Gnah! Is A Puzzle Game About Escaping From Heads

Hey, it's me! Or maybe John. Or really 90% of game journalists.

Gnah! is a puzzle game about the inside of heads. If it were set inside my head, currently all you’d find would be a picture of a dog dressed as a unicorn, and fresh memories of the Seven Of Nine episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. Alas, it actually takes place inside heads rendered by crisp, graphic illustrations, and is about unlocking progress by alternately poking at each head’s eyeballs and flicking its internal light switches.

Yeah, I don’t really understand it fully, but a short teaser trailer and more screenshots await inside.

From digging through this thread about the game (“investigative journalism”) I’ve discovered that the game is about helping that little guy in the trailer escape a series of heads he’s trapped inside. Each head is called a Gnah, and inside it you might find homely rooms with couches or strange, disconnected spaces full of machinery. In the more complicated heads, you need to rotate parts of the building and solve puzzles to unlock the full space, and eventually enable the little guy to flee.

One level is a rabbit head. Another level is a synthesizer. It’s still a bit confusing.

I also lied to you. I don’t have any screenshots, only GIFs. I am GIFfing RPS up, let me tell you. You can’t keep a GIF peddler down.

Perhaps the reason the art looks so swell is that it’s being initially designed as 2D illustrations, before a 3D modeller turns them into level geometry. Illustrations like this:


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        Also – this looks lovely, please do follow it up.

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