War Thunder: Ground Forces Beta Advances, Storms Rezzed


The chaps over at Gaijin Entertainment are still waxing their moustaches and sewing cool patches onto their jackets, not quite yet ready to roll out War Thunder‘s tank-adding expansion Ground Forces. This weekend they plan to invite “a really large number” of new players to join the closed beta testing, rewarding pilots who’ve been completing daily tasks in the base game. Oh, life’s always easier for the teacher’s pet.

Or you could simply be at EGX Rezzed in Birmingham this weekend, where Ground Forces will be playable by all and sundry. Even Adam and Graham.

Everyone who completed at least 90% of the daily missions–which inevitably involved blowing things up–from will get into the beta this weekend, Gaijin explains. Buying your way in works too, with ‘Starter Packs‘ starting at €20 offering in-game credits and vehicle unlocks. If you don’t fancy any of that, well, you can always wait for Ground Forces to enter open beta testing later this spring.

Ground Forces adds tanks to the mix, seeing them trundle along the ground while players in the skies continue to chase each other around like excitable budgies. They plan to chuck in naval combat eventually too, giving a right old rumble across three elements, just like Wargaming plans to with their own World Of Warthings series. One can only assume the two teams will then race each other to add combat across the element of fire, and finally love.


  1. fre3k says:

    They plan to chuck in naval combat eventually too, giving a right old rumble across three elements, just like Wargaming plans to with their own World Of Warthings series.

    Difference is, WT will actually propose battles with tanks, planes and boats in the same game whereas WoT, WoWP et WoWarships are three different games, with the only connection is the clan wars (which requires max Tier vehicle and a clan, so not easily accessible).
    Looking forward to this.

    • battles_atlas says:

      Key word being ‘proposes’. A complete battlespace is a nice idea, but how are ships going to integrate into this mix? My knowledge of tank vs battlecruiser engagements is pretty limited. Even air vs tanks is going too far towards realism and away from fun as far as I’m concerned. Ok if you’re playing as AA, but in a tank you’re just bait.

      • SomeDuder says:

        Lucky players who are already playing Tonks report that it’s quite a bit harder to destroy a tank than it may appear. I find it hard enough to bomb any vehicle moving along its NPC-controlled path – the slightest turn, and your bomb won’t hit the tank/immediate area around it, wasting your shot. Now, a tank that’s making all kind of turns and hiding in the bush? While also on the lookout for enemy fighters?

        I’m looking forward to this mixed battlefield. Let’s just hope that our enlightened leaders don’t start WW3 and melt the WT servers in the process before we had a chance to play

        • Koozer says:

          I was happy to see no SPGs in Warthunder, but I get the feeling being bombed/shelled in Warthunder will be even more irritating than being SPGed in World of Tanks.

  2. Sheogorath says:

    I want to like War Thunder, but their shift towards grind and, quite frankly, appalling customer service, drove me away. Their attempts to make themselves more like WoT (in the tech tree, anyway,) are not welcome.

    • Curry the Great says:

      Sadly, the War Thunder devs are about as Russian as can be. They seem convinced the best way to get the player to cough up the dough is to frustrate him into it. They also hardly have any communication with the non-russian areas of the world, and I doubt they read any suggestions that are posted in English.

      The game is rife with weird translations (“thank you” as “gramercy”, which is “thank you” translated into Middle English, god knows why.).

      It’s a real bummer. Nobody really knows if the economy is going to change, because the way it is now it’s a ridiculous grind that scares all my friends away. I’ve already unlocked a lot of planes back when it wasn’t ridiculous, but now I have noone to play with.

      I hope they wake up and realize they can beat Wargaming hard by taking a more valvesque approach to money-making.

      • Sheogorath says:

        I don’t blame the devs too much on the communication front. It’s not like American devs would learn Russian to talk to a fairly minor segment of their player base (IIRC 2/3 of their players are Russian.)

        My main problem was their “no refunds, issue resolved,” approach when I came to them with a technical issue for the beta. That sort of thing doesn’t fly when I paid $40 for the damn thing. That pretty much resolved my debate about buying more in game currency.

        But yeah, their new tech tree and matchmaking system ruined it. I had unlocked planes up to the current tier 3, but frustration with gameplay and service pretty much ended my stint with WT. Warframe, if not less grindy, has friendly customer service and a decent community outside of the pubrushers.

        • SomeDuder says:

          Difference being that English is a world language, Russian is not.

          Biggest problem is the moderator/GM gestapo of the official forum/game environment. Absolute children that abuse their powers, something which could really damage the game in the long term.

      • battles_atlas says:

        Yeah online tanks is crying out for a company to apply a little more enlightened approach to monetisation. WG’s cynical approach – sacrificing balance for new OP tanks – and general contempt for the customer is pretty galling.

