Deus Ex: The Fall Trips Onto Steam Today

Who asked for this?

News of the now: there is a newish Deus Ex game on Steam. Deus Ex: The Fall is a conversion of the mobile game from a few years back, one that did an okay job of squeezing down to be prodded and poked at by commuters. I warn you, despite being a slice of Human Revolution-esque Deus Ex, the launch trailer below makes it look pretty bad. Better augment your eyes before watching.

We know why this looks like it does: the stiff, weightless animation and awful voice over (“I went rogue!”) wouldn’t be quite so egregious when you’re crammed into a bus seat and tapping away on an iThing, but blowing up big and bold exposes it a little. Perhaps a little bit too much: every explosion sends people in pre-canned tumbles, and at one point a blast of a rifle ends with a single bullet-hole sort of just forming in front of you. It comes across as cosplay and fan fiction when compared to Deus Ex: Human Resources*.

I’m still downloading it in the hope that it’s just a slightly clunky Deus Ex game, because I’m comfortable playing games that need polished as long as they work, but as a trailer this is a huge mess.

*Never gets old.

Okay, so I played it for five minutes and the tutorial sounds like a robot Anne Robinson pretending to be human.


  1. DatonKallandor says:

    It also has an in-game shop you can pop up at any time, even during combat, to buy ammo, guns and items. It looks like crap, everything clips through everything else, the AI doesn’t exist and good god it looks like crap and controls utterly like a touch screen game. Get ready to drag your mouse around a LOT to navigate menus and you can obviously forget about tooltips or right clicks.

    And the best part? They want more money for this piece of mobile crap than you’d have to spend to grab the Stand-alone Missing Link mission for the proper (not really as good as the original) Deus Ex remake.

  2. Anthile says:

    They somehow managed to implement worse voice acting than the original game. Quite the accomplishment.

    • Joshua says:

      What a shame.

    • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

      People rag on Deus Ex’s voice acting, but I never understood what was wrong with it. With a few very obvious exceptions (Australian bartender, spill my drink, the odd female hobo, etc), I thought it was very well done. The Dentons, Bob Page, Walton Simons, Gunther Hermann*, Anna Navarre, Icarus and Manderley even stood out as being very, very good. The Chinese voices were also, on average, much better than the American ones, I thought. It’s as if they felt they actually had to put effort in, rather than get the Q&A people to do it.

      *”I can see your heart beating, like a mouse. I can see that you are afraid”.

      • sinister agent says:

        Meestah Dentaw, eeen da fwesh!

        • WhatAShamefulDisplay says:

          In all fairness, the fact that Maggie Chow was an overwrought and generally bad actress was established many times in the game. Her voice actress was much more naturalistic in the Area 51 meeting, assuming the player let her live.

          • P7uen says:

            I know freedom is desired in games, but the option to kill one of the voice actors is just going too far IMHO.

        • SominiTheCommenter says:

          Just like Peter Sellers in Murder by Death.

          Loved it.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Yeah. And Tom Hall’s voice is just awesome.

        JC’s also a refreshingly comfortable protagonist to listen to for extended periods as him, too; it’s not lacking in deep, stoic, badassery, but it’s also not all one big silly emo throatgrowl. Mostly, he’s just very calm.

        Invisible War didn’t do too badly, either. It’s walky-talky parts actually survived the rest of its mis-steps pretty well.

      • Deadly Sinner says:

        I liked how all of the voices for the main characters were so distinctive. I immediately recognized Bob Page’s voice in Human Revolution despite it being six or seven years since I played Deus Ex.

        The real problem was that all of the dialogue had to be done with the characters just facing each other, almost motionless. It makes scenes, like “It’s a bomb”, feel stiff and awkward because real people would have some sort of physical reaction.

        • LionsPhil says:

          Well, that particular line is delivered by Black Helicopter, Jock having merged with it long before JC and Helios did their thang. Black Helicopter is not kawaii desu enough to emote.

