Fairy Tale Tactics: Dragon Fin Soup

Dragon Fin Soup’s trailer plays out as if it’s running to a strict time limit. There’s a brief introduction to the world, via the medium of lovely painterly stills, and then we’re straight into isometric tactical combat. All the while, text jumps up on the screen, telling us who made the game and why, while mining, crafting and fishing are mentioned in passing. Toward the end, dramatic music swells and pictures of meteor strikes are interspersed with menu screens and collapsing cacti. It’s an strange mix and oddly edited, but there’s an old-school Zelda vibe crossed with tactical combat and crafting. That appeals.

There are roguelike elements. Of course there are – this is 2014, after all. Most intriguing of the procedural elements is talk of randomised weather which will, presumably, have an impact on combat. The earthquakes might be troublesome even outside of combat.

The studio behind Dragon Fin Soup (a name that’s as uncomfortable in the mouth as the foodstuff might well be) has the name Grimm Bros and, fittingly, this first game from the collective has a fairy tale theme. The protagonist, Red Robin, is a hard-drinking take on Red Riding Hood. A hard-drinking mercenary take on Red Riding Hood with a blunderbuss and a sword.

The game’s coming to all of the current Sony consoles, Vita included, but following a successful (and still running) Kickstarter campaign, it has also enjoyed a spot in the Greenlight. The Kickstarter page has plenty of info, including much more detail about the world itself:

The world of Asura is dynamically generated with a large numbers of prefabricated landmarks, scripted events and random gameplay elements. Our dungeons features a wide range of compelling locations and layouts for you to explore such as Spider Forests, Ice Caves, Abandoned Mines, Scorching Deserts, Mushroom Forests, Haunted Mansions, Castles, Ancient Ruins and much much more.

Spider Forests are the worst forests.


  1. whexican says:

    What a hard-drinking mercenary take on red riding hood might look like:

    link to img3.wikia.nocookie.net

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      B.B.Hood (Bulleta) is a cool Character. I am a big Vampire Savior fan.

      – Randis

  2. Moraven says:

    Dredmor 2.0. Looks great.

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      We love Dredmor, it’s a cool game but Dragon Fin Soup plays differently and does not lean on DoD. We do however have tall walls and sprites that are higher than 1 tile in common.

      Ash & Randis

  3. MrNash says:

    Looks great. Love me some rogueliking. I’m also getting a strong Dredmor vibe looking at this, but I think that’s mostly from the tall characters, as weird as that may sound. The art is really nice with its oil painting style. I am curious about character customization, though.

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      Thank you for checking it out! :)
      you are actually spot on, most classic Roguelikes feature 1 tile sprites, we do have the tall walls and sprites in common with DoD but gameplay and flow is different.

  4. Philomelle says:

    I saw it on Greenlight earlier. It looks like a very faithful reproduction of the Mystery Dungeon games, which is both good and bad.

    Bad because Mystery Dungeon games haven’t evolved in the slightest since their SNES debut back in 1993. They’ve been dabbling in crafting, city building and such, but the core essence had always been the same – you are in a grid-based dungeon with a limited backpack, fight monsters and hope you either kill the boss or find an escape route before your resources run out and something kills you.

    Good because while the series hasn’t evolved in the slightest, it is addictive enough to have now survived for some twenty games and a bunch of copycats. Also, it’s a series that could use more presence on PC (even if its roguelite design makes it more at home on portable systems).

    I’m cautiously looking forward to it. It looks like the developers know what they’re doing.

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      Thank you for supporting us on greenlght! :) we got greenlit this week, super happy and excited!
      Regarding the mystery dungeon games, we like the comparison and we love those titles but we agree with you here, they really did not evolve despite being around for so many years.
      We tool clues from many games we like but we did not try to clone the mystery dungeon series. We feature a different game flow and in our main mode we focus more on story, character progression and the world. FFT may be a good example. We have a world map and some persistent location, villages, with time you discover more, get jobs and missions, do crafting and other mini games. It is not about survival and high-score.
      our Survival mode however pretty much plays like a classic Roguelike, you progress from one dungeon to another, permanent death and all.
      We will be releasing more info and game-play videos!

      Ash & Randis

  5. J. Cosmo Cohen says:

    Game looks great.

    Anyone else weirded out by her enormous smile?

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      Thank you! :)
      She has some weird grins in her skill set for sure, dagger teeth and all :D

      I hope you can give her a chance, she can be charming too :)
      (i am the dude who designed and painted her)

      – Randis

      • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

        Wow, thanks for replying! Yeah, I noticed all of those crazy smiles, too. She seems to have some secrets… :-)

        • OfficialGrimmBros says:

          She is pretty cheerful on the outside and that i wanted to show that in her design but there is a deeper, darker layer to her that she will slowly discover as she will regain her lost memories.

          • J. Cosmo Cohen says:

            I want you to know that you’ve gained a backer on Kickstarter for coming here and interacting with everyone. I normally don’t back things on Kickstarter, but your great attitude, even towards people that have no interest in your game, makes me want to support you. I hope the game turns out as great as it looks!

