Rad Men: A Wasteland 2 Diary, Part 2 – Of Toads & Toasters

Continuing adventures in the beta (i.e. unfinished, thus everything I mention is subject to change) of inXile’s post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 2. Part 1 is here.

And so our merry band of four – wait, suddenly we’re a merry band of five. Angela, a grizzled but approachable senior Ranger, requests to join us just as we prepare to step into the irradiated desert sands proper, as we’re on the trail of a mysterious killer, someone or something that murdered Ace, a comrade of hers. She speaks of experience and adventures past, of how something ain’t right and how we look like the stuff that stories are made from. She speaks suspiciously as though we might have heard of her before, a long time ago. Nah, can’t be.

Also she’s apparently a 15-year veteran of the Desert Rangers, but lists her current age as 20.

Come now, Angela, nobody enjoys ageing, but unless the wasteland boasts some especially skilled plastic surgeons you’re not fooling anyone with that big of a lie.

Before we leave camp, we also get given orders and repeatedly admonished by a man who is a drill sergeant in all but name, get refused entry into the main ranger base despite attempts at sycophancy towards the door guard, and we get beaten up by a goat. The goat, you see had a cruel friend (who was human, not a goat) who set us up for capra-based conflict by asking us to collect a water can lying near this enraged, yet somehow domesticated, beast. What I’m saying is, should you ever find yourself in a ranger camp, ignore anyone who asks you to pick up a water can. All they really want is to see horn-shaped bruises on your backside.

We decide not to wreak bloody vengeance on the goat, though the option is there. If our first blood was an ill-tempered but otherwise innocent farm animal, we’d be setting a humiliating and ignoble precedent for our adventures. Let’s try and kill someone with a mohawk and too much metal in his face instead.

Soon enough we’re in luck, but first it’s a trek across the desert, keeping a wary eye on our water supply. Not much to worry about for this first, short hop to the last known location of Angel’s missing chum. An oasis crops up en route, and after idly wondering why people are living in the dry bits of the world rather than the lovely shady damp bits, we refill our water cans and proceed to a bandit-guarded radio mast.

Now, we’d resolved to be goodly, heroic, co-operative sorts, but when some mad-eyed bugger immediately demands a toll without so much as a hello first, our distress at the lack of basic human courtesy gets the better of us. And as luck would have it, one of the three oiks in our way has a big purple mohawk. Can’t get close enough to tell if there’s a bunch of metal in his face too, but close enough. This was meant to be, I tell you.

It’s a good thing Angela joined us. She knows what she’s doing. She can fire her own gun and people fall over when she does. We band of four greenhorns in assorted headgear don’t fare quite so well. Slick and Fade both take hits without doling out any damage, Resident medic Pills fails to heal Slick, and Bear… actually, Bear does OK.

But we make it. We’ve killed someone with a Mohawk, and thus gain our Stereotypical Post-Apocalyptic Bandit Slaying scout badge.

The next pack of bandits, just around the corner, are cheerfully oblivious to the fact that their pointy-haired mates are currently dripping the last of their gravy into the parched ground, and wave us through, presuming we’ve paid the toll. Two of them have mohawks. Our hands hover over our gun holsters.

No, no – let it lie. A haircut doesn’t say everything about a man’s character. Perhaps they’re nice bandits? Just because they demand money off strangers at gunpoint doesn’t mean they’re bad people. At any rate, we’re here to find out who or what killed Ace, fellow ranger and old chum of the impressively competent Angela. He was out here delivering repeaters, radio gizmos to help the non-evil wasteland denizens communicate from afar, but there’s no sign of his missing logbook or the repeater units.

We do, however, find a metal leg in a nearby cave. No one seems willing to wield it as a weapon, which is deeply disappointing, but it does prompt excited chatter about robo-people. Exciting! I wonder if they’ve got chrome mohawks? (Too much metal in their faces is, I suspect, a given).

Other than for the leg, the cave contains only one other sign of life:

A toaster. A toaster! In a cave. Someone, at some point, has been in this cave, making toast. Man, I envy them. I could really go for some cave-toast right now. Was it whoever owned the metal leg? Or maybe someone just used a metal leg to fish out pieces of bread which got stuck, or perhaps as a butter knife? Perhaps a mysterious Breakfast Cult are even now undertaking a great and dangerous journey to the fabled Cave Of Toast. But has this toaster ever made toast? Has this cave ever known the comforting tang of gently burned bread? More to the point, can we have some toast now?

No, because none of our team is qualified in toaster repair. We leave the cave, looking sadly over our shoulders and imagining the crumpets and muffins that might have been.

Spirits are lifted when the next cave turns out to contain a giant toad. While we passed on beating up animals earlier on, this is after all a giant animal, and also it’s attacking us with a ferocity which suggests we will die in no short order unless we strike back. To arms, rangers!

Everyone turns out to be pretty good at toad killing, though the so far useless, knife-sporting Slick comes within an inch of death. The toad’s corpse yields a toad’s eye, which is apparently worth an impressive $22. Note to self: steal toads’ eyes whenever possible.

Behind the toad we find a metal man who just so happens to be missing one metal leg. Well, that’s one mystery solved. We also find some pages from Ace’s logbook, and the repeater units. Hey, that was quick. We’re pretty good at this ranger business.

