It’s The RPS 20,001st Post Spectacular!

We did it – we finally did it.

141 years! 20,001 posts! It’s all been leading up to this moment. You have no idea how long and how hard we’ve been planning for this, the 20,001st Rock, Paper, Shotgun post. You won’t believe what we’ve got in store for it – and for you.

This changes everything.

Thanks for reading, everyone. Here’s to the next 20,001 posts!


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  1. meepmeep says:

    Congratulations on the 20,001, and may there be at least another 5.
  1. pRiM8 says:


    • Ny24 says:

      I second that! But is this a visual puzzle? Am I to search something? Inside the foster’s can maybe?

      • pRiM8 says:

        We can probably assume that someone was consuming the contents of that can and maybe more while calculating the correct amount of posts..

  2. Revolving Ocelot says:

    Let’s pretend the pile of leaves on the right is a Headcrab and work ourselves into a rabid frenzy of speculation.

  3. AshRolls says:


    Is that a sniper in a ghillie suit to the right of the can of lager?

  4. Mo says:

    Well done chaps. Here’s to another 141 years!

    Also: the below-the-break revelation was everything I hoped and more! How is post 40,002 going to top this!?

  5. MuscleHorse says:

    Is that extra ‘0’ a typo or is RPS becoming extra ambitious?

  6. lowprices says:

    So you’re suggesting this is the “Half”way point?

    I think we all know what this means…

  7. DrScuttles says:

    May I be the first, on this fatefully momentous occasion, to say “wibble”.

  8. WhatKateDoes says:

    *disappointed face*

    Expected an Half-Life 3 release date or something…

    ..or an Oculus Rift release date…

    ..or Star Citizen WOT I THINK…

    :D Gratz, tho :)

  9. AlwaysRight says:

    YEY, now do more podcasts!

  10. meepmeep says:

    Congratulations on the 20,001, and may there be at least another 5.

  11. Spacewalk says:

    It’s not palindromic and you’re not allowed a do-over.

    You blew it.

  12. Smashbox says:

    My favorites! Thanks guys & girls – you are Really Great.

  13. Badgercommander says:

    Ok everyone, there’s clearly something hidden here.
    Someone search the source code. I’ll check out that image.

    We’ll get to the bottom of this!

  14. Armante says:

    Awesome, RPS is doing their own ARG. If you superimpose the cake picture on the beercan picture, then strip out the colour and run a Find Edges filter in Photoshop, you get this really ugly and messy blob of gray pixels.

    What do you think it means?

  15. aksen says:

    this is all we get? i want a refund on my annual subscription fee to ultra-RPS.

    • tobecooper says:

      Yeah. Also, did anyone see the 20,000 post? It was kinda disappointing. Made by the new kid instead of the old guard. The subject matter wasn’t anything to write home either. Oh, and the graphics were subpart too. Not much in terms of audiovisuals? It’s been 141 years since the letters-only days! Are you even evolving RPS?

      (Congrats! 141 years more!)

  16. Alexander says:

    Congrats, been here since the first few months (yes, 1873). Please don’t take another 141 years for the next 20000 posts.

  17. serioussgtstu says:

    Oh sure, it’s all empty beer cans and Valve branded cake now, but what RPS aren’t telling us is that scotch egg consumption has gone down by 19% since the Scottish independence campaign started.

    And do you know who’s to blame? Internet blog men and Cameron’s Britain.

  18. Drake Sigar says:

    This is better than the 10,001 post, in that one you couldn’t afford the leaves.

  19. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    This post exceeded all my expectations! Cake! Beer! Leaves!

  20. Anthile says:


  21. Engineseer says:

    Congratulations, guys! You managed to make 141,851 posts per year in those 141 years of operations (0,3886 posts per day). Not bad at all, since the internet speed back in the late 1800’s was notoriously slow (40 words per minute in Morse code for a skilled operator and screenshots would have to be printed individualy and sent via Pony Express).

  22. corinoco says:

    Er, you do realise that Fosters is Australia’s idea of a joke don’t you? We just put horse urine in a can, and export it, hoping that our alleged love of good beers (have you tasted VB? That’s where we give the horse some beer first) will make idiots overseas buy it. Hilariously, they do. It’s rather hard to buy Fosters here at home, no one stocks it because it doesn’t sell.

    At least you could have had a can of White Light or Spanker (to quote my two favourite fictional ales. Bonus points to name their origins)

  23. icarussc says:

    Keep up the good work! Luv ya!

  24. corinoco says:

    Oh, and hip hooray for all the posts. You make the internet worth reading.

  25. Gap Gen says:

    In the grimdark of the 40,000th post there is only war.

  26. mcwizardry says:

    Gratz, keep up the good work!

  27. TWChristine says:

    Well I just think this is absolutely peachy!

  28. Prolar Bear says:

    The cake is not a lie, but it is indeed made of ones and zeros. Down with this sort of thing, ban this sick filth, etc.

  29. Synesthesia says:

    I didn’t ask for this.

  30. Deano2099 says:

    If your CMS is counting all articles published at any point, then it might still be counting that awkward time Quinns reviewed the WoW Magazine, before the piece was pulled. Making this the actual 20,000th post after all. Assuming no other article was ever pulled ever.

  31. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    20,001: An Ace Odyssey


  32. Themadcow says:


    FallOut 4. The abandoned lager can in a vaguely post apocalyptic landscape with lots of leaves that have Fallen Out of the trees… not sure they could have made it much clearer tbh.

  33. SuicideKing says:

    What was the 20,001th post, though?

  34. cpt_freakout says:

    Conga Rats, RPS!

  35. tikey says:

    What a shame


  36. MajorManiac says:

    You guys are awesome!

  37. Lucid Spleen says:


    I look forward to many more fine, hand-crafted words & images from your vast hive-intellect.

  38. gwathdring says:

    I love all of you. That includes you, comment-folks.

    Here’s to the next 141 years!

  39. sinister agent says:

    That can of fosters should be in a bin.

    Oh, and that one. And that one. And that one. And all of these. In fact, why are we even discussing individual cans of fosters here?

  40. JackMultiple says:

    Chloe would have figured out the message in the photo AND set up a perimeter by now.
    In other news, Edgar is still dead.

  41. thedosbox says:

    So you’re finally going to rename the site to Rock Plushie Shotgun? Yay!