Rise & Stream: Watch Us Chatter Over Goat Simulator


Goats! Who doesn’t love goats? Bad people, I’d be willing to bet. Or should I say “baaaaaaaaaad people”? No, no, I really shouldn’t. What a regrettable choice on my part. I do not, however, regret picking Goat Simulator from the writhing, moaning RPS Pile O’ Games this week, as it a) has goats and b) is a boiling crackpot crockpot of perfect insanity. Sir Hayden of Dingman (and also Colorado right now) and I are going to play it until we laugh our ribs to pieces or get bored and do something else. We’re kicking off at 10 PM PT/5 AM GMT. Tune in below.

Update: We’re done! It was completely, magnificently absurd. Relive the magic (and goats) below.

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Top comments

  1. maxi0 says:

    What the devil did I just wake up to?
  1. maxi0 says:

    What the devil did I just wake up to?

  2. Ianuarius says:

    If this game had been playable 1996 it would’ve been the most amazing thing ever. :D

  3. heyincendiary says:

    “More air, you fucking goat.” ~ In the world of out of context quotes, this reigns as king.

  4. Gap Gen says:

    Having played this game and 3am in a rum haze, it’s everything I hoped it would be and more. People who stayed away because it’s just a physics engine with a goat, you’re vindicated, and also no fun.

    • jonahcutter says:

      I was one of those who called it exactly that. Sweet vindication is mine!

      I remember when I enjoyed playing Sniper Elite Nazi Army (often drunk and/or with friends), whilst others looked down their noses at the game with not a little bit of an elitist air about them, seeming to insist I wasn’t having “real” fun.

      Even though this still looks to me like it could be a free mod to any number of existing games, I shan’t denigrate your fun. Fun is fun. Enjoy!

    • SKapsniak says:

      Those people who stayed away because it’s just a physics engine with a goat, are not vindicated. Not at all.

      It’s just a physics engine, with a goat, and a scoring system.

      It’s the scoring that makes the game.

  5. Tei says:

    I think this one will be fun to play with my cousin,… If I somehow find a way to stop saying “fuck everything” every few seconds with a grim face :D

  6. CookPassBabtridge says:

    I am obviously old, but my brain is saying that Hayden looks as though he is broadcasting a plea from a 1970’s televised hostage situation.

  7. Colonel J says:

    I am too hungover to have watched the video yet. Did you find the jetpack? A goat with a jetpack. Truly we are living the dream.

    I bought and played this last night after getting back from the pub. It is good to have confirmation that the thing actually exists, on waking today I wasn’t sure if I dreamed the whole experience.

    • Gap Gen says:

      They did, although I watched most of it and I don’t think they became Goat King. EDIT: Tall Goat.

  8. Muzman says:

    Hey, no making fun of our favorite sexy communist revolutionary.

    OK, I’ll let you off for goat related insanity just this once.

  9. Tom Walker says:


    You people in different timezones sure love to stay up late.

  10. Cortes says:

    I just can stop laugh xD

  11. MBAustin says:

    The one thing they never found is Goat Fight Club. It’s out in the wheatfield somewhere.

  12. Cortes says:

    What a genius created this game? I can’t stop lough.