Ultra Street Fighter 4 Final Mega Character Reveal


Capcom has insisted that this trailer is the final character reveal for Ultra Street Fighter 4, but how can we trust a company that released Street Fighter 2 seventeen times (Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is a thing that exists) with any sort of claim of finality? I’m hitting ‘post’ on this, but the minute I do I expect a Special Massive Mega Character Reveal Trailer Remix to arrive, and I’ll have to do a Quantumly Entangled Awesome Excellent Fistbump post in response. Then on and on and on. The trailer introduces Decapre, one of Bison’s henchman, and an apparently new character to control.

Though she does look just a little bit familiar *cough*-Cammy-*cough*. Hey, it wouldn’t be a Street Fighter game if there weren’t at least two versions of the same character. This is another of Bison’s dolls, his brainwashed henchwoman killificators. Decapre’s a mix of Cammy-ish charges and Vega’s slicey claw attacks. She can also share her pain psychically, which is probably what’s happening in the main screenshot. Either that or she ate an ice-lolly too quickly.

The trailer isn’t just about the Russian femmesassin, though: it invokes all the additions to the base game, showing glimpses of Rolento, Elena, Poison, and Hugo in action.

It won’t be on the PC until August. Anyone interested?


  1. Bremze says:

    The most important thing about the PC version is that it finally dumps GFWL which means I’ll actually be able to purchase it unlike Super.

    By the way, since fighting games have recently made more of a presence on the Only System That Matters, will RPS dig up a freelance writer person that knows his anime airdasher Melty from anime airdasher BlazBlue, thinks that KoF XIII is the best fighting game in the last decade that none plays and firmly holds the belief that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is the best worst game or worst best game or simply the best?

    • Shockeh says:

      I was actually so damn angry about that terrible PC release of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger recently (being a long term fan of it and played it locally in Manchester loads) that I actually looked up the Publisher and sent them an email asking WTF they thought they were doing.

      Releasing a fighting game that’s been superceded by FOUR versions, and not only that but for some arbitrary reasons taking AWAY the online netplay component was just so utterly, astoundingly inane it actually reset my expectation of how dumb anyone could be. Of course, this will then be used to justify ‘no sales on PC lols’ and the BlazBlue community in the UK will continue to enjoy the delightful support it gets from Japan.*

      * That is to say, none at all.

      • Bremze says:

        Which is a damn shame because Guilty Gear Xrd looks amazing but knowing Arcsys, there’s no chance it’s coming to PCs this decade.

      • Philomelle says:

        Actually, the PC version of BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger existed since 2010. It was simply released with broken net code (which hasn’t been fixed since), given less than zero marketing and ended up bombing to hell, leading to ArcSys claiming that the series doesn’t sell on PC and refusing to port the rest to it.

        All the new publisher did was put the game on Steam and thus into the spotlight, which is what should have been done in the first place. But apparently ArcSys is convinced that the problem with the game’s lacking sales on PC is with the lack of audience, not with their inability to market or patch their own games.

    • misterT0AST says:

      The Only System that Matters.

      I’m not surprised that there is an intersection between fighting game fans and fans of the game from where that reference comes from.

      It kind of makes me want a Smash Bros. clone with all of Valve’s characters.

    • somnolentsurfer says:

      Indeed. Any word on whether they’re removing GfWL from the base game yet?

      • pepperfez says:

        I think they’ve explicitly stated that they won’t remove it from SFxT, so I can’t imagine they would reward(/stop punishing) people for not buying Ultra.

  2. MartinWisse says:

    So so nineties.

  3. ProtoMan says:

    Look everyone! It’s Cammy wearing a mask!

  4. Pich says:

    One day Karin… One day…

    (R.Mika too)

    • welverin says:

      Funny you mention that, because one the EGM guys who was posting stories about this was hoping that’s who the character would be, while at the same time expecting/fearing Capcom would the lazy route and gives us a Cammy clone.

  5. altum videtur says:

    Just put the god dam shehulk in the game, Capucom. Its what everybody wants. Color her purple so it aint obvious.

    Oh and Haggar. Cant forget Haggar.

  6. Yesterday says:

    Can’t wait for the cosplay on this one!

    • pepperfez says:

      Fortunately, you won’t have to – it’ll be the same as the cosplay from 1993 forward but with a mask.

  7. Robin_G says:

    What a dud reveal. When’s marvel.

  8. PsychoWedge says:

    Well, and I just bought Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition a couple of sales ago because I thought it was the last and final version of SF4…

  9. SillyWizard says:

    I wish they would finally give Poison a male voice actor. :/

    • Scumbag says:

      Not many would fall for that trap.

    • pepperfez says:

      I think it would be pretty cool if they had transladies do her voices, but I’m quite certain Capcom don’t care.

  10. Rolento says:

    Finally I’m back in the game – Mission Complete

  11. Jac says:

    But does she drink decaprenated coffee whilst decapretating her opponents? As you will decapreciate these questions must be addressed forthwith.

    • pepperfez says:

      I always insist that my coffee contain no goats, so I would assume she does as well.

  12. Jac says:

    As an aside does anyone know why marvel vs capcom 3 never got a pc port? Have been living a life of sadness waiting, really fancied giving it a whirl.

    • NailBombed says:

      Don’t think it’ll happen anytime soon now either, seeing as DizMarv have decided to hold onto the rights to Marvel characters.

  13. Philomelle says:

    Your best friend’s ex-wife should consider looking for a new job. Working 10 hours a day without weekends doesn’t sound healthy.

  14. CrowPath says:

    It’s worth noting that from the video that shows actual gameplay, she’s significantly different in how she plays compared to Cammy:

  15. Radiant says:

    She may play differently but this is unquestionably a cammy reskin.
    Same moveset, same poses, same animation so what if she’s a charge character?

    This is some real poverty from capcom.
    A glass of the cheap stuff.

    When they revealed this at the Final Round tournament this weekend the whole crowd was silent and nearly started booing.

    Take a look at nycfurby’s crowd reaction video on youtube when he posts it.

    This is incredibly underwealming .

    • Radiant says:

      How do you turn a crowd from this:
      link to youtu.be

      To this?
      link to youtu.be

      Capcom nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    • Dominare says:

      They did state pretty explicitly that many of the normal animations and so on were placeholder and not finished yet. So, given a character with different specials, different ultras, different mixup and wakeup options and different basic mechanics, calling it a ‘reskin’ is pretty ignorant. Ken was a reskin of Ryu in the original Street Fighter 2, if that helps you understand what the word actually means.

      • orochi_kyo says:

        Ono said the char is at 85%, so if they didnt make new movesets for this “CLONE” in one year, do you really expect they will do new ones in one month? Really? Who is ignorant??

      • Radiant says:

        lol you’re saying this like people don’t have eyes.

        • Dominare says:

          The point is, how a character plays is far more important than whether they both have blonde pigtails or not. I’m sorry you can’t grasp that.

          • Radiant says:

            No its not. Otherwise you’d have 30 odd characters that all look the same but played differently.

            I’ve never seen you post here before are you being paid?

  16. orochi_kyo says:

    Capcom fanboys can say whatever they want about how this char gameplay is different from Cammy, but they cant deny that Capcom was pretty lazy about her design. No matter if she has fireballs, grabs, or teleports, Its CAMMY reskinned!!

    • aidenn says:

      Oh no! BTW, did you know that Evil Ryu is a reskin of Ryu? THE AUDACITY

  17. Shadowcat says:

    Did anyone have any idea what was happening for more than 15% of that trailer?