Die-aspora: Path Of Exile Adds Sacrifice Of The Vaal

Path Of Exile has expandamofied. The enormously successful online aRPG has been out of beta since October, with estimates showing approximately 13 billion people are playing at any one time. (These are my estimates, based on my inability to count.) And now there’s more of it. Sacrifice Of The Vaal pours in a ton of new content to satisfy hungry, hungry gamers.

It’s the return of Queen Atziri! AaAaaeeEEEeeeiii! With her comes lots of new secret corrupted areas, scattered within the content that was already available. But the encounter with the Queen herself is for top-level players and they say “requires a lot of skill to complete”. It’s quite an epic quest to get there in the first place, requiring you to gather shards of something or other from all over the game’s world of Wraeclast. That done, there are “multiple sets of bosses” you need to kill before old Queenipops shows up.

It also adds Vaal Skill Gems, which charge up via the deaths of enemies, and then offer huge attack skills when used. And Vaal Orbs let you corrupt your own equipment with eeeeeeevil powers, with the sacrifice that you can no longer modify that item.

Naturally for this phenomenon of e-sports action there are new Challenge Leagues, here Ambush and Invasion, each with eight challenges, and new ladders on which to try to get your name near the top. And there are 60 new bosses (sixty!), and two new PvP modes – Cut-throat and Sarn Arena.

The game remains free-to-play, with what they call “ethical microtransactions”, and it’s really rather fun. Here’s a trailer for the new content:

I imagine four-cupped bras are hard to come by, but I can’t help think that lady might want to cover up a little more carefully.


  1. Iscannon says:


    John’s best work of 2014

  2. RedViv says:

    I read that as “Sam Arena” first and wondered if it’s about playing an Irish Wolfhound with the tendency to pick up everything that isn’t nailed down, and sometimes even things that are.

  3. Themadcow says:

    You had me at “four cupped bras”

  4. 123kings says:

    13 Billions, yeah you really suck at counting :P

  5. derbefrier says:

    great game, great business model and cool devs for all those out there make F2P games this is how you do it.

    • Swanny says:

      Great timing, too, with D3’s new patch just out. This will pull a few friends out of it- on Tuesdays, at the very least.

    • richard says:

      Indeed. I wonder if they are making anything out of it? Would love to read an interview with them (hint hint Nathan Grayson).

  6. Tomsik says:

    Devs say saying that the game is supposed to kill players. Apparently it’s very successful at this in the invasion league and people are surprisingly happy about this.

  7. Bone says:

    If they can improve the Path of Desync, so my char does what I clicked him to do in crowded areas together with a few friends, i’ll start playing again.

  8. aleander says:

    I imagine four-cupped bras are hard to come by, but I can’t help think that lady might want to cover up a little more carefully.

    That’s because, like most fantasy female armor, it’s made mostly out of transparent aluminum.