Humble Weekly Sale Offers PopCap Games For Charity

Very excellent.

This week’s Humble Weekly sale is a PopCap bundle, but with an added twist: EA are giving 100% of their cut to charity. Two charities, in fact, between which you can choose your split: the V Foundation for Cancer Research, and The Melanoma Research Alliance which specifically fights skin cancer.

Pay more than $1 and you’ll get a copy of Peggle (download size: one Peggle), zen-like match three puzzler Bejeweled 3, word puzzler Bookworm Deluxe, and two other games. Pay more than $6 and you’ll also get Plants vs. Zombies, Zuma’s Revenge and Peggle Nights. You’ll even get Origin and Steam keys for each one.

Maybe this is Kindness Week and we only just realised?

If you were a regular reader of RPS circa 2007-2010, you’ll already know what all these games are and why they’re great. Specifically, Peggle is a pachinko-like arcade game in which you fire balls to clear pegs, presented in a silly, emphatic style, replete with bombastic blaring of Ode to Joy whenever you clear the final peg. I like to play it with a crowd gathered around a projector screen at house parties.

Zuma has a similar ball-firing mechanic, but is about matching three colours in a snake of similar balls. Bejeweled 3 is the most modern edition of the match-three puzzle game your Mum plays while she’s pretending to listen to you on the phone (and which I play while lounging on the couch). And Plants vs. Zombies is the tower defense game in which you place spitting flowers to protect your home from the zombie hordes.

God, it’s a great selection of games. I hear Bookworm is brilliant too. If you don’t any of them, go chuck in some money for the fight against cancer and have fun while feeling good about yourself. And/or pitch in to help Brandon Boyer with a similar Humble Bundle sale of Devolver games.


  1. aliksy says:

    I think my contempt for EA is so great I’d rather just donate to charity and not buy their subsidiary’s games.

    • Baboonanza says:

      So what you mean is that you will do neither right?

      • aliksy says:

        I don’t have to prove myself to you. I probably can’t, because you’d just insist it’s a photoshopped image.

    • nailbunny says:

      There is no possible way to give EA (or their subsidiary) money in this transaction.

      • Moraven says:

        But having anything related to EA, including PopCap games, will taint his PC and/or Steam account.

  2. realitysconcierge says:

    I seen that xbox guy playing that game up there on twitch the other day.

  3. mechabuddha says:

    Where is Insaniquarium? Commence internet rage!

  4. LogicalDash says:

    They’re all on Windows and Mac but no Linux.

    This is the dumbest.

  5. derbefrier says:

    Ahhh peggle the hardcore gamers guilty pleasure

  6. lomaxgnome says:

    This bundle had reached an almost mythical level in some circles as it had been found in the steam database many months ago and each week we would wait and see if it was coming and be presented with some other bundle. Would be really curious to know if the plan was always to release it this week or if something else had been intended. An exceptional deal, especially when you think of all those copies of Bejeweled that have sold (and continue to sell) at Walmart over the years for $10-$20 each.

  7. Moraven says:

    I see this like an exhibit at a museum. The museum of game developers pre-EA. What a wonderful view it is.

    PvZ 2 is half the game of the original and then to limit their Garden Warfare game to Xbox only? (They plan a PC release, I will believe it when I see it).

  8. Captchist says:

    I used to play popcap games all the time… when they were mods for World of Warcraft I could play while on taxis.

    Good times.

  9. sinister agent says:


  10. Ladygrace says:

    I hate it when big companies make these bundles. What they are trying to do is make it up to the people who have screwed them over also so they dont get the worst company again. EA has burned to many people and i will not be buying this bundle due to the lack of Linux support as well as EA can go screw them self.

    • sinister agent says:

      I can all but guarantee you that EA don’t give the slightest shit about that “worst company ever” thing. I know I wouldn’t, because aside from clearly not making a scratch on their success, it’s fucking pathetic.

      • Vinraith says:

        Whiny internet children think the whole world revolves around them, the idea that EA doesn’t care what they think is just unfathomable. The “I refuse to give money to charity because EA is terrible” non-sequitur has to be one of the funnier tantrums I’ve seen on the internet.

        • jrodman says:

          Although it’s good PR to pretend to care what your customers think, I’m not sure it’s good PR to pretend to care what “you are the worst company ever” people think.

        • El_Emmental says:

          “Charity” being a magic word is a laughable belief too – thinking that donating a minuscular fraction of your spare money to an organization (that can spend it on anything it wants – here, example: labs owned by relatives, overcharging their work, patenting any discoveries) suddenly makes you a better person, really ?

