Gravity Thralls: Lethe

Lethe is currently seeking votes on Greenlight and two teaser trailers have been released in an attempt to win over the public. I’m entirely comfortable describing the contents as ‘Psi-Ops meets Amnesia’. The player character can levitate objects using a magical scab on his hand, throwing them across the room in a fit of rage or using them to activate distant pressure plates and the like. Story-wise, it’s a creepy island investigation sort of vibe, starring handsomely-named journalist Robert Dawn. He is “searching for clues about a disaster on an isolated island. After coming in contact with an unknown substance, Robert mysteriously develops psychokinetic abilities, but not without a cost.” It won’t surprise you to learn that he is not alone.

Let us all take a moment to remember how ruddy brilliant Psi-Ops was. Done? Are you sure? I don’t mind if you want to spend a little more time reminiscing. Or perhaps you’re trying to tell me that I’m wrong and that Psi-Ops was a muddled mess only slightly redeemed by the ludicrous physics and tremendously baggy ragdoll corpses? Incorrect. It was entirely redeemed by those things.

As for Lethe, it doesn’t set my heart racing just yet but there’s potential in the combination of physical manipulation, and survive ’em up running and hiding.


  1. The Sombrero Kid says:

    This has a lot of potential. One to watch for sure.

  2. Spacewalk says:

    Cost shmost, what’re the console commands to reset sanity?

  3. Darth Gangrel says:

    Despite my huge backlog, I’ve actually had Psi-Ops in mind when it comes to potential future purchases, as well as Second Sight. I like games where you have supernatural powers, but I’m not certain I’ll enjoy it as much as I want to. Anyway, it’s not available on Steam or any similar store (amazon and ebay are last resorts), so I’ll let it be for now.

    • MM1011 says:

      For your information, and for anyone else that is interesed, Psi-Ops has been a free game for a long time now. That’d be why you haven’t been able to buy it.

      link to

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        I saw that link when googling for Psi-Ops, but thought it was similar to the Pirate Bay or something and I don’t do that shite. Also, no offence, but it sounds mostly like wishful thinking whenever someone says that a game is abandonware. Like, if they say it enough times it’ll become true, giving them a legitimate reason to not pay for something that should be paid for.

        I’ve never been to that site, so I don’t know if the game is actually abandonware just because it’s in their archives. Is there some way to once-and-for-all find out if a game is abandonware? I found it cheap on ebay/amazon and I don’t plan on getting it anytime soon, so I won’t use that link.

  4. Kaeoschassis says:

    Psi Ops was redeemed entirely by Barrett. The lethal physics playground and ability to torch stuff with your noggin were bonuses.

  5. Myrdinn says:

    While Psi-Ops was duper cool, I’m not sure if this gravity gun mechanic is still interesting. Psi-Ops got released around the time Havok made it’s mark upon gaming, so that was different. I’m at a loss when thinking of a new havok based shooter concept… perhaps something resembling Messiah but using helluvalot of ragdoll?

  6. Kefren says:

    The way things fly in front of your hand (gun) is a bit of a game cliche. And if I wanted to set a cardboard box on fire, wouldn’t I just pick it up and hold it to the torch, or vice versa – why would I use my supernatural powers to levitate the box to the torch? I think supernatural powers work better when they’re reserved for tense situations, not putting the recycling out.

  7. Gap Gen says:

    I appreciate the continuous subliminal references to Gravity Falls on RPS. Not everyone is convinced, though: link to

  8. Sir Buildbot Winslave says:

    Lethe? Somehow, I keep forgetting about this one.

    • Jackablade says:

      It is a rather appropriate name for a game inspired by Amnesia.

  9. JamesP says:

    I think you’re all missing the key phrase, which is “Magical Scab”

    • manny says:

      True, that’s the most innovative thing about the game. But also it’s kind of gross, since it seems each time you use your powers your scab is opened up or something, it hurts you to use your telekinetic powers.

  10. hypercrisis says:

    This looks like the kind of game someone started made a decade ago and only just now remembered. It looks painfully generic by todays standards.