Into The East: Crusader Kings II – Rajas Of India

Rajas Of India is the next gargantuan expansion for 2012-2013’s best strategy game, Crusader Kings II. Your date with the Rajas is set for March 25th, which should give you just enough time to buy something nice to wear and book a table at that fancy restaurant that everybody keeps going on about. I’ve already gathered a wealth of information about what to expect, as well as thoughts on the expanded map, and new faiths and cultures. The ten minute video below contains much of the same information, delivered directly from the mind and mouth of Henrik Fåhraeus, the man who made the Middle Ages.

You may have noticed that the video is titled Crusader Kings 2 – Rajas Of India Highlights. An editor has been snipping away at the original footage, which consists of more than an hour of heresy and horseplay. If you are so inclined, you can watch the entire thing in neatly divided chapters.

If you enjoy that sort of thing, you really should bookmark the developer’s Twitch page. They’re a socially active bunch, and it’s genuinely enjoyable to see designers and producers freed of PR filters.


  1. Drakshaa says:

    YES! Woooo. Y’all better not be messing with me. This will be the greatest event of 2014.

    Ehem… I mean, the holy cathar empire of Hispania is happy to accept this invitation to bring gender equality and (mandatory) happiness to all of its future citizens in the dominion of India.

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      Bluerps says:

      Are you aware that old savegames won’t be compatible with the next version? Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t lead an empire of Iberian heretics to India, you just can’t do it with the one you might have right now.
      (This will also prevent me from spreading my own Great Swabian Empire, ruled by the Cathar King of Württemberg, to the subcontinent)

      You can continue playing old version games even post-patch, but only by switching to the old version in the Steam properties of the game, and that means no India, unfortunately.

      Anyway, you might know all this, in which case forget that I wrote anything.

      • Drakshaa says:

        Damn. I was not aware of that. I purchased with Sons of Abraham so this will be my first DLC drop. Perhaps I will spread peace and harmony with the jain instead.

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          Bluerps says:

          You’ve been a bit unlucky, then. Normally, savegames stay compatible (with potential minor glitches, here and there) when a patch comes out. In fact, I’ve been playing since Sword of Islam, and I think all versions since then were backwards compatible.

          However, this time the changes to the map were so radical that it just wasn’t possible to get the game to load a savegame that was based on the old map (I think).

          • Ace Rimmer says:

            There was a save-game breaking update to the core game some months ago – simultaneous with the release of Sons of Abraham, I think. I’m still wrapping up my first playthrough of vanilla (the mighty Scandinavian Empire generates a lot of red tape), so had to stop updating in order to be able to finish it.

  2. Anthile says:

    Why not link to the actual patch notes?

    • Chalky says:

      Full patchnotes here: link to!

      Also a rather interesting video from a guy who has played a hell of a lot about CK2 on what to look out for in the patch here: link to

      • Morlock says:

        The patch notes are a great read:

        – Added support for multiple lovers.
        – Impregnation of lovers is now handled in the code.

        – Whether a character is too insignificant for anyone to care if you execute them is now determined by whether they have any titles, claims, or titled close relatives

        – Added equal-opportunity tumbling of courtiers for women and homosexuals.

        – The Hordes will now be more prone to head in the “right” direction.

        • teije says:

          Ah, CK2 patch notes. The most entertaining in the industry.

          Matched by the outstanding weird forum post titles in the Paradox CK2 forum.

          • Mammux says:

            The Dwarf Fortress patch messages can also be pretty good:

            got rid of world gen crash during succession after death of prolific
            long-standing position holders with inbred descendants

    • toxic avenger says:

      Why not google them yourself?

  3. WHS says:

    Obviously this will be great, but the distorted map throws me a bit. The Maldives being in the wrong place is kind of annoying but the wonky-looking Arabian peninsula is driving me crazy.

  4. Keyrock says:

    Boner level rising… rising… rising…

    One of the best damn strategy out there just keeps getting better. Woohoo!

  5. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Custard gains trait: Excited.

  6. darkath says:

    Don’t forget the exciting patchnotes !

    – Impregnation of lovers is now handled in the code.
    – Characters now lose the ambition to get married upon becoming eunuchs or homosexual
    – Added equal-opportunity tumbling of courtiers for women and homosexuals.