Feast For The Eyes: An Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty Trailer

For the second time, the original Oddworld game has been rejigged for modern machines, which might be an honest-to-goodness record. Sure, there have been re-imaginings of multiple series, but I can’t remember a game being officially remade more than once. Can anyone confirm or disconfirm that for me? Oddworld: New ‘n’ Tasty is so new and modern that the phrase “1080p” is in the press release, and the trailer below uses all those pixels to take the old (and still rather pretty platform) game and make it pixelerier.

EDIT – Stewart at Oddworld got in touch to disconfirm! He explains that New ‘n’ Tasty is the only remake of the original game. I was referring to the Oddboxx, which isn’t considered a remake as it’s still the original game.

Oddworld Inhabitants has a lot riding on this. They’ve calculated that 250,000 sales will be enough to guarantee Abe’s Exoddus the same treatment–with all the pixels given an individual makeover in the style they want–and 500,000 sales will guarantee a new Oddworld game is made. I also hear that following 1,000,000 sales, Lorne Lanning will fill a room with gold coins and swim around it Scrooge McDuck style.

It does look rather lovely, if a little bit brighter and more colourful than I remember the game being. But that might just be because I played it 15 years ago, and back then I was hunched over in a dust-filled room and squinting at a crappy portable television. In 2017, when I look back fondly on the remake to write about the 20th anniversary remake, I’ll probably be talking about the Oculus Rift while writing words directly onto the moon’s surface.


  1. Distec says:

    Having never owned a PS1, the Oddworld games were generally something I witnessed from afar and wished I could play. Later in life I quite enjoyed Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath. Always felt this series needed more games to do it justice.

    Oh, I also remember seeing this music video on TV constantly.
    link to youtube.com

    I was like “Cool! Video games! But what’s with the Deutsch electro hip-hop?”

    • Laurentius says:

      Well that’s strange, you could have played Abe’s Oddysey and Abe’s Exoddus on PC them like me.

      • Distec says:

        I honestly didn’t know they existed!

        Besides, I think my PC gaming at that point was all Blizzard all the time.

  2. Lemming says:

    This game has already taken ages, but apparently the PC release will be ‘soon’ after the PS3/Ps4/Vita releases. We’ve been lumped in with the Wii U, Mac and Linux. It’s good that it is coming to so many platforms, but I really don’t see the need for a longer delay for the PC version.

    • Christian Dannie Storgaard says:

      PC = Windows, Linux and newer Macs; I don’t see the issue ;)
      /disclaimer: I know this is not the general public’s understanding of the terms, I’m just poking a bit at the fallacy.

      • Harlander says:

        That battle is lost, my friend.

        Join me in pedant Valhalla.

      • Phasma Felis says:

        I figure PC = the combination of OS and hardware descended from the original IBM PC.

  3. Untas7 says:

    Is it just me or did the Slig walking/running sound… off?

    Maybe it’s just me, but I remember it sounding a lot more harshly mechanical back in the day.
    Or maybe it’s just me.

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      Just did a youtube comparison – I reckon it is pretty similar, though maybe a bit lower volume in comparison to other game sounds than originally.

  4. TWChristine says:

    Having never played these games, do the inhabitants have tails? I’ve been staring at that picture trying to figure out what is going on with the guy on the left. I would say the picture belongs in the S.exe post, but it looks like “the appendage” is coming from their abdomen. Though I guess they are aliens so your crotch can be wherever you want it.

    • Untas7 says:

      That’s a flap on his shorts/skirt thing, you silly goose.

      • SillyWizard says:

        It’s talking about the thing that appears to be coming out of the fish-man’s belly-button area. Which, unless I’m mistaken, is the end of a long pony-tail.

        EDIT: FTFY

        • TWChristine says:

          “He’s talking about..”
          You silly wizard, you! Don’t you oppress me with your gender assumptions!

          But yea, I wonder if it is a long ponytail..I can almost barely make out a shape of it continuing past his side.

  5. The Sombrero Kid says:

    No offence but I don’t understand why this franchise wont die, no one has any particular love for it do they? I mean 250,000 copies seems ridiculous to me.

    • Laurentius says:

      I do love Abe’s Exoddus. Brilliant game.

    • Maddux says:

      I have a particular love for it. And I’m definitely not alone.

    • grimdanfango says:

      Yep, same here. I’ll certainly buy this, for the beautiful visuals, and for the fact that it might bring about a new game in the series.
      I can think of any number of other franchises I’d sooner see die before this one.

    • Acorino says:

      I love the Oddworld games! If they weren’t so difficult I would play them more than the little I have…

    • ARKaMAN says:

      Great game, but how about they just make a new one.

      • Acorino says:

        yeah…I hope they will. I just can’t get excited about a remake, no matter how well done, especially since the original doesn’t seem lacking in any way…

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      Yeah, I have a nostalgia-tinged love for the series too… Don’t know that this remake looks like it adds enough to make me buy it again though.

    • mazzratazz says:

      What an odd thing to say. Exoddus and Oddysee are cult classics with quite a sizeable following, judging from the reaction the Stranger’s Wrath HD remake and this one have gotten.

