forma.8 Looks Rather Lovely

I’m a sucker for silhouettey foregrounds, colourful backgrounds, it’s true. Which is likely why my brain-eyes were immediately drawn to forma.8. They stuck around for the intriguing-looking 2D exploration and splatty combat of a little floating probe.

Even better, it’s aiming for Metroidvania-style play, and there cannot be enough of these. A small exploration probe is stuck on an alien planet, with a life or death mission he’s duty-bound to complete. He’s looking for an energy source, but what he finds are ancient alien civilisations, angry enemies, and we’re told, exciting secrets. It looks really rather pretty:

They’re promising that the game will offer a sense of open freedom from the start. Of course, the sort of freedom that’s cunningly restricted by Metroidvania barriers, I hope. They’re rather boldly – for a two-man indie team – aiming to release the game on not just PC/Mac/Linux and iOS, but also PS4, Vita, and Wii U. (Take that, Xbox One.) Although a release date isn’t yet given.

However, it will be playable at this year’s Rezzed in the Leftfield Collection. And of course there’s a Greenlight.


  1. HoosTrax says:

    I’m totally getting a Pixeljunk Shooter vibe watching this trailer.

  2. Philomelle says:

    This reminds me really strongly of Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. I’m hoping they’ll only keep the art direction and completely redo the gameplay, because wow was that one a disappointment.

  3. mauzed says:

    Hello, one of the devs here. :)
    First of all, thanks for the news, this is like the only gaming site I read regularly, so is quite strange to see my creature here, black on white (well, #000000 on #FFFFFF maybe).
    Anyway, just here to say that, yes, surely the “openworldness” of the game is restricted in the classical metroidvania style (can’t pass, need power), and that you should have a demo to try somewhere, maybe in rps spam folder, ahah.

    @hoostrax: yes, there is some pixeljunk shooter inspiration, but the control system is not thrust based.

    • HaikuWin says:

      Nice to see this planned for so many platforms (even if only one matters)! It seems an age since there was news about the game and I had a sad face on my wishlist as I thought it was iOS only. Excited.

  4. grimdanfango says:

    Ooh man, that’s some meaty musics! I hope that’s indicative of the tone of the whole soundtrack. I’ll have to crank the bass up when I’m playing this one :-D

    • zentropy says:

      Indeed! You might enjoy some of this tunage from Qubit (dude who made some/most of the score). Cheers!

  5. Harlander says:

    The screenie reminds me of Another World.