Walking Dead Season 2 Ep 2 Shambling Free Next Week

Wait! Don't kill that zombie! Probably for reasons!

TOO MANY TWOS IN THAT HEADLINE. 2 Episode 2 Furious. Live Free (Walking) Die Epi2odic. I don’t know anymore. I’m having a strange day. But anyway, The Walking Dead Season Two Episode Two has been trailerfied, and it’s looking as brooding and dramatic as ever. I see potential for plot twists, revelations, and the very real possibility that the walkingest dead of all… is man. I am interested to see where this one goes, especially given that it seems to be addressing some of my concerns after season two’s slightly lukewarm first episode. Watch below, but beware of minor spoilers.

Episode The Second will be out on March 4th, and it’ll run you $4.99 on its own. For those just tuning in, you’re playing as Clementine now because – shock of all shocks – bad things happened to good people in a Walking Dead anything.

Now then, some brief commentary that will venture into spoiler territory for S2 episode one:

One of my big qualms with Clementine’s first ride about the town sans training wheels was this constant sense that Telltale was trying to match the end of S1’s pacing. I understand the need to kick off with a bang – especially when following something that garnered as many half-choked gasps as TWD S1 – but episode one didn’t really establish much. It hastily pulled out all the stops and then gave an entire new cast of characters the spotlight (in a dark room, no less) for about 20 minutes at the end. I never got attached to anybody. I just felt like I was running yet another gauntlet of cringe-worthy scenes stitched together by a loose plot and some none-too-hygienic fishing twine.

Now, though, it looks like the real central story of season two is about to begin. Or, at the very least, we’ll actually get to spend some time with these new characters. That said, the trailer makes this out to be yet another super urgent fight-or-flight-style scenario, so we may be in for another breakneck sprint all the way up to the episode’s finish. But even in that sort of plot structure, there’s room for slower, less in-your-face moments. Here’s hoping Telltale manages to strike a better balance this time around.

Who’s looking forward to continuing Clementine’s no good, very bad, um, life? Are you still digging Telltale’s tales, or are you starting to burn out – especially with all these lengthy gaps between episodes? Is Walking Dead your episodic series of choice, or is Wolf Among Us more your speed?


  1. Chiron says:

    Still. not. bitten.

    Looking forward to it, just want them to tone down on the extreme(!) gore porn such as Clem doing stitches minigame, Jesus that was the worst thing I’ve ever had to do in a game. and way over the top.

  2. Gap Gen says:

    Can’t touch this.

  3. Volcanu says:

    For the most part I enjoyed the first season, and I’m sure I’ll pick up season 2 at a later point when the whole thing is out.

    I do think it struggles with whether it wants to be an interactive storybook (a modern day fighting fantasy book) or a game. In my opinion the ‘gamey’ bits – if you can call an odd bit of swiping and prodding the screen a ‘game’ – added very little and were pretty tedious. I’d much rather they just dispensed with these sections and just focussed on the narrative and giving you the ‘choices’.

    I realise it wouldn’t even be a game anymore but given that it’s pretty poor from a gameplay perspective already, would anyone really care?

    • statistx says:

      For me the even basic gameplay is better than to just sit, watch and occasionally choose a branching outcome.
      I think you are looking at it from a wrong perspective: If the gameplay is too boring they shouldn’t cut it, but improve upon it.
      I’d love if they tie some outcome to more gameplay than just quicktime events and dialog options. ie. If you find that item or spot that thing, then the following scene offers new options.
      At the moment it’s more along the line of “You HAVE to find this and that, or it won’t progress much”

  4. Ulaxes says:

    I was totally grasped by TWD Season 1, playing all the episodes in one Weekend, deeply concerend about my Crew and emotionally struck by hard choices to make. One of the best adventure games I’ve ever played, even if the puzzles them self are not worth mentioning in the classical sense. I’ll pick up TWD E2 and WAU (which is actually the german word for the sound of a barking dog) once they released all the episodes and I can get the complete package. The same for Kentucky Road Zero, which I’m very looking forward to play.

  5. cpt_freakout says:

    I thought episode one worked fairly well as a sort of preface to the whole season. The transition to a new place and new people was needed because, IMO, the characters that were left, apart from Clementine, were not very interesting on their own. I think that what was established was that Clementine is tough as nails, which was important because it’s something that’s only hinted at by the end of S01. The whole ‘travelling’ bit and the introduction to the new group as a friendly-yet-hostile entity was very much a part of finally granting Clementine the strength that she was gradually acquiring, often reluctantly, from her relationship with Lee in the last season. We now know what she’s capable of, we got to play a bit with her personality, and so now we will probably be able to focus much better on how she will handle relationships with a bunch of starved and paranoid adults as an outsider.