Verbal Disagreements: Apexicon

Apexicon is back. Last year’s Kickstarter didn’t work out, not by a long shot, but the team are back with a reduced target, and a few more months of work and experience under their belts. The game looks like it could be the spiritual sequel to take the place of the actual sequel that Puzzle Quest is weirdly lacking. There are strong differences between the various classes, and special abilities and board control are more important than owning a large dictionary (or internet connection). Essentially, it’s turn-based wordplay combat with RPG elements and that is something I would like to play.

There’s an alpha available right now so if the video didn’t help to convince you, maybe playing the game will do so. Here’s a feature list:

Cross-Platform Saving – Own the game on multiple platforms? Have a game on PC, and want to play it on mobile? We’re doing that.
Male and female versions of every class – Choose your gender, no problems.
Full Town Management, Including Finding NPCs and Rebuilding the Town
Customization of character down to skills, special passives, and equipment which you can use in battle to slay your enemies faster
Full Voice Over Narration for major characters, text for minors
Multiple Endings, based entirely on what you do and how you develop your town
Intriguing story that delves into the rich lore
Equipment can be leveled up, allowing you to unlock even more skills and special abilities, further specializing your character.
Enemies who have AI that will try to fight off your skills and use their own
Build friendships with your NPC friends in the town to unlock more secrets, sidequests, and various other fun things
Built for PC/Mac/Linux in mind, as well as mobiles

Project lead Jonathan Meyer is determined to finish the project one way or another and says as much in the ‘risks and challenges’ section of the project page – “Your support of the project will just make it easier for me to develop without worry of features being cut for time or cost.” If you do fancy supporting Apexicon, there’s a $12 early bird tier for a copy of the game and a $15 tardy bird variant.


  1. DatonKallandor says:

    “Built for PC/Mac/Linux in mind, as well as mobiles” – The Deal, it is broken.

    Fuck your mobile shit, because inevitably you won’t spend any time on making a proper PC interface and the whole game and what you do in it, as well as the graphics are entirely bound by the lowest common denominator – mobile.

    • Moraven says:

      I agree on concerns for PC UI side of things. But if developed from the ground up with both in mind, it should turn out well. The problem is some devs feel they can simply port to PC and not put the work into a more functional UI.

      Graphics… have you see what the stars of the PC indie scene look like?
      Nvidia is developing graphic cards based on a mobile arch into PC.

      • DatonKallandor says:

        Even 2D is severely limited by mobile specs. Just the size of well drawn 2D art is too much for most mobile, add quality sounds (which are quite large), there’s a lot of stuff mobile can’t handle. And remember – lowest common denominator, which also means least powerful of the mobile platforms.

    • aliksy says:

      Uh, this game doesn’t look like the graphics were ever going to be something a modern phone couldn’t handle. The UI, maybe.

      But honestly I’d like to see more games provide the mobile version when you buy the PC version.

    • Caiman says:

      Don’t be so dense. There are some excellent games on mobile that don’t adhere to the F2P model, and we want more of them not less. A decent smartphone or tablet is extremely powerful and more than capable of handling well-crafted games with depth, I’d rather support a company that wants to deliver that to the people who appreciate quality games they can play on those platforms.

  2. Jonathan Meyer says:

    Hi I’m the developer of Apexicon. Our game will be built each copy different for each platform. Meaning, the PC version is built with PC in mind, and then the game is rebuilt for mobile, Wii U, etc. We believe that just porting is a lazy job that some other developers like to take on, and as our first major effort, we’re not going to skimp out on the work involved.

    • airknots says:

      Hi Jonathan, on a normal playthorugh, how many hours would it take to beat the single-player campaign?

      • Jonathan Meyer says:

        Depends on the class, and how much time you would take with the sidemissions – we’re planning on having at least forty hours worth of content on one playthrough.

    • Ad Avis says:

      So as far as I see it:
      Your game is either so simple that you can actually manage to work simultaneously on what – three, four different versions OR you’re trying to sell us a “molyneux” until you cash in?

      Of course, considering this is your first effort you could just be talking out of your rear, blissfully unaware of the amount of work required to pull off what you’re promising…

      Sorry if I seem jaded, but I’ve seen this too many times in the past few months alone…

      • Jonathan Meyer says:

        Actually your first presumption is sort of correct – with Construct 2, we can scale down the assets and UI and modify them for different platforms without sacrificing or having to make new code. It’s a “simple” process. :)

      • Recurve says:

        Not just jaded but also unnecessarily rude. If you want to know how they’ll go about developing for several systems simultaneously, why not just ask? No need to be quite so hostile.

        • Ad Avis says:

          Really now?

          And what would be an appropriate response to yet another ambitious crowdfunding pitch whose main point it that every other developer who ported any game is in fact *lazy* !
          …and that their “magic-like” approach of resizing graphic assets will somehow avoid mechanical issues like whether the game will actually have some depth to its gameplay rather then a few *touch screen friendly* oh- so-shiny buttons like most phone games.

          • Kitsunin says:

            Have you tried the demo for gods sake?

            Seriously, it’s not that hard to make a game work on touch screens without really changing it at all, especially when it’s all mouse controlled.

            And yes, you fucking are being unnecessarily rude.

  3. InternetBatman says:

    I felt bad about not backing this last time due to lack of funds. I will definitely go for it this time.

    • Jonathan Meyer says:

      Thanks very much!

    • Kitsunin says:

      Me too! It sounded kinda good but after reading the Kickstarter page, it sounds great. There are quite a few neat ideas, other than just the core concept which is nice.

  4. Recurve says:

    Well it looks like Puzzle Quest and Bookworm Adventures have been smooshed together and this is the result.

    Now that’s a game I want to play. You got yourself another backer.