          (But, yes, it suffers from animation limitations of the era somewhat. That weird bow with jesturing forward with the hand, fingers all stuck together, is pure nostalgia goggles.)

  3. Jason Moyer says:

    It’s a completely barebones port with no customization options at all and only a passing resemblance to Human Revolution. I’m going to probably play through it just for the story (which seems intriguing, at least early on), or at least the part of the story that’s there as I’ve heard it ends with a cliffhanger, but the actual gameplay isn’t much to speak of.

    It’s a shame that they developed this as a mobile title instead of an expandalone for DXHR, because if it used the engine from that with the nice Nixxes-developed PC tweaks it would probably be ok.

    • w0bbl3r says:

      With how terrible this looks, and how shitty it is to bring these horrible excuses for videogames onto PC in the first place, wouldn’t the best thing be to vote with your wallet and just not buy the fucking thing?
      it’s garbage, anyone can see that. The story will be hackneyed trash, made so much worse by the voice acting, terrible animations, and hopeless gameplay.
      So no matter how much you love DE, why would you give them money when you know they are ripping you off?
      Gamers, and PC gamers in particular these days, really baffle me. The mind wobbles

      • Distec says:

        Aye. Not to dogpile or anything, as I I know my purchase history isn’t perfect in this regard. But the regular postings of “Yeah, this looks weaksauce. But I’ll probably get it any way.” kind of confuse me a bit. I don’t mean on just RPS, but gamers in general. Surely there’s a meme at this point for people who constantly buy and bitch about Call of Duty, right?

        I mean, if you end up getting some value out of products like this, more power to you. I don’t want to lecture people on their spending habits. Ten dollars is not much, all things considered. At the same time… look at it! It’s a shitty Ipad game that basically got shoveled onto Steam for a few extra bucks. Why not skip it? You can surely find the story somewhere else online if you’re that into it.

        I find that I personally have grown more and more conscious of what games I spend my money on. Like, I’m sure I could have had a decent time with the last Sim City and D3, and they’re perfectly affordable. But I don’t like the idea of being used as a positive metric to justify broken products and crappy industry practices.

        Oh my god, I’m getting all principled about my games. Shoot me!

        Note: Come on, RPS. How much longer do we need to find workarounds for typing D-I-A-B-L-O 3?

        • qrter says:

          Your assumption is that when RPS readers say they’ll get a game, or play through it, that they’ll actually buy the game. I’m not sure that’s always the case.

        • Frank says:

          Survey of one: I say “I’ll probably buy it anyway” all the time, but not indiscriminately. I still own no CoD games, but only by taste. Like you, I would shoot myself if I found myself inserting principles and “voting with my wallet” in this arena.

          Mostly, “buy” means “pay almost nothing for it when it’s on sale,” of course.

          • Distec says:

            Fair enough, on both of those replies.

            I have slowly turned into somebody who does “vote with his wallet” in recent years, as ineffectual as that may be. I guess I mostly do it to feel good? I just see a title like this and couldn’t fathom purchasing it at any price point (including free). But then I’ve always had something of an elitist streak with my gaming library, and I don’t purchase anything unless it’s been thoroughly vetted or I have utmost confidence in the developer. Exceptions can apply, of course.

            In this case, I feel like this game was put on PC just so it could sell a few more copies on another platform, regardless of how well it’s actually suited to it. Deus Ex is one of my favorite games of all time, and Human Revolution was surprisingly decent despite my pessimism (although I have a few qualms with it). So I think I’m also personally saddened a little bit that this is where the franchise is: an iOS title on PC with *TOTALLY AWESOME KEYBOARD+MOUSE SUPPORT*. Woooooooo!

            Like, was there no way to convert this into DLC or a standalone story using HR as a base? It just seems so lazy.

        • Smoky_the_Bear says:

          I do think that some people do get too self-righteous about the whole “vote with your wallet thing”. Such as, “EA game, no sale”, “It uses Origin/Uplay, no sale”, “Always Online, no sale”. When the games in question are good quality, well made products that these people would enjoy they are just depriving themselves based on some ridiculous moral standpoint.

