Sub Be Gone: Pay Once For Perpetuum’s Robo-Biff

Jim was so taken with the robotic land-grab MMO Perpetuum that he wrote the world’s bestest diary about his time in it. It was spread over five months, which just goes to show how much it grabbed him. That was in 2012, and the game is not only still around, but is about to land on Steam. With a potential pile of new customers, the developers have taken the decision to shift from a monthly subscription to a one-off payment of 28.99 USD/EUR that’s “augmented with optional in-game purchases of previously unavailable services and cosmetic upgrades.” Hmm.

Current and past customers won’t be locked out, at least.

As a thank you for supporting us over the years and helping us to get to this point, all players who had at least 3 months of game time ever(!) on their account by April 2 will receive Perpetuum for free. The 3 months can be anywhere in the past, reach into the future, be continuous or intermittent, doesn’t matter. We check for redeemed game time codes or monthly subscriptions.

As is usually the case when a game gains purchases of this nature, there will be a new currency introduced. Perpetuum already has the EP system, which accrues as you play (and for three days after you log out) and allows you to extend your character’s abilities an all kinds of areas. Alongside that will be Perpetuum Points, that you can purchase with real money and spend on EP boosts, resets, downgrades and renames. It’ll also eventually cover robo-paint and other cosmetic items.

It’s all very standard, but it also has a bit of a whiff about it as well. I’m so used to F2P now that someone asking for payment for an online game feels anomalous, and I wonder why they couldn’t make it free and be supported by the payment scheme that boosts the rest? One-off payment and in-game purchases has a strange ring to it, and feels like the first step on the road to an inevitable F2P model.


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  1. ajewers says:

    A genuinely interesting game, great if you ever wanted to play eve but felt it was too late to really get involved. Supremely tactical and a truly persistent sandbox. The good old days of jim's diary were some of the most fun i've ever had in an MMO. Hopefully this free to play change will give the game a much needed population boost.

    If anyone is interested in trying it out the in-game corporation StateCorp (STC) contains a number of RPS readers. Jump in the 'RPS' chat channel in-game and say hello!
  1. Xercies says:

    It plays a lot like EVE Online I’ve heard

  2. Hunchback says:


    Never heard of that, and it looks gorgeous and maybe even awesome. How can that be?

    Is it any good? Is it a clone of any major MMO or not? What does it play like? On paper it looks like EVE OnTheGround, which is brilliant!

    • Bastimoo says:

      it pretty much is like eve on ground.
      Combat uses direct WASD control and use of terrain/cover, which makes it a lot more interesting than eve combat; industry relies on research/tech instead of just BPOs and you can terraform and build cool bases on gamma!
      If you got any questions feel free to ask and I’ll answer them if I don’t forget to check back in :)

  3. ajewers says:

    A genuinely interesting game, great if you ever wanted to play eve but felt it was too late to really get involved. Supremely tactical and a truly persistent sandbox. The good old days of jim’s diary were some of the most fun i’ve ever had in an MMO. Hopefully this free to play change will give the game a much needed population boost.

    If anyone is interested in trying it out the in-game corporation StateCorp (STC) contains a number of RPS readers. Jump in the ‘RPS’ chat channel in-game and say hello!

  4. Wounder says:

    The EVE Online comments actually concern me… is this a PvP free-for-all? Their site doesn’t explicitly say so, but I could easily be looking in the wrong place.

    • ajewers says:

      The game world is split into islands, with six islands being pvp-free safe zones, whilst the rest are full pvp. The real magic of the game is in the pvp though, so all the good stuff takes place out of the safe zones

      • Wounder says:

        Thanks for the reply! I’m going to pass on this, what with limited time/talent to reach even a modicum of ability in almost all PvP games. Best of luck to RPSers!

      • jellydonut says:

        Are the ‘non-PVP zones’ completely 100% free of nonconsensual PVP due to contrived game mechanics or is it anything like Eve hisec?

      • Cassius says:

        Honestly, Perp does not have 1/5th the griefing EvE has/had. There are no Hi-Sec (Alpha Island) suicide ganks, no general chat beggars, no contract scams …. I know some would miss these things but I am happy they are not in the game. There is no possibilty of forced PVP in the Alpha islands.

  5. Tom De Roeck says:

    Coincidentally, RPS has the top corporation in the game. Look at the social club forums for a means to join up!

    • Hunchback says:

      Can you produce a link for the RPS continuum corp thread? I can’t seem to find it, and i’d like to ask a few questions on the habits of operation in the corp… KKTNXBAI

    • Bastimoo says:

      While STC is the RPS corporation it has almost none of the old members left anymore, mostly taken over by veterans of other corporations. Questionable if they would hand the corporation back to RPS if asked.

