even with everything on it’s resolutely a 720p game with texture loading issues and it’s quite ugly in places.

          It’s the worst PC port we’ve seen in years and the fact they dodged questions about, deleted people’s videos showing how bad it was and generally dusted-their-hands of it suggests they won’t see another cent from me no matter how amazing their next game is…

        • iainl says:

          It’s far better than it was, and if you turn off the fancy settings it’s certainly playable enough that Last time I looked I was in the world’s top 1000 and still had plenty of room to improve. It’s just that the cloud saving didn’t, and I can’t face starting over yet again.

          But yeah, there are still seemingly random places where the framerate goes loopy.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    Evo Gold is bad in places, but okay mostly.

    I played HD and Evo to death on the 360, and then again on PC.

    Will have a crack at platinum on the remaining tournies to get ready for Fusion I guess!

  3. The First Door says:

    Damn, that does look fun, I adore some Trials! I really hope they’ve paid a little more attention to the Super Cross tracks this time though, as that was hugely popular in my gaming group! I’d love them to have added physics into the multiplayer, or to have fixed the bug which meant on some custom maps you could end up getting 150 faults within a couple of seconds!

  4. Tinotoin says:

    Hmm, no mention of PC on their website… could this be the game that makes me cave and buy one of the new consoles?!?! I did get my first 360 purely for Trials HD mind you.

    EDIT: It was hidden away, ignore my foolishness.

    To speak about performance of Evo on PC for a moment though. I though the minute to minute gameplay was ok, but didn’t seem as fluid as on the 360 – and I’ve got a PC which shouldn’t even flinch when running it – but it was the load times which killed it for me. It just seemed to be slower overall than the 360 version.

    • trjp says:

      Load times could be brutal but it often ran like shit even on higher-end systems (and it remains a game which SLI/Crossfire owners will have to kick-and-punch to make it work)

      It was just a terrible port given minimal-to-no testing – and as I said earlier, because the FPS and timer are linked it matters more than just “because it looks like crap”.

      Some levels are nausea inducing thanks to shaky framerates etc.

      Whoever ported it should be shot with shit (I’m guessing it was UBI China?)

  5. Arathain says:

    “…Impossibly Sexy Karaoke Partython…”

    That sounds great! I’m looking forward to getting my invite.

  6. trjp says:

    Just to illustrate how sketchy the last Trials PC port was, my PC has changed completely in the time I’ve owned it and here’s roughly how it ran

    AMD AthlonII + RadeonHD 5670 – ran like shit, shadows cannot be disabled and looked like LEGO, FPS all-of-the-place – wouldn’t even do 30fps vsynced – unplayable in places

    AMD AthlonII + Geforce 650Ti Boost – can now run non-LEGO shadows but still significant FPS and texture loading issues – a few levels are impossible to complete under the ‘Gold’ time because you lose time on the FPS drops

    i5-4440 + Geforce 650Ti Boost – can now turn-on FXAA (which makes almost no difference) and I get MOSTLY solid 60fps but still loads of texture “pop” and vsync will still “hunt” between 30 and 60 which is headache inducing

    All those PCs are within Min Spec – the latter is WAY over it – and remember, this is a 720P 360 game!!

    Which still costs £16 despite having no significant patches released since BETA – fuck em…

  7. DickSocrates says:

    I genuinely feel like I can’t support this new game because of the shocking port of the previous one. I don’t know that I could give them my money and feel good about myself when they so clearly couldn’t give a damn about the hundreds/thousands of people they ripped off. And if it ran great for you, congratulations. It ran like **** for a LOT of people.