Spike-ological Drama: Imagine Me

There are two trailers seeking to make you desire KinifiGames’ Imagine Me below. The first contains a miniature low budget remake of Koyaanisqatsi with the Philip Glass score replaced by a song that, while pleasant enough, makes me think of achingly twee adverts that are selling floppy-haired lifestyles as well as mobile phones. By the end, you’d have absolutely no clear idea what the game actually involves, unless you’ve noticed the preview screen for the second video below, in which case you’ll be well aware that it’s a lo-fi platformer packed with spikes and trampolines.

Not a spike in sight.

Perhaps there’s a link between the spikes, the bouncing and the ‘lost memories’ of the protagonist. The Early Access page tells me that dark fears will be faced, in the form of boss battles, but the crossover between the levels and the story isn’t clear from the snippets I’ve seen.

There’s a roadmap to the full release on the Steam page as well, suggesting that the art style is only a quarter ‘finished’ and that around 30% of the story has been implemented so far. The story is non-linear and the levels will eventually have elements of randomisation. There’s no mention of infinite trampolines but I’d imagine it’s an inevitable end-point of production, as it is for the gardens of suburban Britain.

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  1. ANtY says:

    looks like a 12yo’s first GameMaker game

    but yeah, Activision guy and a nice misleading artwork – what else do you need

  2. AngelTear says:

    I was pleasantly impressed with the first trailer, in the sense that I’d have loved a game that tried to capture that atmosphere. When I’ve actually seen the game, I was a bit put off. It reminded me of Karoshi, and while it may certainly be enjoyable, it was not what the first trailer led me to expect.

    Then again, To The Moon is a thing. So, here’s hoping.

  3. Tinus says:

    This is a joke, right?

    Here’s a teaser trailer for my game: link to youtube.com

    Here’s a gameplay trailer for my game:

    I’ll give the creator the benefit of the doubt, but the game & marketing do not look very cohesive.

  4. Cinek says:

    Good cover, but that’s all. Everything else looks like shit.

  5. fenriz says:

    is it a psycho-logical experiment on the way hype works? And based on sales result we will know that big words like PAX and STEAM thrown in can do all the job?

  6. Premium User Badge

    jezcentral says:

    Ugh. I genuinely thought it was one of those adverts that YouTube make you watch, before letting you see the movie you were after.

    I only put two and two together when I couldn’t see the “You can skip this ad in 4…3…2…1…seconds” widget.

  7. KinifiGames says:

    Hey Everyone :)
    Thanks for taking the time to comment and give us your feedback! :D Imagine Me is in public alpha and that is definitely not for everyone. We are still using prototype art in-game, so you are correct that its not very pretty. We’d love to have you check back late May when the game is out of Early Access. You can also follow our progress on Steam, we update regularly and builds are coming fast! :D Feel free to send any comments, suggestions, or bug reports (if you’ve played it) to [email protected] Cheers!

    • TechnicalBen says:

      Thanks for the info. The complaints are not that the game “is not pretty” though. The confusion is that the add has no relation to the game. Or that the theme/presentation is very much separate from the observation and experience of the game.

      That can sometimes be done. But I suppose if everyone is to understand that, it needs to be signposted to the viewer/buyer/user.

      Hope all goes well. :)

      • KinifiGames says:

        That’s great feedback too! :D Thanks +TechnicalBen We tried to convey a deeper message with the trailer and it doesn’t seem like it worked. :) We haven’t implemented the story yet, so the trailer and description might seem a bit off from the alpha “bare bones” gameplay. Thats a fair assesment and we are learning a ton from this experience! The feedback and comments are not falling on deaf ears. Keep them coming!