          However in situations like this I would say the “vote with your wallet” option to be completely justified.

          TotalBiscuit here explaining/demonstrating how bad this thing actually is.

          This game should not be bought by anyone.
          Firstly it is a port of something made for an iPhone. This sets a horrible precedent if something like this sells well. I want games made to make the most of my chosen platform and hardware. It’s been bad enough suffering “dumbed down” console ports for the last few years that haven’t challenged the boundaries of PC hardware.
          Do we seriously want to send the message that we will now accept going backwards even further by purchasing iPhone games for the PC?. By buying this you are saying you are ok being treated as a second class citizen when games are being made for a FUCKING IPHONE and THEN ported to PC almost a year later. Any developer worth their salt should make the PC/Console game first as a fully featured release and then scale the game down to run on mobile devices. The fact they are doing the reverse shows that their priorities lie with mobile devices and the PC port is just an after thought, cash grab. Don’t support this type of game development, they are doing it because they don’t want to/aren’t good enough, to develop a full release for PC and choose to make mobile games because that is easy money.

          Next not only do they treat the PC platform as a second-class afterthought, the quality of the port is terrible. They have done very little to turn it into something that works well on a PC. Check out that video and look at the recoil animation, it is laughable. The controls aren’t optimised in anyway for a mouse/keyboard, things like no jumping in an FPS game shows how little effort went into porting this game to the PC. It is lazy development, do not reward it with money. The fact that this is SquareEnix/Eidos Montreal pulling this crap is especially problematic, they clearly have the resources and talent to make a proper PC game, the fact they choose to release this shows they are just taking the piss and trying to mug people for 10 dollars a pop.

          Also it is abusing a beloved license. The guy saying “I’ll probably buy this for the storyline”. This is exactly why they take this license to make a crappy mobile game with, it will drum up more interest than something original which would immediately be dismissed as shit and forgotten about. Do not give them money because they pulled this crap. If you must experience the storyline because you are that desperate for more Deus Ex then either watch someone play it on You Tube or pirate the damn thing and while your doing it feel good about yourself for not supporting shitty practices seen with this game release.

      • Jason Moyer says:

        I apologize if the $10 I spent on this game ruined your day somehow.

  4. Neurotic says:

    How about incongruous boss battles, what’s the score there?

  5. reggiep says:

    You cut off the part on the cover where the girl is saying “Hey, I’m standing like this so you can check out my ass. Go on. Check it.” That seems to be her purpose.

    • db1331 says:

      Well she’d better be seriously packing back there. Look how grossly flat her chest is.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Her spine is augmented.

      It’s actually really awkward. She has great difficulties in day-to-day life.

  6. DanMan says:

    I read it sucks – at least technically. Probably a better idea to buy Remember Me, which is on sale for <10€ now.

    • w0bbl3r says:

      I bought that a while ago and only played a little and never got back to it.
      It seemed kinda cheap. Is it any good? I need some kind of motivation to get back to it.

      • skyturnedred says:

        The memory rewinding bits are fun, but the combat gets too repetitive after awhile. I never bothered to finish it, though, and I hear there is only a few occasions where you get to play with the memory thingie, the best part of the game.

      • DanMan says:

        I haven’t actually played it myself, but i read fewer complaints compared to DE:TF. So I’m considering to buy it, for the story, the graphics and the memory plumbing thing, supposedly. The combat is also supposed to become better once you unlock more combos.

        I’ve also got the cell-shaded Prince Of Persia in my Steam cart for 2€, which I’ve always been curious about. And The Void for 1€ for the WTF-factor

      • SominiTheCommenter says:

        It was my GOTY. You can create several combos, but they are mostly similar. Still worth to play it for the story and the artstyle.

      • piedpiper says:

        Do not waste your time. It’s good in first two chapters and then it’s all downhill from there. Just boring repetitive uninspired piece of crap. I finished it – still regret that waste of my time. But art-style is cool. Especially glitch effects.