      • Hunchback says:

        So where do you guys play then?

      • Cassius says:

        STC has evolved somewhat, but originals like Martha Stuart, Shadow, and Monkey may beg to differ with your comment. There is much respect in the corp for how it was founded and where it came from. Probably the most consistent thing is its still full of a great bunch of guys. By all means, either return to the fold or if you would be new come to the RPS channel and say hi.

      • Tom De Roeck says:

        Why hand it back? its in the best hands its been in! CEO Tux is one of the kindest and best PVP players in all of perp.

        Also, the thread to sign up (again) can be found here:

        link to

  6. fluffy_thedestroyer says:

    I was in eve for 5 years. I also played this game in the Beta before the asked for money for testing the game. I remember today when I played this game they had loot and mission or quest problems. Just general basic mmo problems that didnt get fixed. That was told numerous times by me on their forum as well as other people told the same thing. I don’t know if it changed today but here was my problem in the beta (its might be really possible those problem don’t exist but I what I got as an impression is the company didn’t change those problems right away so taht tells me a lot about them)

    I was shooting enemies and if someone shot that enemy first and I did let say 90% of the shooting, loot would go to them. So quest and mission specific loot was a problem with that as you can see. When I first saw these problems and I noticed the lack of response towards that simple fix, I let go immediatly so i didn’t had any chance to test pvp. Yes I’m harsh when testing mmo’s but I’m sick of those simple basics things that in my opinion aren’t suppose to exist in the first place

    • zoomcns says:

      Hi, Perpetuum dev here.

      Not sure how old your experience is, but the current system lets you “tag” NPCs by shooting them first. If you tag an NPC this way, the dropped loot will be bound to you. This tag is visible for everyone, so you can see whether an NPC is already claimed before you attack it. This claim expires after 15 seconds if the original tagger does not keep attacking it.

      This is actually an improvement over the old system, where the killing blow decided the loot ownership, and that was chaos as you might imagine. There would be the possibility to track damage percentages and drop the loot for the highest contributor, but this is hard to track for the players, and it also allows griefing by players with high damage output. The tagging system enables similar chances to kill an NPC for everyone.

      Not sure what your idea was and sorry if it got buried back then, but we’re of course open to suggestions how this could be better.

      • Hunchback says:

        Hey there Perpetuum dev,

        I was wondering why you wouldn’t implement a system, similar to UO? It’s probably because your game is full pvp, no crime and “PK” (reds)?
        I’ve always found the UO crime system quite good – you can be a criminal by stealing from players or looting their “tagged” kills, looting their corpses… The victim has the right to “bring justice” without being flagged himself as a criminal. And if you kill enough “blue” players you turn “red” and are thus banned from most major cities.
        Eh, i just love most of UO’s systems. *shrug*

        Also, a question on scale: What’s the scale of Continuum? It’s obviously majorly influenced by EVE, even the interface seems to be more or less the same… Does it also have the epic scale? I mean, a skill tree that goes for years? Epic, huge, titanic units that cost millions and require a whole corp to build? Battles with 100+ people? Etc… ?

        • zoomcns says:

          We’re an open world, good luck to “bring justice” to someone with a much larger robot than yours who probably brought along some friends too :) (see also: griefing newbies).

          According to interweb science, the Continuum is the set of all real numbers, so I imagine it must be pretty epic.

          In comparison, Perpetuum is not that epic, and this is largely because we’re only a small team. However, we have high hopes that the payment model change and the Steam launch will allow us to grow much faster than we did during our recent years, both in gameplay content and regarding playerbase. We did have 100+ people battles in the past though, hopefully we’re going to see much bigger ones too.

          • Hunchback says:

            Opps, continuum… Doh

            What are your plans for expansions, engine upgrades? Will you follow the EVE model of free expansions, or will there be payed upgrades?

          • zoomcns says:

            It’s a bit too early to talk about expansions, this is a big step for us already, we’ll see how it turns out. We will of course continue to develop new features and mechanics free of charge. The 3D and UI engine are a bit rusty and we have new ones in development, as well as many content ideas that wait patiently to get done.

      • citrusninja says:

        Hey Perpetuum dev, I like your style and I just came on here to say that I will be giving the 15 day free trial a go (veteran Eve Online player here). Looks like you’ll be getting a well-deserved bump in players once you make the jump to Steam (congrats btw)!

  7. Easy says:

    STC 4ever o7