GDC 14: Experimental Gameplay Workshop Liveblog

It’s that one time a year when we let the awful word “gameplay” onto our website. It’s that time when a bunch of developers show off their strangest, most interesting, most novel ideas. Ideas that may become games, may already be games, or may collapse into their own weirdness. I shall do my best to chronicle what’s happening, while pointing you toward appropriate websites. It’s all happening below.

No need to refresh this page – the new words appear in a way that is frankly unsettling. And if you’re just arriving, read from the bottom up, like the world’s most monotonous Twitter feed.



  1. wu wei says:

    The embedded facebook/reddit like links per entry really drag the page load time down.

  2. Hanban says:

    I’m so looking forward to Elegy. I’d love to use it with my students in ESL-teaching.

  3. Sivart13 says:

    Not sure what got into your goat about the Harmonix video (link to, I don’t see anything there that’s too far outside normal for games. Especially if you were to compare it to, say, any image of a female character from a Saints Row game.

    Also I reject the idea that there was no time spent on “non-gaming art pieces” because I think that’s exactly what Tale of Tales is up to.