      • jonahcutter says:

        It’s gorgeous. The art design is incredible. It is very beautiful and absolutely filled to the brim with detail. If you really like moving through beautiful environments in games, it’s worth it alone for that. It’s that good.

        The gameplay comes across as having decent foundations, but is also underdeveloped. The combat and memory-rewinding are somewhat engaging, but never really take off and achieve their promise. Their potential is unrealized.

        The writing has interesting concepts but is wildly inconsistent and veers into eye-rolling territory at times.

        The platforming is of the linear variety. Pretty much the whole game is. There are a few alternate alleys and things, but they are extremely short and shallow.

        There are collectibles around and a maddening propensity to start a cutscene and force advance you if you take two steps in the wrong direction. Didn’t get a chance to check around that alternate corner for a collectible? Too bad. No going back.

        If such things are important to you, the protagonist is a mixed-ethnicity woman. Yes she looks like a super-model in tight jeans, but she’s also wearing a realistic amount of clothing and has some clearly non-white features.

        It’s striking, fun and intriguing. At other times frustrating and a bit boring. The devs seemed to have positioned themselves for something more daring and compelling, but never really pushed themselves there. I’d say it’s definitely worth $10.

      • eclipse mattaru says:

        One of the most divisive games of the year, as you probably figured by now. I second the guy who called it his GOTY. I had a blast playing through it, and the only thing I can criticize is that I would want more of everything: More combos, more memory-remix puzzles, more challenging platforming, larger maps and generally longer game. Which means that -to me, anyway- everything it did, it did it quite nicely.

  7. 2late2die says:

    Yeah the trailer isn’t very inspiring, but I read The Icarus Effect, which this games serves as a sequel to, and I actually enjoyed it. It was a light, pulpy fun with a healthy dose of sci-fi, conspiracies and action. Anyway, I might wait for a sale before picking it up, but then again $10 isn’t exactly braking the bank either.

    • Harlander says:

      I keep seeing Icarus Effect in the library, but for some reason I’ve a strong aversion to picking up licensed books like that. Not sure where it comes from, but there you go.

    • FireStorm1010 says:

      Yea i look on it with positive attitude also because of the book Icarus effect which i acutally liked alot. The trailer is a bit repulsing tough, the animations suck , the voice acting sucks, (i liekd voice acting in Deus Ex , not in the trailer) , nothing really draw in .

      I might buy on nostalcia from Deus Ex and the book, not sure.

  8. Gwog says:

    Thought this was an unusually good mobile game and would buy the hell out of mobile games that were similar. But of course it can’t be held to the same standard as high budget PC/console titles. I wonder if in the end PC players are better off being given a chance to play this and get access to the story elements, or if it would have been better to just leave it on mobile.

  9. sinister agent says:

    I like how the header image could be literally any game with guns ever. Generic grizzled brown-haired white dude looking badass while waifish woman exists purely so she can stand (behind him, obv) in the Strong Female Characters fractured-spine-because-arse-and-tits pose. The only hint that it’s a Deus Ex game is that it uses Deus Ex 3’s palette: Black, grey, 3 million shades of orange.

    Not that it really affects the game, but come on. If you’re doing promo for a game in one of the most revered series ever, the least you could do is put some imagination in.

  10. LionsPhil says:

    This guy sounds nothing like Jean Reno.


  11. Sheogorath says:

    Nobody asked for this.

  12. ryryryan says:


    Full keyboard & mouse support in a PC game??


    • Distec says:


    • DatonKallandor says:

      If only that were true. Can’t call it mouse support if you don’t have tooltips or a 2nd mouse button.

  13. ResonanceCascade says:

    Fuck! I bought it and THEN scrolled down to the comments.

    That’ll teach me to impulse buy. Until next week. Or tomorrow maybe. Oh look, a flower!

  14. The white guar says:

    I guess that makes two DE games we have to pretend they don’t exist, then.

