Life Finds A Way – Cube & Star: An Arbitrary Love

I don’t entirely know what Cube & Star is about, but that’s OK because a) it looks relaxing and b) it’s a game which is actually out, which puts it head and shoulders above 97.4% of the other games in the RPS inbox today.

It appears to involve transforming a monochrome world into one of colour and life, like a clown visiting a local government office.

You’re this cube, see, and you spread visual joy on this star, see, like a mad painter who can also throw up skyscrapers and trees creatures. A bit like this, in fact:

Apparently there’s no way to play the game right or wrong, even though whatever’s happening up there might have the appearance of some semi-complicated puzzled game.

Also, this is supposed to happen eventually:

“As the world become more vibrant – as you lend it your own breed of charm, secrets emerge from the ground: discover ancient relics, bizarre monetary tokens and personal journal entries left by cubes long gone.”

A cube ancestor race, eh?

Ultimately, though, it’s about ‘aimless but mindful wandering’, which sounds good to me. I shall strive to take a proper look at Cube & Star, which has been out since Valentine’s Day, later this week. After all, it did win Best ‘Other’ Game in the Intel LevelUp 2013 contest, and what greater recommendation could there possibly be than that?


  1. Klams says:

    Looks kind of like Endorfun, that spinny colourerd cube game that had positive subliminal messages. Only good.

  2. SillyWizard says:

    Should be Rods & Cones.

    Judging from the screenshot, anyway. The video wouldn’t load for me. :(

  3. nebnebben says:

    This is a good trailer; 8.5/10 in my books

  4. electron105 says:

    I just want to know how the game deals with having a spherical surface made up of squares.

    • LogicalDash says:

      It’s cheating, really. The game world is much larger than the curvature in the screenshot leads you to believe. I think it’s a video filter.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      My guess is that it does it like Tetrisphere on the N64 did: it’s actually a flat grid with wrapping edges, but it’s displayed through a sort of fisheye effect that makes it look like it curves away around a sphere.

      • electron105 says:

        Ah, yes. That would certainly make more sense than them having overcome the limits of euclidean geometry.

  5. LogicalDash says:

    I tried to recommend this to a friend by describing it as what happened when some actually talented game developer played robotfindskitten and went “Damn, it sucks that this was never finished…wait…I’VE GOT IT!”

    She fled.

  6. LogicalDash says:

    This game is like, an anti-roguelike.

    Can we have that tag?

  7. Noise says:

    “and b) it’s a game which is actually out, which puts it head and shoulders above 97.4% of the other games in the RPS inbox today. ”

    I don’t believe you, it must be in beta or early access. People don’t release finished games anymore.