          People have no problem “optimizing” their tax report to dodge $1 000 to several millions of dollars of taxes, while donating $100 (or $100 000, for the wealthiest, who owe millions in taxes) to an organization exploiting the image of dying children is perfectly fine.

          And here with the EA bundle we’ve got people “donating” to charities… only because they can get video games. And EA is only doing this because of the positive PR they’ll get from it (they could very easily just donate some of their profits to these charities if they actually cared about cancer research).

          Refusing to take part in that “feel-good” masquerade is a perfectly valid choice.

          How many millions of dollars they ripped developers’ off by buying out the studio only to fire everyone right away and profit from the IPs only with terrible sequels ? How many millions of dollars they ripped developers’ off by forcing them to crunch and do overtime (damaging their health and quality of life) without compensations ? These people will have to pay for cancer treatments and health insurance too, I hope that EA bundle will earn enough for these charities to compensate that…

      • El_Emmental says:

        Sure, they don’t care about it now, because their current business plan doesn’t require any prior trust for their customer base – most of their clients are new players or occasional players who do not see “video games” as a culture on its own, they don’t know video games history nor follow the news.

        But if they ever need to add a secondary business plan that requires prior trust to generate enough sales, they will have a significant amount of negative trust to fight back to establish themselves as a reliable and trustable company. Accumulating such a massive debt of trust is not very wise, commercially speaking.

        The recent poor commercial performance of BF4 showed how very volatile was their main audience and how the lack of trust between players and the publisher (DICE has a much better image than EA) rapidly doomed BF4.

        Same with their attempt at diversifying their products (= diversifying their source of revenues) when they tried to make different games (Mirror’s Edge) or indie/indie-like games through partnership programs (EA Partners was closed a few months ago, one of the reason being its lack of profitability – despite a very positive feedback from the indie devs themselves).

        The lack of trust with the “hardcore” video games audience also prevents the marketing benefits of the word-of-mouth with that audience, and force EA to invest millions into marketing banners online, TV ads, trade shows like E3, and gaming news websites coverage and “previews” to achieve any market awareness.

        It means any smaller or medium-size product by EA will struggle to get any media exposure (no giant budget for it, only for the AAA) or word-of-mouth marketing (EA = negative trust) and has more chance to fail (in terms of marketing success).

        If the video game market suddenly makes AAA project too risky and hard to turn a profit, or if the stock market no longer believe EA is capable of handling it, the negative trust will greatly limit EA’s redeployment possibilities, it will be a strong handicap.

        Also, even if many (young) developers still dream of joining EA, many veterans (very valuable for all type of projects) are leaving the company or refusing to join in because of the “corporate” culture, that results in poor working conditions, poor job stability, no respect for employees by the upper level of management, no respect for their customers. Whenever they can afford it, many leave the place after a handful of years.

        EA can still hire more mercenaries and armies of interns to finish projects more or less “on time” (resulting in bugged overpriced-for-the-value-provided mess), and survive with the power of marketing, but it’s gambling all your assets again and again, there’s no security at all.

  11. interfild says:

    thank you start games

  12. Krag says:

    There’s also another bundle on bundlestars with the excellent Expeditions: Conquistador
    link to

  13. DigitalImpostor says:

    What they are trying to do is make it up to the people who have screwed them over

    You mean “What they are trying to do is make it up to the people who they have screwed over”

    EA has burned to many people and i will not be buying this bundle due to the lack of Linux support as well as EA can go screw them self.

    So you’d rather say “screw EA” than give money to two charities (money that EA gets none of) and get a bunch of great games?

  14. HisDivineOrder says:

    You don’t have to pay more than a dollar.

    You can pay a dollar to get those initial games. ;)

    …just sayin’.

  15. headless97 says:

    There’s a prevailing attitude of hatred toward EA here. Understandable. Broken releases (BF4, Need for Speed: Rivals), Always Online DRM, lies about said DRM, the mobile version of Dungeon Keeper, Microtransactions for Plants vs Zombies 2, the very idea of Garden Warfare, and the consumption of the greatest game developers in the history of gaming are all very large black marks on their record. Wow, that’s quite a list………

    But still, the money goes to charity and you get some of popcap’s greatest games, before EA ate their souls.

  16. LogicalDash says:

    EA’s move here is associating their name with the names of some other stuff that people like, like Humble Bundle, and Child’s Play. It makes no difference, for this purpose, how much money the bundle makes.