Echo Of The Wilds Out Now, Demo Available

I would like a survival game where the challenge is to remain vegetarian.

Echo of the Wilds is a “puzzly narrativy adventure”, in which your shirtless protagonist stumbles around in the woods, eating berries, fishing for food, maybe talking with ghosts, and experiencing some sort of spiritual journey. If this is what desperate survival is really like, then I think it’s time I left civilization behind, because this all looks lovely. There’s a trailer below and even a demo you can play right now

The website explains more:

Finding yourself in mysterious forests you must unfurl a spiritual tale of solace before the unending winter consumes all. There a spirit guide will help you learn the skills of survival and the secrets of the wilds: why you awakened there, their purpose, and how to finally be free from its clutches and malevolent apparitions.

Of course, while you’re doing that, you also need to be cutting down trees to forge tools, and foraging for food to keep you alive as the season progress. It’s a little bit randomised, to keep it fresh if you fail, and if you grow tired of spirits and apparitions there’s an endless mode which removes the story in favour of pure survival.

When I saw the beautiful, pixelly graphics, I was immediately drawn to this. When I watched the trailer I thought, “I wonder how much they’re asking for on Kickstarter.” But it’s not on Kickstarter. Echo of the Wilds is already out. It’s currently $6.99 on IndieGameStand, and $4.99 on either Gumroad or It’s also up on Steam Greenlight, if you’d rather wait and vote for it there.

Best of all, there’s that demo so you can try it yourself, on Windows or Mac.


  1. FFabian says:

    Bought this game a few days ago. The beautiful pixel graphics got me interested. No buyers remorse – it’s fantastic if you like survival games. Playing it for days now – totally addictive. You have to figure quite a lot stuff out for yourself though – much trial and error at first … For 4.99 it’s a steal. Would have easily paid three times as much.

    • golem09 says:

      Do you know if any of the 4$ buying options mentions a steamkey once it’s through greenlight?

      • FFabian says:

        From his website link to

        “If you’ve purchased via or gumroad and would still like an Indie Games Stand key then let me know and I’ll wing one your way. You can also vote for this game to appear on Steam via Greenlight. When greenlit all purchasers will also have the option of a Steam key too.”

        So yeah, you get a steam key if Greenlight.

  2. baby snot says:

    I’ve not bought from any of those stores. Is there one in particular that stands out?

    • Shadowcat says:

      I don’t know anything about the others, but I’ve bought a handful of things from IndieGameStand, and have no complaints about them. They more or less continuously have some kind of bargain going as well (they started out just doing that, and the full store came later), so that can be worth keeping an eye on.

    • kyynis says: currently takes no fees from payment, so more money to developer. Dunno about others.

  3. Gap Gen says:

    The vegetarian survivalism is something I try to do in Minecraft, although it’s getting harder with various items requiring animaldeath, like leather for item frames or feathers for quills.

    • Darth Gangrel says:

      Being a vegetarian to me only means that you don’t eat other animals. You’re therefore free to kill any living creature you so desire and still remain a vegetarian. People become vegetarians for more than just the moral reason of not supporting the killing of animals. You wouldn’t be a very nice person if you laid waste to the animal kingdom, but as long as you don’t eat any animals you’re still a vegetarian.

      • Askis says:

        Trying to survive purely vegetarian in this game is probably not going to work, especially once winter sets in.

      • Gap Gen says:

        Sure, depends on how you’re trying to metagame and why. I wasn’t really trying to argue semantics in this case.

        • Darth Gangrel says:

          I know that you weren’t trying to do so, I just felt like pointing out that it’s not impossible to combine vegetarianism and killing animals. You just need a (flawed) way of justifying that to yourself and people do such things all the time.

      • Kefren says:

        Technically correct but incongruous. It’s a bit like a pacifist laughing while people get mown down by bullets, but pointing out they aren’t shooting anyone. But it’s clear from the original post that they were playing as the type of vegetarian that doesn’t kill other beings if they can avoid it.

        • SuddenSight says:

          I can think of two reasons why you would be vegetarian but not mind killing animals:

          1) Medical restrictions. Some people have issues digesting most, or even all, meat. Obviously, that makes you vegetarian.

          2) Religious reasons. Some religions (Jainism, eg) forbid eating meat as part of not killing things. But others (Judaism, Islam, and others) forbid eating meat as a purity thing. In Asia meat is commonly seen as a luxury food, and will be avoided as a pious act (avoiding sinful desires).

          • Kefren says:

            It’s okay, I’m not disputing that. Hence saying it is technically correct. It’s just that in the majority of cases there is some compassion element, just as in the majority of pacifists there is a compassion element (even though you could conceivably be a pacifist for other reasons).

          • Gap Gen says:

            Yeah, there are plenty of reasons people are vegetarian that don’t have anything to do with animal welfare. Environmental concerns, health concerns, access to meat, etc. And in games, people can metagame stuff just because (like ghosting Thief or whatever). Again, not really relevant to my point, but I can see how the semantics of the response from DG makes sense.

          • manny says:

            You forget the best reason for being a vegetarian. It’s cool and chicks dig it.

          • Gap Gen says:

            It is perhaps beneficial to the chicks, but it’s unclear that they have sufficient capacity for abstract thinking to balance their existence over being farmed in bad conditions to be killed to make McNuggets.

  4. Binary77 says:

    Pretty sure Adam covered this a few days ago, with basically the same article. Not being snarky, like – just pointing it out.

    Who knows – maybe the game is worth a double post!

    • Premium User Badge

      Adam Smith says:

      Gonna get a third post soon – impressions coming as soon as I find time!

      • Binary77 says:

        I think this title is deserving of a dev interview. Games like this come from an interesting/unusual place, and I imagine they’ve probably lots to say.

  5. Loque says:

    Yay, more pixel art… Ugh.

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      Yeah, what’s with all these developers making their computer games for computer screens? So played out.

  6. Askis says:

    Be aware that there’s at least two bugs right now that lead to a fatal error and thereby lost progress:
    -Don’t turn sound off in-game, you’ll crash when the first nightmare happens, maybe later on too.
    -Don’t open and close your inventory and storage box really quickly, that may cause a crash too.

    I’ve told the developer about these and some more minor bugs, he wanted to push out a patch yesterday, but hasn’t yet, probably harder to fix these than he thought.

    • Noburu says:

      Thanks for the heads up! Just bought it and was about to give it a go.

      • Askis says:

        Don’t be discouraged by the bugs, just keep them in mind and you should be fine for now :)

    • FFabian says:

      There is a new version out since yesterday. There are still minor bugs (one late game item is broken) but the game is playable without problems though.

      • Askis says:

        Hmm, I looked at the news page to check for updates, but there’s nothing there, how do you know there’s a new version and where do I get it when I bought from itch?

        • FFabian says:

          Just use the original download link from the mail you got. I’m playing the OSX version and it now shows “v1.0.1” instead of “v1”.

    • wu wei says:

      Don’t turn sound off in-game, you’ll crash when the first nightmare happens, maybe later on too.

      Thank you, I hit that bug twice and wasn’t prepared to sit through the intro dialogues again to try finding a workaround. Time to give it another go.

      • Askis says:

        If you want no sound and are on Windows, just mute the game with the volume mixer.
        Also keep in mind that there is no autosave, unless you want to go through the intro stuff again, try to find the save point ;)