A Game And A Chat – Divinity: Original Sin’s Divine Depth

In a year potentially chock full of amazing classic-style RPGs (Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity, the beginnings of Torment, etc), it’s easy to overlook Divinity: Original Sin. That, however, would be a tremendous mistake given that the Ultima-VII-inspired Kickstarter darling looks to have depth and personality in spades.

I corralled Larian in my very own (adoptive) hometown of San Francisco, and we played the opus-in-the-making’s latest build. I had to pre-record this one sans a camera, unfortunately, but Larian head Swen Vincke showed me nearly two hours of late-game (read: not in the alpha) gameplay and discussed how players can kill every NPC and still progress, non-violent approaches, how Larian *wants* us to break its systems, how it plans to avoid another disastrous Divinity II: Ego Draconis-style launch (despite some rather pressing bugs in the current version), comedy in a normally self-serious genre, talking to animals, and gobs more. This one is now near the top of my most-anticipated list. Tune in below.

Note: the first 15-20 mins are pretty demo-y, but it becomes more of a dialogue after that. More from our extremely lengthy chat will be coming soon, too. Those bits escaped the video, sadly, but I caught them and smashed them with a mallet until sticky word pools were all that remained.


  1. TheIronSky says:

    I was feeling sick and miserable today, and these videos were perfect semi-sleepy entertainment. Been keeping an eye on this game for some time now and, technical issues aside, it looks really rather nifty. I hope those complex game systems have the story ramifications they deserve.

    Anyway, great videos as always, Nathan! Cheers.

  2. Sharlie Shaplin says:

    Looks really promising. I love the amount of effort they are putting into making it open and detailed.

  3. ncnavguy says:

    Man I’m having the hardest time not playing this yet. I took the dev’s word to heart and even though I got the early access, I’m tryiing to hold off playing for while so there can be a few more update and stability. This is one of those attention to detail games that looks like it gonna be a classic that will be remembered fondly when were are all complaning about the lack of quality in the future’s RPG’s

    • Juke says:

      Agree, looks promising. Makes sense to hold off for something more finished if you have so far (at least a true “beta,” if not the final product) Hope they get those bugs sorted with a bit of time to tweak the performance, actually; my poor integrated graphics couldn’t deliver much more than stop-motion on the latest build, even with with settings set to “Ug.”

  4. Fry says:

    Looks nice. The writing is fairly… erm… rudimentary.

    • chewbaccasdad says:

      The writing is actually pretty witty for the most part. I wasn’t expecting to laugh as much as I did when playing this game.

    • Juke says:

      This is my concern also. I’ve backed for 2 copies of this game because of its co-op story, so I’m obviously interested in its detail and commitment to old-fashioned RPGs, but I’d be lying if I said I can’t tell the game is written in English by non-native English speakers. Larian has some creative angles, and seeks to make this game fun (often lighthearted, occasionally funny,) but there is a fair bit of dialogue that comes through as a little wooden. And best I can tell, it’s not always in a “stilted slightly ironic ye-olde fantasie” wooden.

      Which is just to say, I’d like to see the dialogue get a bit of a polish before release. Worse-case scenario, though, if it ships as-is, it shouldn’t slow down my enjoyment of the game. The overall story and creative game mechanics will always win out in the end. But I’m excited for this one, and at this stage, with everything up for a bit more improvement, I can hope!

  5. ZoddGuts says:

    Would not be surprise if it’s one of the better of the Kickstarter RPG’s to come out. Wasteland 2 has been a disappointment so far, the “beta” felt more like Alpha.

  6. Darth Gangrel says:

    “how Larian *wants* us to break its systems” That sounds particularly promising, because I often get the feeling that some devs want us to play *exactly* like they imagined and nothing else. This isn’t a common thing among RPG’s, but it’s still worrying that devs of other genres like FPS/action-adventure games think like this.

    For me, much of the fun in playing a game comes with exploring different things and not giving a damn oversized rat’s ass about how the devs intended us to play the game. A framework with rules and a setting is great, but not if it’s too tight and intolerant of doing things differently. If you don’t want us to try things out and mess around with your game, then why are you making games in the first place?

  7. heldelance says:

    The thing I love about the Divinity series is how it isn’t so severe. It’s got humour to break up the mood, almost Pratchett like but not quite that hilarious (I hope that a Discworld RPG gets made).

    What tipped me over the line into backing this game was one simple thing; Bucket helmet. Any game that allows you to dress like an idiot has to be awesome.

  8. knowitall011 says:

    this is looking better and better, with witcher 3 delayed, I will be picking this up once it releases.