        • Kohlrabi says:

          WoT has major problems with the core design and balancing:

          1. The whole camouflage mechanic is intransparent and artificial
          2. Guns have way too much penetration, so that aiming and quick trigger finger trump battlefield tactics and flanking
          3. Premium ammo breaks high tier gaming by giving roughly 30-50% extra penetration for most guns, turning the game into pay-to-win, and making several tanks nonviable choices.
          4. SPGs have seen several major rebalancings, showing that their inclusion in the game is probably just wrong in the first place
          5. Scouts are annoying to play, mostly because of 1. and 2.
          6. Hit-point system combined with 2. favors ping-pong sniping and hiding instead of maneuvering and tactics
          7. Losing hitpoints leads to major economic repercussions, which makes several tanks nonviable to play, and, combined with 1. and 2., leads to peek-a-boo games instead of real dynamic battles. Whoever moves first will likely lose.

          So, several points are caused by several other points, and 1. and 2. seem to be core design choices, which will likely never change. Of course any (constructive) criticism will be just laughed off by “pros” and SerB.

          I hope War Thunder will solve all those issues. Having played the airplane part of War Thunder I’m fairly optimistic.

          • MadMattH says:

            1: Is just game mechanics and people wanting a simulator. It’s a game, games have rules, this is just how it works. If you know the rules (and there are many tutorials), it’s not that hard.
            2: I have just recently watched a bunch of War Thunder videos and nothing is different there. If anything one shot kills seem more common.
            3: This literally isn’t an issue anymore seeing as you can buy “premium” shells (actually anything that isn’t an actual premium tank can be)with regular credits. There isn’t any paying to win.
            4: Maybe, but it’s not meant to be realistic anyway. Also every tank class has been rebalanced several times. If rebalancing is saying that they shouldn’t have been there in the first place then, I guess you don’t like patches? Rebalancing happens all the time in online games and in all honesty most games in general. I won’t even attempt to count how many rebalancings WT has had.
            5: Good scouts know how the rules work and mostly scouts aren’t supposed to be shooting anyway.
            6: So this doesn’t happen in WT? Really? People camp and snipe in both games.
            7: This is only an issue when you only play one high tier tank and only that one. It’s also an issue in WT where repairs can be more than you make in the game (not in all cases, but it’s not in all cases in either game). The second part about camping and sniping was basically restating number 6.

            It’s not really constructive criticism if you don’t say anything about how those issues should be fixed. Without doing that it’s just game griping: “I like X instead of Y!”

            I’ve said it more than once in the past, but War Thunder is just a glorified Wings of Prey. Gaijin literally put for pay multiplayer features on it and called it a new game. If you don’t believe me go look at some youtube videos of it, it’s the same right down to the way the screen is laid out.

  3. Eightball says:

    Uh, the link to the daily missions is for 13 November 2013. :| I briefly thought I was in a Groundhog Day-esque trap of repeating winter forever.

  4. mtomto says:

    Not buying anything Russian…

  5. HaruharaHaruko says:

    Liked WT up until about 6 months ago, when I found out they were punishing me for using flightsticks.

    They still doing that?

  6. aurenjean says:

    This is the problem as I see it…First of all, Gaijin keeps a tight lip on everything until either the day before or the day of the event, that in itself is showing complete non-trust of not only the players but the staff as well, because most staff will not know anything about any release information.
    2. during the whole task for beta keys episode, the information given out to everyone was false, you were not in any way going to get a beta key to be the first to get into the closed beta without giving up some personal information, the task phase would come later, and not everyone would get a key, only the ones that completed 90% or more of all tasks would get an invite.
    3. the ground forces community at large has until just recently been told to keep a very tight lip about it, like anything Gaijin could possibly come up with has not already been done in some other game out there…Aces High for instance, a game where planes, tanks and ships are all in one, it is a PVP game, but with mission process integrated in, but with better over all flight characteristics, seeing it is an actual simulator, meaning the planes, tanks, trucks, AA, and ships are in fact true to the World War 2 era.
    4. If Gaijin would stop being so tight lipped about when the open beta was going to start up, more and more players would probably start buying the tank packs just to have a better starting tank when they do download and run the game. It would also put in the minds of those like myself that play online games that they are in fact realizing that if not for the players who play the game, talk about the game, rave about it, write about it on all the social media sites, blogspots and so on, the game itself would simply die out. So come on Gaijin, throw us a bone, stop being Russian for a day and just be Human, which simply put, get your heads out of your @#$% and let us all know what is going on.
    5. You can’t compare WOT to War Thunder, both of which, being an arcade style game, have a completely different process of how everything is done…The game, World of Tanks has several issues that have been present since closed beta, and yes it took the developers years to figure it out, not withstanding the nearly complete shut down of the north American server when players just stopped logging on, going on the website forums complaining over and over and over again about all the problems that the game had, and finally the developers listened, and they made changes, and more changes, and more changes, and they realized that if they listened to the playing population about what was going on, since frankly they knew more about it than the developers themselves did, the problems could be taken care of in a timely manner, any and all issues that players were having suddenly became top billing because of the single incident when the north American server, which for any of you that don’t understand how important this is, More Americans spend money on online games than any other country in the world, so when more than half of the server just stop coming on, stop paying, stop the developers from getting those bonuses, they game decided to actually look at the problems, yes it took 2 years of bitching and moaning to do that, but it worked. The same will happen to Gaijin before long. players will get tired of them not listening to the problems at hand, and will be made all to aware that we will not go unheard ever.