Oh Wow Gang Beasts Has A Ferris Wheel Level Now Geez

Bueller? Bueller?

Not every game needs its every update covered, but Gang Beasts might. It’s an indie single-screen fighting game with wobble physics, designed for 1-4 players to stumble around, punching and grabbing and tossing one another into meat grinders. Its latest alpha – 0.0.2, yep – adds three new levels, including one that set on a working ferris wheel and another with the game’s first set of AI opponents.

The thing I love about Gang Beasts is it combines the throwaway, sillyphysics (a single, real word) of something like Sumotori Dreams with settings ripped out of action movies. So you can fight on a window cleaner’s gondola, on the roof of a swerving truck, and now on a boardwalk ferris wheel. In the latter, you all start in the same cart, but can quickly leap out the windows. Don’t try walking down the pier though; someone forgot to nail the wooden boards down.

Eventually Gang Beasts is going to allow for co-op, and the new level Streets is the start of that. It’s a simple setup at the moment: you walk down the street and gangs of street punks appear from the buildings. It’s also, if you’re a lonely sort without many game-playing friends, your first opportunity to really play Gang Beasts on your own, without simply hurling yourself into its physics traps again and again. Which, to be honest, is pretty fun anyway.

Gang Beasts isn’t a complicated pleasure. It’s early days, and I’m sure the game will grow in scale and complexity as its developers add to it. But really, if the screenshot at the head of this post didn’t already sell you on this as a thing worth playing, I don’t know that we can really date anymore.

But maybe I’d be willing to give the relationship one last chance. Here, look at this GIF. Then do what feels right.


  1. Davie says:

    This has rapidly become my favorite drunken party game. Additionally, my eleven-year-old sister is inexplicably, terrifyingly good at it. Can’t wait until they flesh it out a little further.

  2. Zankmam says:

    Still holding my fingers crossed that we get online multyplayer in the future.

  3. SillyWizard says:

    That gif is a crime against nature.

  4. DrollRemark says:

    I don’t mean this to sound rude (which I’m sure it no doubt will, thanks internet), but can I request a few less gifs on your posts please Graham? Maybe I’m in the minority, but I still think they’re much more of an irritation than anything useful.

    At least with some of your others, they’re just conveying short frame character animations. I’m not even sure what the one above is trying to show.

    • Ztox says:

      You can’t see it? It’s just one of the game’s characters swinging on a piece of wire/rope and another character grabbing him, it’s just an example of how silly the game is. I think you’re maybe looking for more than what there is.

      Its very silly, from what I’ve played of it. Could be a good one for local mp in the future.

      Edit: read post back, not trying to sound like a dick. Damn Internet :)

    • Synesthesia says:

      Gifs are awesome. Go get a hug.

    • The Random One says:

      Burn the heretic! *opens banner of Nicolas Cage making a silly face*

    • bill says:

      Agreed. They give me a headache. At least put some kind of pause at the end before making them endlessly loop, so we can work out where the start and end are.

    • MrUnimport says:

      gifs are great, much more convenient than loading a full Youtube video.

  5. aerozol says:

    As long as it’s your ‘thing’ I don’t really mind.
    I don’t want them everywhere, but a good one sure gets the feel of a game across. The one above is telling me a ton haha, this game does look awesome…

  6. Muzman says:

    That gif would be complete if the blue guy was hanging on for dear life while punching the other guy in the face.

    The responsiveness needs a bit of a tweak, and the throwing, but the feel is pretty good so far. Potentially an extremely satisfying sock-em-up this one.

  7. jonahcutter says:

    The physics. The interactivity with the environment. The drunken-baby animations. The potential seems sky-high.

    I’m just now playing Shadows of the Colossus and this reminds me of it a bit. The truck and ferris wheel levels especially. Maneuvering your way through a moving, physics-based game environment. Refine the avatar and camera controls a bit, and you could end up with some fascinating and highly entertaining gameplay.

  8. bstard says:

    Based on a true story being episode 3×01 Bottom Hole?