        • OfficialGrimmBros says:

          Thanks a lot for backing us, i really mean it!
          For some funny reason i could not reply to your last post, the reply button did not show, i guess thats because it had no more space in the box in the box in the box in the box :D

          – Randis

  6. SillyWizard says:

    Grumble grumble snark curmudgeon grumble.

    EDIT: Edited for clarity.

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      That’s ok, i respect your opinion :)
      I don’t want to intrude, just want to say that
      our game is a bit on the lighter side, it’s not all serious.
      the crafting is btw a bit inspired by FF XI, i am personally a big fan of FF XI, been playing it for years.
      Maybe you still could give Dragon Fin Soup a chance some day

      – Randis

      • SillyWizard says:

        Bah, thank you for your pleasant reply. I’m a sucker for roguelikes, so it’s more than likely that I’ll dive in to yours at some point.

        “Light” crafting sounds like it may be less of a hassle than the crafting systems I’ve come to loathe. (Starting with FFXI’s, but I won’t hold that against you.)

        • OfficialGrimmBros says:

          Thanks a lot for giving it a chance :)

          with best regards
          – Randis

  7. OfficialGrimmBros says:

    We are the developers of this game, thought we drop by and say Hello!
    Nice meeting you all!

    We don’t mean to intrude on the conversation but we are super excited, have been working over a year now on the game and now that we start announcing it more, greenlight, KS and all we really are super motivated and just want to say our thanks to everyone :)

    Please feel free to ask us questions, we will hang around!

    thanks a lot!
    – Ash & Randis

  8. squareking says:

    Aw. I was hoping this was more FFT-y like the headline let on, but oh well. Still looks pretty great!

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      Thanks for checking it out!
      DFS is turn based but not like FFT, we do have a couple similarities tho but its not about the combat system.

      PS: i am s huge FFT and Tactics Ogre fan :P Hopefully we get to make a tactics game some day as well

      • squareking says:

        I actually get a pretty strong Tome4 vibe from the video, though that might just be an aesthetic thing. I for one welcome all the new roguelikes and roguelike-likes and would rather bathe in ’em than Standard FPS #1048.

        Hope DFS goes over really well so you guys can do a tactics game next! :D

      • Philotic Symmetrist says:

        I’m a bit confused by this (had to replay the video to make sure it said what I thought it said), it’s turn-based but you’re calling it an action RPG? I know that Action RPG is a very broad term and that many expected aspects are not actually necessary (direct control vs point-and-click, lootfest or not) but Action kind of means it is real time.

  9. manny says:

    I have a question. What is a rogue like?

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      Hello Manny,

      It is a sub genre of RPG. Those games usually always feature certain elements such as procedurally generated content, permanent death, tile based world. The genre came to life in 1980 with the game Rogue, ergo the term “roguelike” There are many rpguelikes on PC such as Net hack, Doom the roguelike, Dungeons of Dredmor, Stone Soup but also on consoles (better knows as mystery dungeon games), such as Chocobo Dungeon, Shiren the wanderr, pockemon Dungeon, ZHP, Torneko, Baroque and others…

      This days there are also many Roguelike -like games that mix the classic elements with other gameplay, for example games like FTL or binding of Isaak.
      You can find a lot of information about Roguelikes on the net

      – Randis

  10. Pneuma says:

    What is the thought process behind the design of Robin and Morgiana? I’m not saying it’s wrong, and you may create whatever you want. Still, my first reaction when I see them is not “Oh, this looks like an interesting character” but more like “Well, this is kind of creepy what with the extremely short skirt and rather typical F2P MMORPG armor design.”

    I saw that the developers have been rather active on this post and thought that rather than let this thought, sadly, poison the rest of my impression of the game I’d ask here instead. I want to be perfectly clear that this is not criticism and I am not “angry” with how the game looks. I’m fully aware of that this issue is my own, but I can’t really do anything with it and I would really like to, at least, calm it down a bit. Or change it.

    Other than that, in context, quite small issue the game looks really good and I hope it will be a success :D Good luck!

  11. Robert says:

    Looking nice. The aforementioned similarities were mostly due to the screenshot under the headline. The water, the wall and the cthulu-esque gave of that vibe, and that was much less so in the trailer.

    Probably will pick this up some time. Whether I’d wait for the steamlight or the inevitable Playstation remains to be seen, as I reckon the versions will be mostly the same.

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      Thanks Robert!

      We will try to keep the versions for the platforms as close as possible, there will also be a DRM free version and platform specific cross buy options.

      Ash & Randis

  12. Danorz says:

    i think i might see a little smidgeon of disgaea in here too, or at least i hope i do.

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:

      Hi Danorz,
      The gameplay is really different from Disgaea, it plays more like zhp unlosing ranger vs. darkdeath evilman, chocobo Dungeon :)


  13. Zepp says:

    Is there a male character option? I don’t want to be a girl! :(

    • OfficialGrimmBros says:


      We would like to add more playable characters, hopefully we will reach some stretch goals in Kickstarter to get more funding for that :)