      Plus, have you actually played any of them? The first two Oddworld games are absolutely brilliant puzzle platformers, and I’m not just speaking from nostalgia here. Aside from the rock-solid mechanics and (back in the day) quite innovative things like the lack of a UI, their world design is just excellent. Oddworld is one of the most imaginative fantasy settings I’ve seen in games. There’s very little that compares. It balances on the edge of comedy and gloominess, the art direction of both the races and locations looks truly alien, and it’s incredibly thick with atmosphere. Sure, nostalgia might play a small part, but these are just excellent games. Out of all the franchises that you’d want to see dying, this is not one of them.

    • salattu says:

      I agree that the original doesn’t look garish or anything yet, but I’d welcome a proper facelift, especially if it means the classic becomes more palatable to an audience that wasn’t around for the PS1 release and if it paves the way for a new game in the series. Going by the trailer has the appearance of a really faithful remake. Count me a plus one on the probable sale counter.

  6. Wowbagger says:

    follow me, bluergh, etc.

  7. Maddux says:

    Uh…I think you’re quite mistaken about this being the second remake of Abe’s Oddysee. There has definitely never been a remake before this. You might be thinking of the Much’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath HD updates.

    • jorygriffis says:

      Seconded. This is absolutely the first remake of the original.

  8. Syra says:

    This is just a beat for beat remake of a game available on steam for £1 which still looks and plays fine?

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      Certainly seems to be. Every bit of that footage was to be a shinier shot-for-shot conversion of the original gameplay or cutscenes.

  9. Mitthrawn says:

    I own all four on steam but have never played them (Exoddus, Oddysee, Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath). Can anyone who’s played them tell me which one I should start with? Is there an order to them? A best one?

    • Acorino says:

      Order is:
      Abe’s Oddysee
      Abe’s Exoddus
      Munch’s Odysee
      Stranger’s Wrath

      The series is great from the very beginning, so I don’t see why you shouldn’t start there.

      • grrrz says:

        It’s a great game, but also insanely difficult. Never got through it as a kid.

        • Acorino says:

          Insanely difficult, yes.
          But: the latter two aren’t? Never played them seriously…

        • BooleanBob says:

          Astoundingly hard. But somehow still not as hard as the version that got released on the game boy.

    • bonuswavepilot says:

      Oddysee, Exoddus, Munch’s, Stranger’s is the chronological order. I’d play them in that order too, fwiw.

      Oddysee & Exoddus are 2D puzzle-platformers, Munch’s is a 3D platformer/action/puzzle sort of thing and I think Stranger’s Wrath is a quirky FPS, though it is the only one of them I haven’t played.

      Still have a particular fondness for Oddysey, which I played extensively on PS1 back in the day. The actual gameplay is very Prince of Persia-ish, but with more interaction with stuff (levers, rocks/grenades to throw around, dudes to order around and rescue (or lead to their deaths) through a simple set of commands, enemies who you can in some cases possess and take control of etc. There is a lot of character here – I still wish I had an Elum. :(

  10. Moraven says:

    “Lorne Lanning will fill a room with gold coins and swim around it Scrooge McDuck style”

    That may not be wise…

  11. Csirke says:

    Well Final Fantasy 4 did have a GBA remake and then a separate Nintendo DS remake with 3D graphics, all with the same plot/characters/fighting system. (With a few extra bosses I think, but I’m sure these Oddworld games will also have the odd bonus level or something.)

    In case you were looking for other games with 2 remakes :)

  12. jorygriffis says:

    While we’re on the subject of Mudokon anatomy: when did they get their fourth finger back?

    The game looks good, though. I’ll check it out.

    • markside says:

      Digit no. 4 was definitely canonical in Exoddus. May have been cutscene only in Oddysee – not sure.

  13. Rockman says:

    “This is Rupture Farms…. They say it’s the biggest meat processing plant on oddworld.” Will never forget that opening line.

  14. JoeThomasSTL says:

    Avernum: Escape from the Pit is a remake of Avernum, which was a remake of Exile: Escape from the Pit.

    They spaced them about a decade apart each, though, I think.

    link to avernum.com

  15. vegeta1998 says:

    I love the shit out of Odyssey and Exodus, the rest of the series is garbage though. If they do make a sequel I hope it’s back to it’s charming 2D roots.
    They were so difficult and witty and original and camp and rewarding. Probably one of the first platform puzzle games I can remember where there were genuinely multiple ways to solve a challenge. I tried to replay Oddbox when it came out but got frustrated with the difficulty and lack of save points now that I am a grownup and don’t have time or patience and gave up.

  16. smeaa mario says:


  17. Christian Dannie Storgaard says:

    Where can I preorder that Linux version?!
    I loved the first game when it came out, it was a magical thing indeed and to see it released officially for my favourite penguin flavoured OS is just too lovely for words.

  18. TyrelUK says:

    One of the ‘i’s in the word disconfirm has a link to some quotes for the big lobowski. Any idea why?

  19. Contrafibularity says:

    Looks about exactly as colourful as previous Oddworld games to my eyes. Perhaps I should recalibrate my monitor or something?