Temple Of The Muses: Spirit

Writing about Spirit is a rare pleasure, not only because it looks like a lovely riff on the same ideas that Sword & Sorcery EP lovingly explored, but also because it has a Kickstarter campaign which has already met its goal. And there’s a demo (Win/Mac). The pressure is off, although there are stretch goals, including the rather grand promise of a world double the size of that originally planned and an entire spiritual sequel. The player controls a man who has retired to a remote mountain village but he cannot rest. Beyond a nearby valley lies an ancient temple and he sets out on a journey to visit that temple. The journey may be spiritual. The temple may contain zombies.

Surprise! No zombies. How often does a person go wandering around in a ruined temple and find no zombies? I usually encounter a couple whenever I go near old ruins of any sort, including my car/my love life/my mother-in-law/my bank account Christ Church, Heaton Norris, which I visited at the weekend. I think I saw a lich at one point but it might have been a slightly fresher than the norm zombie wearing a toupee.

No matter what manner of undead I witnessed, I came away with a profound sense of my own mortality and that’s precisely the sort of thing that Spirit might inspire me to explore. Without the zombies though, which is a welcome change.


  1. Frank says:

    Sounds neat. Man, that guy’s getup is distractingly, cooly odd (the flower backdrop, hat, facial hair and facial-haired sweater dude).

    Edit: Yes, worship of the Zelda franchise through a tattoo does help.

  2. InternetBatman says:

    I love the look of the game, but the lack of updates (3 during the whole campaign) makes me wary.

  3. BackwardsDan says:

    I made it past the welcoming in the demo, and ran into the following issue:
    screen 1:
    oh, there’s grass I have to use my machete to cut.
    screen 2:
    hmm, that’s a lot more grass. Cutting is slow in ponderous. Oh, but I get to jump off of a cliff at the end!
    screen 3:
    entire area is filled with grass *flips table*

    • Baines says:

      Sounds similar to my annoyance with Sword & Sworcery EP. People can say how great it was, but the UI and general design was so bad that it felt like a ponderous chore to play. (I tried to play the PC version of S&S. From what I’ve heard, the mobile version was slightly better, though still not exactly well designed.)

      • Niko says:

        I don’t know about the PC version, but the mobile one is very easy to control. Of course, you have to get the pace – it’s not a fast game.

    • chiefnewo says:

      I tried the demo but didn’t get even that far. The walking speed was somewhat ponderous, but what made me stop was the super slow speed of the text. Pressing the button when someone was talking just skipped all their speech. What I prefer (and see often in other games) is that the first press of a button just quickly finishes displaying the current line and a second press skips it. I might accused of being impatient but I can read a damn sight faster than one letter at a time.

      • Niko says:

        Yes, I hope it they will fix it. When you press the button, current line should appear instantly instead of skipping to the next line.

  4. Orix says:

    I live just down the road from Christ Church… is it worth visiting?