IGF/GDC Live Blog Excitement

Tonight is the night – the annual excitement of the Independent Game Festival Awards, followed by the achingly long endurance test of the Game Developers Choice Awards. Maybe it will be different this year? Maybe I won’t lose my mind just over halfway through and start writing insults? Who’s to know? To make it more exciting, rather than clutter your Twitter feed, this year there’s to be an attempt – technology depending – to live blog it all.

Update: And it’s all over. The stunning Papers, Please swept, as we guessed it would, and in the AAA category the very good The Last Of Us yet again scooped most prizes it was offered. It would have been nice to see The Stanley Parable and others score a couple of Last Of Us’s categories, for sure, but such is the way of the GDC awards.

This is very much dependent on the magic of 4G wifi hotspots. If it works, then below here you’ll see my evolving reporting of the evening. If it doesn’t, you’ll likely see random swear words appearing, before giving up and watching the stream on Gamespot or something. Exciting!

Important! No need to refresh this page. It works by actual magic. Read from the bottom up.

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  1. KungFuMassa says:

    A live blog! How exciting. You guys are going all out on this one. Anxiously awaiting wit.

    Also! If you don’t update after five minutes I will hammer refresh, never mind your fancy software. Just saying!

  2. JohnArr says:

    Well that’s fancy.

    Any RPS awards this year? Most Infinite? Staringest Eyes?

  3. pakoito says:

    Is RPS going to ask them for an apology too?

  4. thedosbox says:

    Yup, BioShock Infinite gets Best Audio, because I said it would. I AM IN CONTROL OF THESE THINGS NOW.

    Yet more evidence that Rock Plushie Shotgun is in the thrall of AAA publishing!!!

  5. The Random One says:

    It moves by itself! What trickery is this?

    Man, hard to believe that Pamplemousse didn’t get a single award. Honestly, it was pretty flawed, but it was also pretty impressive. Excellence in Audio should’ve gone to it at least. Everyone play it on Steam so you can disagree with it.

  6. Skabooga says:

    Death by ‘Last of Us’. How tragic.

  7. Mungrul says:

    I’m guessing the glorious TxK came out too late to make it into the portable nominations :(

  8. AngelTear says:

    Now, I want John to liveblog more events of the same caliber, like weddings, funerals and those weird extended-family dinners where you don’t know half the people.


  9. markside says:

    Thanks, John. So much simpler and more time efficient to just read this than watch the whole thing.

  10. welverin says:

    “Best Visual Art yet again leans heavily toward the utterly generic with BioShock Infinite, DmC: Devil May Cry, The Last Of Us, Tearaway and Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch.

    If it goes to anything other than Ni No Kuni, I think we can write the GDCs off for eternity.”

    Don’t you bad mouth Tearaway!

    As for the Last of Us winning game of the year, even if you don’t think it was the best choice, at least it wasn’t a bad one. I feel it deserves it, even though I may have gone another direction myself (Zelda).

  11. wu wei says:

    Reading these after the fact is an exercise in pain. The reddit/facebook links make it take forever to load, and the browser (both FF & Chrome) chews up a whole damn core for the whole time.