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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bundle of Joy


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You can blame this week’s title on one Matthew Parsons, who delivered this image of “pig” aka “the plushie that is occasionally called Arnold.” On top of sending in a community stuffed animal, Mr. Parsons also shot a picture of said cuddly toy’s round-cheeked owner. In a bucket. Yes, there’s a picture of a little girl with a bucket on her head in my inbox. I am dead from cute. Anyway, have some cheaply priced bundles of joy in honour of Mr. Parsons’ bundle of joy.

Luck of the Irish / Pot of Gold
Save up to 90% when you pick your own five games
Ah, you Irish people. With your potatoes, your leprechauns, ginger-haired beauties and this delicious Luck of the Irish bundle. How can we not adore you?’s special bundle is flat-out awesome. You’re going to need to pick five games, it seems, in order to benefit from the huge savings. However, has made it easy. Off the top of my head, I’d recommend Fez, Hotline Miami, Book of Unwritten Tales, Reus, Dust: An Elysian Tail and Brutal Legend. I also recently heard great things about Expeditions: Conquistador. (Thank you, commenter whose name I cannot quite recall!)

Want to gamble on the Pot of Gold offer? Sure thing! For $2, you can test your luck against the RNG to see if you’ll end up with a cool game.

Bundle of Love for Brandon Boyer
This bundle makes me so very, very happy. Like, you have no idea. 30 great indie games (and counting) brought together into one convenient $25 bundle? All in the name of loving support and charity? Sure! According to the website, all of the proceeds will be poured directly into the Brandon Boyer Cancer Treatment Relief. If there is any excess, those spare dollars will then be funneled straight into a selected cancer research organization. Unless my mathematical skills were crippled by prolonged exposure to plushies, it looks like they’ve raised over $300,000 already. Woohoo!

Reboot 2.0 Bundle Stars
The backlog hungers and websites like Bundle Stars make it ever easier to feed the beast. Reboot 2.0 features a host of curious games, including Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space which many have compared FTL to. Sadly, the rest of the games seem to be “okay” on average, with Metacritic declaring a near-universal 3 out of 5 stars for all parties involved. (Afterfall Insanity was the weird, unpopular kid in the line-up with its almost 3 out of 5 stars.) Still, $2.00. $2.00 really is a nice set of numbers. (P.S: This bundle most likely will be over by the time you read this, I think. Just, y’know, saying.)

The SEGA Humble Weekly Sale
Price to beat $5.99/£3.60/€4.31
Yup, it’s all bundles this week. Why? I don’t know. Because I can, I suppose. (Also see squee-filled introduction.) The SEGA Humble Weekly Sale features a solid cast of suspects. Company of Heroes is an old favorite of mine as is Rome: Total War. I even like The Typing of the Dead: Overkill which is kind of camp, kind of silly but nonetheless quite brilliant.

Also of note:

The Debut II Bundle – Current minimum price to pay $3.49/£2.10/€2.51
Consider this bundle tentatively recommended. I’m curious about Spice Road, which puts you in charge of an 18th century colonial governor. 8-bit Commando looks interesting as well, especially if you’ve been hankering for a Contra clone.

The Learn to Code Bundle – Price to beat $13.24/£7.96/€9.52
I’m breaking from the usual profusion of video game bargains in favor of something a little more, well, constructive. This pay-what-you-will bundle will provide access to 8 “actionable online courses”, 826 total lectures and “more than 80 hours of content.” Um. Time to get your (web) coding on?

Epic Fantasy Bundle – Current price to beat $12/£7.22/€8.63
In for a penny, in for a pound? Yes, this is totally not a video game bundle. But it does feature some fantastic writers, great reading material and something to do in between gaming sessions. (Please don’t hurt me. )

Agricultural Simulator 2013: Collector’s Edition – $5.99/£4.99/€4.31
Remember Nathan’s farm? Remember that apocalyptic farm at the end of days?Well, there you go.

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