Canabalt Developer Forms Game Studio, Makes All Games


Adam Saltsman is probably known to you as the creator of Canabalt, the infinite runner with the fabulous glass-smashing sound. He and fellow developer Rebekah Saltsman are now setting up a studio, Finji, to bring together their many game projects under a single name. That includes Overland, a collaboration with Shay Pierce; Portico, a turn-based sorta-tower-defence-ish game previously called Grave; Capsule, a really neat, extremely difficult space game about asphyxiation which you can buy right now; and Night in the Woods, the Kickstarter funded adventure game from Alec Holowka, which Finji are helping publish.

Pssht. Lazy.

Although Saltsman is best known for Canabalt, he’s worked on projects including “FEZ, Hundreds, Old Spice Saves the World, The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire, Alphabet, [and] Gravity Hook”. Which is a lot of games. They’re using the money from their previous contract work to fund the creation of Finji and development of its games.

Overland is maybe the game that’s most interesting right now, purely because it’s the one we know the least about. It’s a turn-based, tactical survival game, and the teaser site contains only a single piece of artwork.

Capsule is maybe the game that’s most interesting right now, purely because it’s the one you can go play immediately. When I played it last year, I found it sort of grim, lonely, and slightly claustrophobic, like Captain Forever without the cathartic loop of combat and self-improvement. It’s pretty cool.

Portico is maybe the game that’s most interesting right now, because the screenshot has a nice, vibrant green in it, plus oranges, purples, some red. I’m not being facetious, this makes me want to play it.

There’s more info to be found on the Finji annnouncement post and their weekly development tumblr.


  1. frightlever says:

    That “buy right now” link looks borked.

  2. rustybroomhandle says:

    I do hope he’d just drop Flash and pick something a bit more democratic.

  3. Felixader says:

    The Site of Capsule seems like it was hacked?

    Or is that intentional page design?

    • Spoon Of Doom says:

      I’m pretty sure it’s intentional, but it still looks weird enough to make me hesitate to actually enter any payment info there (if I wanted to buy it). Also, it looks ugly as f. I know it’s probably supposed to integrate into the game’s themes or something, but I don’t know… Doesn’t look like the way to convince potential customers. Especially if they don’t know anything about the game before seeing the site.

      • Syphus says:

        I think you’re right. But I enjoy it, it reminds me of ARGs since the hex string does decode into something.

  4. HisDivineOrder says:

    They need to stop being so lethargic and get to making a LOT of games.

  5. STJamie says:

    Night in the Woods looks fabulous and it would probably interest quite a few RPS readers. Plus the kickstarter has been pretty good at kicking out info and teaser games, I’m really looking forward to it personally.