    • kament says:

      IW wasn’t that bad.

      • The white guar says:

        Oh, I agree actually, I mostly said that because It seemed odd noone had brought that out yet. And for comedy’s sake. Many would remember it fondly if it didn’t have to stand the comparison with the predecessor.

        • kament says:

          You’re right, of course, IW really dropped the ball if you compare it to the original, but on its own it was decent enough (unlike Deus Ex: The Fail). Problem is, it’s hard to judge it on its own.

        • LionsPhil says:

          I mentioned IW above. (I’m not sure about fondly, but it at least wasn’t as dire as HR.)

          • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

            I’m fond of IW simply for the fact that, unlike most games which consist exclusively of characters I hate, this game lets me hate all the characters and then, at the end, kill them all. The Omar ending completely redeems the game.

          • LionsPhil says:

            Haha, yes!

          • Faxmachinen says:

            I’m sorry, in which universe is IW better than HR? IW couldn’t even change levels without minimizing and switching resolutions.

          • kament says:

            @ Faxmachinen
            In Deus Ex universe, apparently. Though I would’ve argue HR is vastly superior. But then again, I like it even better than the original (even though it sadly lacked swimming), so I don’t expect your average DX fan would agree.

          • LionsPhil says:

            I’m separating technical concerns from “game” ones. I don’t think many people are going to defend IW’s engine.

            Well, OK. The lightning was really nice for the time. But that minimizing? If I remember correctly, it’s actually restarting, because this was the only way they found to fix it leaking memory everywhere. Which is also why the Steam overlay disassociates from it after it happens. It’s garbage, utter garbage, and it’s overall way, way less capable than the game which came before it, and it really, really showed.

            However, I can put up with a garbage engine more than a garbage game, like HR.

          • Faxmachinen says:

            HR didn’t have fancy enough lighting?

          • kament says:

            @ LionsPhil

            But IW’s problem is not its engine.

            Would it be better on a more capable engine? Well, it certainly couldn’t be be worse, but the real problem is not a technical one. It’s the gameplay, which is, as you’ve said yourself, “horrendously dumbed down and fundamentally broken in ways”. Is there bits of smart dialogue? Yes, but HR has it in spades, and far better implemented, too. On top of that it has brilliantly designed hubs and locations, bold art direction (something even the original doesn’t have), distinct weapons (whereas IW doesn’t even have different _ammo_) and play styles, great sound and score—all of which IW’s so sorely lacking.

            Granted, HR ending is something of a let down, but IW is just embarrassing. All three opposing factions in basically one room with you running around between them, it’s beyond redemption. Again, as I said, IW is not _that_ bad, but when you compare it to the original or HR… Better not go there.

          • Low Life says:

            You (LionsPhil) are the only person I’ve ever seen saying IW is better than HR. Let’s hope it stays that way!

  15. Sharongamer978 says:

    Looks terrible, but I till probably play it for the story. I love deus ex universe.

  16. El_MUERkO says:

    Seems to be a retelling or continuation of the book link to which I read and enjoyed.

  17. Lagwolf says:

    Some of the criticism of this game has been OTT & ludicrous. It is a decent PC port of a mobile game (that was awful) that costs $10. I am enjoying it so far warts and all. Possibly helps I had low expectations, but wanted to be back in the DX world. There has already been an update that hopefully sorts out a few of the “issues”.

    Warts and all I have having more fun in this $10 game than I did the the bloody $60 meh-fest that was/is Thief.

    • kament says:

      I’m guessing you’ve had high expectations of Thief, then? I mean, you rate it lower than somewhat decent PC port of an awful mobile game. I mean, really?

  18. RPSRSVP says:

    I just finished this…episode of Deus Ex. I didn’t hate it, $10 seems a fair price but I wouldn’t recommend it to people new to Deus Ex. It’s an ok game to go through and get a dose of the Deus Ex universe while awaiting the next “full” game. Judging from the pacing, there will be 2 more episodes like this.