Plant It: Rust Getting Farming, TF2-Like Item Creation

Time for some wanton murrrrddeee-- oh my, that is a splendid tomato crop!

Rust is already a purring, slurring engine of human depravity, but there’s no denying that it’s all rather barebones at the moment. You can explore, you can build a house around other people’s houses and take them prisoner but mercifully feed them tuna every couple hours, but Garry (of Garry’s Mod fame) and co have much bigger plans for the future. At this particular moment, that means a whole slew of improvements including a new UI, farming, and an item editor modeled after the one that produces Team Fortress 2’s infamous headwear selection.

Yep, not only will Rust let you torture and kill people – it’ll let you torture and kill people in cool hats. Here’s the plan for that feature:

“Something we’ve wanted to explore for a while is the possibility of an internet-based item editor. We want to get it in a position where anyone on the team can edit items. Then we want to open it up to the public – like TF2 did with hats. Obviously items submitted by the public wouldn’t automatically appear in game. We’ll be looking through them, you’ll be voting on them, we’ll be editing and accepting them and making sure it all works.”

A total UI overhaul is also high on Facepunch’s list of Things Wot Need Doing despite the fact that other issues might seem more immediately pressing. There is, however, more to it than that. Newman explained: “Right now we’re restricted by the UI because we know we want to replace it eventually so we’re putting off adding things (like putting stuff in stuff, weight effects, etc) because we don’t want to write code to throw it away. The pass we’re doing on the UI should mean that we’re able to push even further forward.”

And of course, Rust wouldn’t be a videogame without farming. Ever since the medium was pioneered by hits like Farmwar and Pac-Man (Is A DIY Vegan), it’s been the heart and soul of “core” games. On that front, Newman simply said “it’s what it sounds like.” It is farming. You will farm.

So there’s a quick snapshot of Rust’s near-ish future. What sorts of features would you like to see added?


  1. derbefrier says:

    One of these days I am going to have to try this game out.

    • citrusninja says:

      I’d really like to see assless chaps added to this game.

    • hamilcarp says:

      I wouldn’t buy it unless you have friends to play with.

  2. theirongiant says:

    I’d love to see an interview that covers what they intend this game to be. Beyond the fact that it’s definitely not going to be a zombie game there doesn’t seem to be any vision of what they are aiming for.

    • Unclepauly says:

      Ummm….. I’m preeettty sure it’s a game where things get rusty. Like seriously, how did you not know that? hahahahHAhaha

    • jellydonut says:

      That’s like asking what ‘kind’ of game Minecraft was supposed to be.

      It’s evidently a survival game where you survive and build in a persistent game world.

      • Smashbox says:

        Or, you could actually describe the types of features that the game has – which is obviously what his comment meant.

    • Mabswer says:

      Well that one is easy, openworld CS with survival like system on top. won’t get much different from that.

  3. DarkFarmer says:

    like many, Rust needs to focus on technical problems and not new features. Fixing being unable to connect to certain servers consistently, rampant cheats and server lag (caused by having too many player made buildings) are the main “features'” we would like to see added to rust.

    • Ergates_Antius says:

      No. Rust is clearly still early in development and no-where near feature complete.

      There is little point in spending much time hammering out all the existing bugs when they’re still adding whole new features – which will introduce new bugs and/or break existing systems. Even worse – you migth spend ages fixing something which then gets removed from the game completely

      Get the bulk of the features in, *then* get them working properly – at least then you know what you’re aiming for.

      • DarkFarmer says:

        if we’re on hats, i think the “bulk of the features are in and we know what were aiming for” and its time to fix the cheats, ddos and server lag. but i might be wrong.

        • Smashbox says:

          This isn’t hats. It’s a way to get user made content in the game, presumably to flesh it out

        • derbefrier says:

          You probably are wrong besides who says its just going to be hats and who said this is the last big feature implemented? You are making assumtioins based on well, nothing really. This is why I am waiting before I purchase anymore early access games. You simply have no way of knowing how long you will have to put up with things like this.

          • DarkFarmer says:

            I’ll buy that. I am getting tired of early access myself. They just haven’t panned out well, IMO. I think knowing the size of the project, knowing your scope and budget and going from start to finish is key. As a developer myself, I understand completely why you’d want to just take the money and move onto a new project, making games is fun during the first 10% and horrific during the last 90%. Not getting any money until you are finished is a good way to avoid that.

          • Kitsunin says:

            The thing is, early access is early access. The game isn’t complete. At this point making it actually playable is something they can choose to do now…or later. That’s kind of the point. I have stopped buying early-access, betas or whatever unless I’m either really into what they’re doing and don’t care if I don’t play it for a year, or I know they’re in great shape already and the game is worth playing in its current state.

            It’s easy to see all these early access games and get carried away but you need to remember what they are…even if you’re only going to complain if the game just straight up doesn’t work on your PC, then you should probably chill for a while and wait for the actual release.

      • jellydonut says:

        Finding and fixing bugs is easier before you pile on even more features that make bug hunting near impossible.

      • teije says:

        That would a terrible approach to development, resulting in new bugs on top of old buggy code. No competent dev shop would do that. If they do take that approach, this game will be an unstable mess forever.

  4. Comrade Roe says:

    I have a feeling that with farming, players will use guns and enticing hats to run around and enlist slaves. Rust is going to turn into the 1800s United States South. On the other hand, you could also run around as an ex-slave rebel, freeing slaves like that new expandalone for Black Flag.

    • 4th Dimension says:

      And you’ll probably than be promptly killed by the slaves you freed for your belongings.

  5. The Random One says:

    It’d be interesting if they could also change the appearance of items in-game, so you could have factions creating uniforms and such. And bright pink fire jackets – the ultimate goal for video games.

  6. joekiller says:

    Rust will be good to have hats. Being that I played TF2 I know hats are fantastic. Hats really are the FPS answer to personalization. You can distinguish them from a distance and they can carry unique colors. This would fit well into rust’s armor system where the clothes indicate the strength of armor. If people want full cloths it basically has to be that the amor would cover the clothes and clearly be seen as armor.

    Farming will be interesting, most likely allow people to move further into the frontier.