The RPS Bargain Bucket: Merlion Meditation

Hello, Bucket-eers! Today, I’m writing in from sunny Singapore where the food is great and people keep tripping over my extension cord. Also, a word of advice for those positioned for an imminent trip somewhere foreign: never pick a cafe parked next to a gaming memorabilia store. The effect such places have on your wallet is positively magnetic, I tell you. Magnetic. Because I’m typing this in between trying to catch my laptop each time someone tugs on the wire, today’s introduction will be short, frantic and slightly rambly. Our fuzzy Companion Cube of the day is from one Alex F. Enjoy the bargains. I’m going to finish up before someone sends my poor Fenris flying.

Heroine’s Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok
For those who don’t follow Bargain Bucket regularly, I mentioned Heroine’s Quest a few weeks ago while discussing a Quest for Glory sales. In many ways, it’s essentially the same deal. Except with a female protagonist. And better combat. And physiological functions like hunger. And it’s free. Free, guys. This gorgeous, glorious homage to that classic franchise is free. And, for the first time, it’s also on Steam so do pick it up before the developers come to their senses and start charging for this piece of loveliness.

Oh So Fine Bundle
Double Fine, you are indeed so fine. While the new bundle might not have Broken Age bundled in, it does contain classics like Costume Quest, Psychonauts and Stacking. I’ve yet to get my hands on Stacking so I can’t tell you anything about that. However, the imaginative, quirky Psychonauts is certainly worth your consideration as is the flat-out adorable Costume Quest. Given Double Fine’s considerable popularity, you’ll probably be able to see these games going for less at some point. But, if you need this trifecta in your life right the heck now? Well, there’s your answer right there.

Foul Play
I love Foul Play. I really do. Sure, it doesn’t present anything new. Sure, Castle Crashers has been there before. But it is very, very charming. Baron Dashforth is Mr. Monopoly on steroids, a demon hunter who is both oblivious and clever. Similarly, his assistant Scampwick, who is an odd ninja/chimneysweep hybrid, is a bit of a delight. In comparison to other sidescrolling beat ’em ups, Foul Play’s combat will probably seem somewhat simple. But it’s an enjoyable romp, especially if you’re the sort to appreciate the idea of enemies trying to covertly crawl off the stage after you’re done with them. Make sure to rope a second person in to make the most out of the punch-tivities.

Serious Sam: The Complete Pack
Does Serious Sam genuinely need an introduction? He’s big, bombastic and bristling with guns of all shapes and sizes. And his enemies? They need even less of an introduction. How many other franchises feature headless suicide bombers with explosives for hands or rocket-wielding minotaurs grafted onto treads befitting the most testosterone-charged tanks? It really, really doesn’t get any better than that. Or more shamelessly mad, for that matter. Unless I’m mistaken, the Complete Pack features every game from the original line-up as well as the new one. Prepare to shoot all the things!

Also of note:

Creatures: The Albian Years – $1.79/£1.09/€1.30
The first and the finest? Creatures: The Albian Years is a compilation of Creatures 1, Creatures 2 along with many of their associated DLCs.

The Humble Weekly Sale: Rhythm Games – Pay at least $6.00/£3.64/€4.35
I’m not a rhythm games person, in spite of years of exposure to Para Para machines. However, fans of the genre tell me this is quite sweet.

Hacker Evolution Duality – $1.89/£1.15/€1.37
Okay, so. I’d pick Uplink over this any day of the week. However, if you’ve run out of ways to milk experiences out of Uplink and need more of the same, Hacker Evolution Duality might be a good diversion. Might. (P.S: Indiegala and Hola appear to dislike each other so prices are haphazard estimates.)


  1. thedosbox says:

    Saturdays are for visiting Rock Plushie Shotgun. I just wonder how long it will take for John’s lion to make an appearance.

  2. TWChristine says:

    Ok, CookPassBaptridge.. I’ve been waiting several days to tell you this (figured I should hold off posting in random game articles, where this atleast has a passing relation..) but you should watch the latest episode of Community! Or if you don’t care for it, the last 3 minutes or so will do. It made me think of you. That is all.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Are you in americawnerania? I wouldn’t have a clue how to watch that here in Britoland. I’m intrigued though :)

      • grundus says:

        Cucirca, probably.

      • TWChristine says:

        Nope, the frozen lands further North!
        Hrm, blast I say! I went looking for it on The Tubes of You, and couldn’t find it.. :/ It was just a small bit with I’m sure you probably already gathered. lol

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          I went and found an alternative plushie fix. Loook :) link to

          • YogSo says:

            Here, this link should be safe (I searched around and many sites were asking me to disable adblock; yeah, like I’m gonna do that to watch a video on your seedy site): Advanced Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. You are looking for the end credits scene, which starts more or less at the last minute mark.

