Don’t Get Lost Along The Forest Trail(er)

Not shown: naked and angry people attempting to skewer you.

Name a horrible situation you could find yourself in and I’ve almost certainly sat through a Discovery channel recreation of it. Les Stroud, Ray Mears, I just recently rewatched all of Bush Tucker Man. Yup, there’s now nothing I don’t know about watching other people tying to make fire in the bush*. It’s for that reason that I’m intrigued by The Forest, a game about surviving after a crash into an island and using the elements to keep you alive. Plants grow, the tide comes in, and the inhabitants of the island want you dead. To keep them at bay you build traps, which is something I’m incredibly excited about. Super grim trailer is below, and I’d suggest you watch it with a parent or guardian. Preferably both.

Traps! This is a different kind of survival. Les Stroud never had to surround his camp in spikes so he could admire the garden of corpses that sprouted up over night. I’ve been waiting for a game to do traps properly. There was the bonkers Far Cry Xbox game, and a few Garry’s Mod modes, but nothing that really gets into the idea of leaving the traps and returning to them. And, yeah, the video also shows you luring the crazed island people into what you’ve built, but that shot of the player poking his head over his camp’s rampart and viewing the grim tableaux is distressingly compelling. I hope they’re functional as well as murderous.

The trailer is a tip of the hat to the game’s Steam Early Access debut, which is still a few months off at May 22nd.

*Don’t you dare cheapen this.


  1. Zunt says:

    I was thinking maybe it was going to include some unreliable narration, so perhaps the ‘hero’ is actually a homicidal maniac littering the innocent denizens’ home with traps, and they’re trying to stop him. Then I saw the shiny tentacled horrors. Shiny tentacled horrors are always fair game.

    It does look very nice / creepy.

    • manny says:

      That’s actually not far from the truth. You should see other trailers. One of them shows your character building a totem of body parts then lighting them on fire. And killing these cannibals is really hard. You need to smash their head in with a rock 3/4 times just to kill them, They also cry out, try to rescue their injured friends and so on. They aren’t zombies.

      It’s sounds really awesome and terrifying.

      • SystemiK says:

        I see that the lost art of extremely subtle and well hidden traps is still………lost.

        • manny says:

          It’s probable you’ll be able to camofluage traps. Since I’v read that you can paint yourself with mud for camo and build a ghilliesuit for camo. This would also add a level of memorizing the terrain to make sure you don’t setoff your own traps.

  2. FurryLippedSquid says:

    “I just recently rewatched all of Bush Tucker Man”

    Les Hiddins is a legend!

    • Jackablade says:

      Wow, you Poms are just getting Bush Tucker Man? That would have been on TV here when I was in primary school, about 1988-ish.

      • Premium User Badge

        phuzz says:

        It’s presumably now being shown on one of those ‘all repeats – all the time’ channels.
        The program he did with Ray Meers a few years back was good, both of them talking about the most disgusting things they’d eaten…

  3. wodin says:

    Shiney pink many limbed mutants..rather unsettling..

  4. FurryLippedSquid says:

    I wish there was a game that looked this amazing, with these survival mechanics, without enemies who are going to make me poo my pants and scream like Ned Flanders. Imagine Castaway, the game.

    How bloody great would that be?


  5. siphuncle says:

    I wish devs would just release finished versions of the game. Every game seems to be early access at the moment.

    • luukdeman111 says:

      You can’t really blame them though… They are a 4 person team working on a crazy ambitious game. It’s no wonder they don’t have the resources to do Q&A by themselves. And since there is a large community of people willing to pay to play early builds of your game it really is sorta win-win.
      And the game will have a reasonable price of 15 dollars… So that’s not too bad.

  6. Shazbut says:

    Looks genuinely disturbing. How it manages this considering everything else that’s out there, I’m not sure. Looking forward to this!

  7. Oozo says:

    Craig! Don’t you tell us that you have never tried to survive on a rabbit-based diet, the constant setting and checking of home-built traps turning into the rhythm of your very existence, in Don’t Starve! Don’t turn this into one of those Dark Souls-situations all over again!

  8. manny says:

    Here’s a great article, sounds like a great game.
    link to

  9. amateurviking says:

    Another game to add to the ‘to scared to boot it up but glad I own it’ pile by the looks of it.

    I am such a coward.

    • teije says:

      I’m in the same camp, but more along the lines of “too scared to boot it up but also too scared to own it in case I accidentally boot it up and shit my pants in terror”.

      I also was scared of video stores (back when they existed) in case I accidentally wandered into the horror movie section.

  10. tormos says:

    It may not tick all the same boxes, but Unreal World has quite a good feel to it re: trap setting. Nothing like checking your trap line on the last day that you’ll be strong enough to reliably hike out here and finish off whatever fell into your pits.

  11. Flovarius says:

    What I really liked about The Forest is that they seemed to try and give their cannibals some humanity. Crying for help, trying to rescue eachother, stuff like that. It gave player actions a layer of questionable morality. They sort of ruined that now by the introduction of tentacle beasts from the fifth dimension. I mean, they look disturbing and all, but are they really necesarry?

  12. whoCares says:

    There was a game where you could set up traps and lure enemies into them or had to go back to get your food. It was all about survival too in the way that you had to take care so you do not starve. Anybody know what game I mean ?

    (Sorry, but anyway this looks and sounds like a fun game)

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      Be Careful Not To Go Hungry. Fantastic game for the Dreamcast.

  13. SillyWizard says:

    Uh. I really worry that the player hung up all those dead islander corpses.

  14. Vexel says:

    Oh man, this game looks really creepy and morbid, especially since the cannibals have the whole ‘actually human and not zombies’ thing going on. I’m worried that I’ll start playing and feel too bad to continue.