Better still, we’re granted a promotion for our fine efforts in toad-slaying, mohawk-murdering and repeater-collecting. This means skill boosts or additions for everyone, and that means one very high priority – training someone in toaster repair. Fade, you’re our most reliable member – this means you shall bear our greatest responsibility. You, brave frontier lawman, shall learn how to repair kitchen electronics.

Quivering with excitment, we head back to The Cave Of Toast. Just think of what will be possible once we have a working toaster! Does anywhere round here sell poptarts?

The toaster explodes when Fade tries to fix it.

I am inconsolable.

Part 3 soon. The Wasteland 2 beta is available on Steam Early Access now.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Lexx87 says:

    Got confused then!

    You talk about picking up a metal “camp” – realise it means “can”

    Good article though! Poor toaster :(

    • Shuck says:

      Don’t feel sad, that toaster is now in Silicon Heaven.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        There… There is no silicon heaven. Tell this to murderous kill bots whose actors used to be in hit TV Show “Absolutely” however, and you’ll be fine

  2. Henchimus says:

    I really wanna play this; but I have a free copy on release ‘cos of my backing for Torment, and consequently don’t wanna pay for a new copy just to play a beta version :P

    • teije says:

      In the same boat here. Well, just have to play vicariously for the nonce.

    • SillyWizard says:

      Oh the trials of the privileged.

    • nindustrial says:

      Same here, but honestly, this is the kind of game I don’t want to touch until it’s done anyway.

    • paddymaxson says:

      Wait for the final version, theyve done a number of beta updates that break your save game and currently you cant get through the whole game so I’d recommend waiting for the finished product. It’s really good though!

  3. ucfalumknight says:

    Maybe she is 20 in dog years? Or perhaps, goat years…

    • Smashbox says:

      That would make her, like, four. You must mean giant frog years.

    • Shuck says:

      If she was a teen when she joined and is now a 15-year veteran, I’m guessing her age was supposed to be “30,” thus making it a typo rather than an intentional joke, unfortunately. Hopefully that’s the sort of thing that will get fixed before official release…

      • YogSo says:

        Interestingly, there’s a second, more modern portrait shown in that Wiki page Alec linked to, and on it her age is said to be 43.

        • fredcadete says:

          That character sheet also says she doesn’t smoke. That must be a chocolate cigarette hanging from her mouth, then.

      • paddymaxson says:

        I believe it’s actually a bug that resets characters to the default age which is 20. It happens to all the characters Ive created as templates then saved

  4. Drake Sigar says:

    Maybe Desert Rangers are like Spartans and learn to kill the wildlife before they can walk.

    • Baines says:

      I thought that at first, that she’d been trained since childhood. But the text says she was at least in her teens, if not older, when she joined the Rangers. (She started rebelling in her teens, ending up in a Rangers drunk tank at some point, and then joined.)

      So, yeah, she should be at least 28 (if she rebelled at 13). Probably in the 30-33 range.

  5. Keyrock says:

    I won’t lie, I could easily be persuaded to join this Breakfast Cult. Sure, it’s bound to end in ritual suicide, but until then I would be enjoying the deliciousness of breakfast all day long!

  6. Shadow says:

    Seargent. Ugh. Unless that’s meant to be some kind of laser-toting gentleman, I find it unacceptable. I don’t know how such an obvious typo slipped through.

    That said, yeah, it’s beta and all. Good to see this game’s maturing. When’s the full release due?

  7. Enkinan says:

    My initial builds contained at least 1 in all skills, so I ROCKED that toaster with my super smart (10) and charismatic (10) ranger that was just horrific in combat (every other attribute at 1-3). I believe there were some bullets lodged in there. She also was a smart ass to the toll punk and confused him into letting us pass without incident.

    We returned later to kill them anyway, because I didn’t want them tampering with our new functioning radio tower that she repaired with computer tech.

    I found it actually worked very well to have one character be the leader, barterer, smart ass, kiss ass, toaster repairer, computer tech, surgeon, and medic. I gave her 1 point in sniper rifle and had her stay far away from combat situations. It allowed my other three Rangers to be lethal badasses. I did one as a theifly sort with high coordination and speed (Energy Weapons, Lockpick, Safecrack), one tough guy (melee, heavy weapons, assault rifles, brute force) and then an all combat attribute shotgun/SMG gal.

    Still wondering how I missed Angela. I ended up with Scotchmo and Rose, with Ralphy for a stretch. The NPC’s are pretty great, they chime in frequently and appropriately.

  8. Ziffy says:

    “I wanted to be in Goat Simulator, instead I get stuck guarding a water can! Baaahhh!”

  9. The Random One says:


    Wasteland 2 – Aberforth
    Broken Sword – Billy

  10. MrNash says:

    “Also she’s apparently a 15-year veteran of the Desert Rangers, but lists her current age as 20.”

    Maybe she was a child soldier. Way to be an enabler, Alec!

  11. Bobka says:

    I don’t know, in a post-apocalyptic wasteland I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that some 5-year-olds DO get their hands dirty, since it’s such a struggle to survive. Maybe she was a scout or a courier or even a child soldier.

    • AyeBraine says:

      Yes, but the bio says she enlisted after getting hammered and causing all sorts of riot, then waking up in a drunk tank. I mean, that’s also hilarious, but technically a little difficult for a 5-year old.

  12. Shooop says:

    You’re going to make me want this game if you keep this series up. I’m shit at strategy games, stop it!

  13. VeNT666 says:

    Why did you not repair and enslave the metal man?