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            Thanks for looking, but that link looks about as trustworthy as a man selling donor organs in a pub :) I’ll give it a shot later from behind sandboxIE when I’m on my desktop ^_^

          • TWChristine says:

            How did that fix your plushie cravings when it’s so sad!?

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            Its the nurturing thing
            EDIT: OK I watched it. I am not a… well, you’ll see.

            The plushies are not fluffy enough. Second, they look old and used and possibly peed on. Third, they are not being ‘animated’ by anyone or made to act out comical skits / plushie love triangles. Fourth THAT GUYS SILKY BOXER SHORTS

            However, plushies. Plushies are always good. Box set ordered.

          • TWChristine says:

            Your standards are too high! *emo flail* lol

  3. AngelTear says:

    Alex F (The Plushie’s owner)’s nickname here is Prolar Bear.
    He just got his degree, and getting his plushie in the BB is one sweet present to celebrate it ^_^

    • Prolar Bear says:

      It indeed is! I think I’ve included my nickname in the mail, but things happen.
      But seriously, it’s a rather nice graduation surprise, thanks! :D
      I also hope the plushie is adequately fluffy.

    • DanMan says:

      I hate to break it for you, but Axel Foley is a fictional character. #dealwithit

      P.S.: I put the sex in dyslexia.

  4. melnificent says:

    Creatures, wow. I remember buying that new and accidentally killing all 6 eggs that were on the floppy disk. There was no way to get new ones so I was forced to stop.

  5. RedViv says:

    Heroine’s Quest is excellent for anyone with a liking of Quest for Glory. Possibly worth checking out for anyone though, we need more people liking them, for there is nothing made quite like them these days.

    • Berzee says:

      Yep, Heroine’s Quest is pretty good! I wouldn’t have gotten through without a walkthrough though (same with their older point & click “A Tale of Two Kingdoms”), but that’s just because I’m a baby.

      The quality of the voice acting is…fluctuating, at times. But I grew to enjoy most of it. =P I also like how every time I thought they made up a stupid thing, I looked it up and no it was actually taken directly from a Norse legend. :P

    • Frank says:

      Yeah, thanks for bringing this to my attention, Ms Khaw. It looks great! Somehow I missed it in the Coles’ Kickstarter updates.

  6. mlaskus says:

    Speaking of Hacker Evolution deals, there is a better one on Bundle Stars: link to

    It’s 3 games and all DLC in a single bundle. I don’t know if they’re any good, I’ve never played them.

    • TechnicalBen says:

      IMO there sadly is less game in HE:Duality. Not tried the other versions, but from what I hear the prequels are better. Though even those actually have less “gameplay” than the likes of Uplink or similar.

  7. CookPassBabtridge says:

    Can someone PLEASE remove the word P 0 0 P from the bleedin’ obscenity filter? I can say “FUCK”, but not a child’s term for Number 2.

    Horace just ate a whole post about how far games designers choose to take physiological functions in games and what to simulate or not. They must have had the “dumps” discussion but all we see is hunger, thirst and tiredness. Are we just being squeamish?

    • HadToLogin says:

      Guess now you know why English Developers (and movie makers too) only know one swear work and use it everywhere :)

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        So, should realistic survival sims feature… voidage functionality? QTE Pee? C to crouch and page down to … You know? I mean we eat in the game and drink in the game. Where does it magically go? Level up for softer loo paper?

        • HadToLogin says:

          Well, I’m not playing none of those Online Bastards Simulators until I can go full Duke-Nukem on my victims :)

      • Ergates_Antius says:

        If you think English people only know one swearword, you’ve clearly never been to Britain. Over here, nearly *every* word can be a swearword. I’d start listing the, but the internet isn’t big enough.

    • phelix says:

      RPS has a word filter?

      • Chris D says:

        Apparently so. I tried replying to you with a short post containing the forbidden word in the interests of science, but it never appeared.

        • YogSo says:

          Shit. That’s crap news, man.U re sure about it?

          • lowprices says:

            Yep. Try posting a comment with the title of Blizzard’s well-know Action-RPG series in it.

          • CookPassBabtridge says:

            It CAN be beaten. Behold:

            DiabIo II was P00P

            Also YogSo- I see what you did there

          • YogSo says:

            Heheh, it was just my poor attempt at starting a scatological poon thread. ;-P (omg, I just learnt that in English, scatological and eschatological are two separate words. That’s certainly more sensible than using the same one for both concepts, like in Spanish :-D)

            And your trick to beat the DiabIo filter is really ingenious, I had to use copypaste to see what kind of wizardry you had used. :-)

      • MrNash says:

        Apparently so, but not for “my roommate makes…per hour” it would seem. =p

  8. kalirion says:

    link to i still running for another 13 hours at time of posting
    and all kinds of nice and less nice stuff here for the perusal: link to

  9. Einhaender says:

    Damnit! Where are the sunday times??

  10. Jalan says:

    Heroine’s Quest lacks one thing that made Quest For Glory, well the fifth one anyway, great – a score by Chance Thomas!